Management Consulting

Growthink’s management consulting and strategic advisory services include:

business plan consultant

Business Planning

Since 1999, Growthink has developed and implemented thousands of business plans for companies of all types and sizes. Our clients have gone on to achieve great success, generating billions of dollars in new revenues, raising hundreds of millions of dollars in growth capital, creating thousands of new jobs, and launching hundreds of new products and services.

company analytics

Business Analytics

Through our Guiding Metrics division, Growthink offers business intelligence, metrics management, and dashboarding to help entrepreneurs and executives better manage and grow their organizations.

consultants bring industry expertise

Strategic Planning

Growthink’s strategic planning advisors work with you to determine the best and most viable paths to grow your business and gain a competitive advantage.

innovative solutions

Innovation Strategy

Growthink helps companies develop new products and services, enter new markets, and re-imagine and re-design their organizations to maximize performance in a post-Pandemic world.

exit strategy and process

Exit Strategy Development & Implementation

We help companies define what business milestones (revenues, profits, assets, customers, etc.) need to be reached to attain a profitable business exit, and then work alongside them to achieve them.

management consulting

Organizational Management and Accountability

We help entrepreneurs and executives define their most important business initiatives, then hold them accountable to execute and complete them.

business growth consultant

Business Growth and Opportunity Assessment

We work alongside our clients to identify, size, rate, and decide upon potential business growth opportunities – from new products and services to new markets and customers – and then implement operational strategies and accountabilities to pursue them.

corporate financial consulting business

Financial Planning, Modeling and Projections

Growthink’s experienced management consultants and investment bankers work with companies to develop realistic, attainable financial models, Pro-Formas, and projections that maximize business and shareholder value.

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Our Team

Members of the Growthink team have extensive professional, advisory, operational, and entrepreneurial experience. Our collaborative environment ensures that each client benefits from the knowledge and experience of our entire organization.

Growthink’s approach to advisory and project team formation has been developed over 20+ years through thousands of client engagements. Each Growthink client engagement is led by a highly experienced and qualified engagement manager who is assisted by industry experts, financial analysts, market research professionals, and presentation experts. 

Our team has:

  • Extensive experience and functional expertise in strategic planning, innovation strategy, financial and exit planning, and new product and service development
  • Served as change agents and accountability experts to drive key business initiatives, projects and action items to their speedy completion
  • Participated in hundreds of financing and merger and acquisition transactions
  • Started, grew, and exited from their own companies and organizations
  • Held senior management and operating executive positions in mid-sized and larger companies