Business Management Consulting Services by Growthink

Since 1999, Growthink has provided business management consulting services to thousands of clients who have gone on to achieve tremendous success.

Growthink’s Business Management Consulting Services

Growthink has over 20 years of experience in providing business management consulting services to companies around the world.

We have helped thousands of emerging, middle-market and larger businesses achieve greater success by identifying strategic opportunities and developing effective strategic plans to achieve them.

Growthink has vast experience analyzing each key area of your business to identify strategic opportunities. For example, we can assess your:

  • Products and Services: to identify new opportunities and ways to refine existing offerings
  • Customers: to identify ways to better serve them and new customer segments to pursue
  • Markets: to assess your current market fundamentals and identify opportunities within and outside it
  • Competitors: to identify competitive weaknesses to exploit and ways to gain lasting competitive advantage
  • Processes: to determine ways to operationally improve
  • Business Model: to assess potential new strategies and opportunities to boost sales and profits

Who We Serve

Since Growthink was founded in 1999, we have provided business strategy consulting services for thousands of clients around the world.

For example, our clients are:







Representative Clients

Growthink clients compete in hundreds of different sectors and geographic markets. So, regardless of your sector or market, we have real-world expertise and experience to serve you better. Sample clients who have entrusted Growthink with their success include:
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Frequently Asked Questions

Businesses turn to consultants because they need guidance on how best to allocate limited resources in order to stay ahead of the competition, facilitate sustained growth, and grow revenue. Management experts can help you increase sales, cut costs, market more effectively, develop business plans and implement systems that will help you grow your organization.

A management consultant helps organizations solve complex problems, improve performance and increase the company’s value. These consultants have different skills ranging from e-business marketing to supply chain management to organizational structure. 

Once your company has received sound recommendations, consultants have the opportunity to support the implementation process.

In addition to their analysis, they can provide data from their research and the competitive landscape so the business makes informed decisions in the best interest of the company. Management consulting firms offer guidance regarding how to get the best business results.


Growthink is a management consulting business providing a variety of services including:

Market Research

This is an analysis of how your company will meet its market needs. It can be used to help grow or even start new companies, by exploring what customers are looking for in terms of products and features. The goal here is to create more value so you can boost sales while making sure that there’s demand for your product or service on the open market.

Business Analysis

Another major aspect of consulting involves analyzing all areas of a company’s operations. Each area contributes towards measurable goals, which include things like sales generation, cost efficiency, and productivity levels within specific departments.

During this analysis, consultants usually monitor performance and progress using statistical analysis to see if the objectives are being met. This helps owners determine areas of improvement and also guides future decision-making processes.

Strategy Development

We can help you do more than analyze your company — we work with you on developing a strategic plan that will give you the best chance at achieving long-term goals.

Once we understand where your company is headed, we’ll be able to develop well-thought-out tactics that set realistic expectations for development and revenue generation. We’re very goal-oriented when it comes to helping clients fulfill their own success and satisfaction levels as this directly impacts our reputation within the industry as experts in what we do.

Exit Planning

Our team will analyze your brand reputation, customer base and track record of growth as these are common factors that make a company appealing to buyers. Other factors could include strong cash flow, patented intellectual property, or niche expertise.

After the analysis, we can create an exit strategy plan that provides a timeline of milestones to help you achieve your financial goal and exit successfully. This will maximize your chances of receiving an enviable acquisition offer from a company that is prepared to buy.

Consulting fees vary depending on the type of company and its associated industry, the size of the business, and the complexity of the company’s strategic goals.


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