Growthink Consulting Group

Growthink Consulting Group develops strategies, plans, and innovations to help organizations grow and succeed via:

Strategic Business Plan Development and Execution

Since 1999, Growthink has developed and implemented more than 3,000 business plans for organizations of all types and sizes.

Our clients have gone on to achieve tremendous success, including collectively raising over $2.5 billion in funding, launching hundreds of new products and services, creating tens of thousands of new jobs and generating billions of dollars in new revenues.

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Market Research, Opportunity Assessments, and Feasibility Studies

Effective executives realize the magnitude of opportunity costs -- the cost/risk associated with pursuing the wrong opportunities. Growthink’s rigorous market, industry, and competitive research (both primary and secondary) validates and/or improves upon our clients’ business ideas and strategies.

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Exit Strategy Development and Execution

Research shows that the majority of wealth in the world has been created through the starting, building, and eventual exiting from for-profit businesses. Growthink helps business leaders define exactly what business milestones (revenues, profits, assets, customers, etc.) must be accomplished to consummate a profitable business exit, and we then work alongside them to do it.

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Investment Banking

GT Securities Inc., our wholly owned broker-dealer investment bank, specializes in raising equity and debt capital and advising on merger and acquisition transactions for emerging and middle market companies. Member FINRA, SIPC.

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Business Intelligence Dashboards

Growthink, through its Guiding Metrics business intelligence, metrics management and dashboarding practice, empowers executives to make better decisions via seeing their business results in real time.

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