Spirit of America - 2017 Edition!


On this great day when we celebrate America, its freedoms and way of life, please enjoy this list of forty of why America is such a special place:

#40. Dow 21,000. NASDAQ 6,100. Markets up 300% since March of '09. Bull markets - run here. 

#39. This Land is Your Land. Pink Houses. American Oxygen. Born in the U.S.A. America's music - sung here.

#38. Wikipedia. The Wayback Machine. Google It. ALL the information - at your mouse click here.

#37. Instagram. SNAP.  Pictures - worth billions of words here.

#36. The press. Religion. Speech.  So blessedly free here.

#35. Apple. Google. Facebook. $1.38 Trillion in market value - capitalized here. 

#34. YPO. Vistage. FoundersCard. Entrepreneurial Leaders - networking here.

#33. Junior Achievement. Venture Lab. Young Entrepreneurs Academy. The next generation - mentored here.

#32. Uber. AirBnB. WeWork. The New Economy - a reality here.

#31. Silicon Valley, Silicon Beach (Los Angeles), Silicon Alley (Manhattan), Silicon Hills (Austin). Technology - leading the world here.

#30. Gettysburg. Guadalcanal. Bunker Hill. Heroes lived here.

#29. Contract Rights. Judges. Juries of One’s Peers. Redress for grievances - practiced here.

#28. Yosemite. The Grand Canyon. Yellowstone. Natural Wonders - in abundance here.

#27. The Interstates. State Highways. County Parkways. The Open Road - Great to be on it here.

#26. Uber. AirBnB. Lending Club. The Economy – Shared Here.

#25. Lexington. Concord. Saratoga. Yorktown – Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Fought for here.

#24. The Bill of Rights. The Supreme Court. The Rule of Law. Justice served here.

#23. The Stock Market. Home Ownership. Low Inflation. Assets built here.

#22. Driverless Cars (and Electric too!). Wearable Devices. The Internet of Things. Tomorrow’s Technologies – Imagined Here.

#21. Diamandis. Kurzweil. Saffo. The future - abundant here.

#20. Hollywood. Disney. Broadway. Entertainment happens here.

#19. The World Series, The Super Bowl, The Masters. Sports are spectacle here.

#18. Jesus. Moses. Mohammed. The Buddha. Religion gets along here.

#17. Gates. Jobs. Page. Zuckerberg. BIG stuff - invented here.

#16. Murphy. Martin. Seinfeld. Rock. Life is a laugh here.

#15. Madonna. Mariah. Whitney. Elvis. Michael. Frank. Songs are sung here.

. Faulkner. Hemmingway. Roth. Franzen. Stories are told here.

#13. Kaiser. Pfizer. Genentech. Merck. Healing happens here.

#12. Boeing. Caterpiillar. Deere. UPS. FedEx. Stuff gets built here and gets there.

#11. Amazon. eBay. Ecommerce - transacted here.

#10. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Networks - connected here.

#9. Google. Yahoo. Bing. Information - organized and accessible here.

#8. Kleiner. Sequoia. Mayfield. Ideas - backed here.

#7. The Inc. 500. The Fast Company 50. Entrepreneurs - inspired here.

#6. Alaska. Montana. Wyoming. Space - open here.

#5. Chicago. Boston. San Francisco. NYC. Cities pulse here.

#4. Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt walked the Earth here.

#3. The first guy in charge here voluntarily gave up power, when he could easily have been named ruler for life. Character stands here.

#2. Since its founding, America has been a beacon of hope for immigrants from around the globe seeking opportunity and a better life. Hope and possibility abound here.

#1. The Greatest Generation was born here, fought and won there. And then they came home, put their heads down, and built a new America. Civil rights, cities, suburbs, highways, schools, and more.

So on this day especially, we say thank you!

Happy 4th to You and Yours!

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