Growthink Products & Services


Growthink Publishing offers an array of do-it-yourself products, services and programs to help you start, grow & exit your business. Each product was developed based on our expertise in working with thousands of entrepreneurs and executives to start and grow their businesses.

Business Planning Products


Ultimate Business Plan Template

Our proven, fill-in-the-blanks business plan template allows you to quickly write your own business plan.

Expert Market Research

Save time and get better results when you let the Growthink team conduct your market research for you.


Grow Your Business Products


Ultimate Marketing Plan Template

Our marketing plan template allows you to exponentially increase your customers and revenues by orchestrating the 5 key marketing levers.

Ultimate Strategic Plan Template

Our strategic plan template allows you to quickly and easily develop a winning strategy and action plan to dramatically grow your revenues and profits.

Ultimate Internet Marketing System

Market your business online, profitably no matter your experience level or budget.

Competitive Marketing Intelligence

Improve your marketing plan, dominate your competitors, quickly and easily get new customers and grow your sales.

Expert Market Research

Save time and get better results when you let the Growthink team conduct your market research for you.

Millionaire Mindset

When you start thinking like super-successful entrepreneurs, your success will skyrocket.

Million Dollar Exits

Our comprehensive program teaches you how to build a business you can sell for millions of dollars.

The Leadership Blueprint

Follow the Leadership Blueprint to multiply your teams’ loyalty and productivity.

The Publicity Playbook

Rapidly gain tons of publicity to grow your business.

8 Figure Formula

Learn how to grow your business to $10 Million with this tried-and-true blueprint.

Productivity Secrets For Entrepreneurs

Maximize your productivity so you can make more money and take more time off.

Getting What you Want

Learn to master the art and science of Persuasion and Negotiations to multiply your success.


Capital Raising and Funding Products


Angel Investor Funding Formula

Learn the proven step-by-step formula for finding, pitching and securing funding from individual or “angel” investors.

Crowdfunding Formula

This brand new money source is the fastest and easiest way to raise $5K to $50K for your new venture (or more)!

Private Placement Memorandum Template

Our proven, fill-in-the-blanks private placement memorandum template allows you to quickly complete your PPM so you can start raising capital.

Truth About Funding

This program shows you EXACTLY how to raise all the money you need. Details over 40 sources of funding and which ones are right for YOUR business.

Growthink Growth Club

Get access to an online library of essential courses for entrepreneurs and business owners

Venture Capital Pitch Formula

VC Pitch Formula shows you the RIGHT way to raise millions in venture capital.