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Business Consulting Services

Experienced consultants can help you adapt to today’s market dynamics and continue to compete regardless of the threats you may face. From identifying business challenges, conducting market research, and helping clients raise funding, a business consultant can help create solutions and provide expert advice that helps your business stay ahead of the competition and improves business operations for further growth.

Growthink is a business consulting firm with 20+ years of experience in providing strategic advisory and investment banking services to emerging and middle-marketing companies. Our team of consultants brings their experience and innovative solutions to create a road map to solve your business challenges, support growth, and reach your business goals.

Our Business Consulting Services

Growthink’s business consulting services focus on supporting change as well as developing strategies for continuous growth and increased ability to obtain funding. 

Business Plan Consulting Services

focus on what the future holds

Since 1999, Growthink has developed and implemented more than 4,000 business plans for businesses of all types and sizes.

Our clients have gone on to achieve tremendous success, including collectively raising over $2.5 billion in funding, launching hundreds of new products and services, creating tens of thousands of new jobs, and generating billions of dollars in new revenues.

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Business Analytics Services

company analytics

Through our Guiding Metrics division, Growthink offers business intelligence, metrics management, and dashboarding to help entrepreneurs and executives better manage and grow their organizations.

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Business Strategy Consulting Services

consultants bring industry expertise

Growthink’s business strategy consultants figure out the best ways to grow your business and gain a competitive advantage. We analyze your current business practices and identify opportunities for improvement and long-term growth.

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Innovation Strategy Consulting Services

innovative solutions

Growthink helps organizations create innovation strategies that allow them to dominate their markets and significantly increase sales and profits.

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Exit Strategy Development & Execution Services

exit strategy and process

Research shows that the majority of wealth in the world has been created through the starting, building, and eventual exiting from for-profit businesses. Growthink helps clients define exactly what business milestones (revenues, profits, assets, customers, etc.) must be accomplished to consummate a profitable business exit, and we then work alongside them to do it.

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Business Management Consulting Services

management consulting

Growthink’s team of business management consultants includes former business owners and executives who have started, built, and exited multiple companies.

Through our management consulting services, we will help improve your business strategy and your operational and organizational performance. The result is ongoing business success and competitive advantage.

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Business Growth Consulting Services

business growth consultantGrowthink’s team of consultants work to identify growth opportunities in any part of your business from products and services to new markets or customers and then will develop strategies that allow you to move forward more quickly than ever before toward your goals for growth and expansion.

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Business Financial Planning & Consulting Services

corporate financial consulting business

Growthink’s business financial consultants work to help you understand your true financial situation and then develop strategies that allow you to move forward more quickly than ever before toward your growth and funding goals.

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During your free consultation, we’ll listen to your goals and offer our initial advice on your business ideas, financing options, and growth opportunities. Then we can discuss specific business consulting services that might be right for you.

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Growthink’s Business Consulting Team

Members of the Growthink team have extensive professional and advisory experience. Our collaborative atmosphere ensures that each client benefits from the knowledge and experience of our entire team.

Growthink’s approach to project team formation has been developed over 20+ years through thousands of client engagements. Each Growthink consulting project is led by a highly experienced and qualified project manager who is also assisted by industry experts, financial analysts, market researchers, and graphic designers as appropriate.

Our team of business consultants has:

  • Extensive experience and functional expertise in strategic, innovation, growth, management, and financial and exit planning, as well as new product and service development
  • Served as change agents to drive projects and action items arising from the planning processes noted above
  • Participated in hundreds of financing and merger and acquisition transactions with an aggregate deal size of over $10 billion
  • Held senior management and operating executive positions in mid-sized and large corporations