Growthink Consulting Group

Growthink Consulting Group offers a suite of consulting and advisory services that allow our clients to successfully start, grow and exit their businesses. Services include:

Business Plan Writing & Consulting

Since 1999, Growthink has developed thousands of business plans for our clients. These clients have gone on to achieve tremendous success, raising billions of dollars in funding and generating tens of billions of dollars in revenues.

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Exit Strategy Planning

Entrepreneurs achieve real wealth when they sell their companies. Growthink helps entrepreneurs attain this goal by figuring out exactly what they must do to create the highest value business; and one that will have multiple buyers competing to purchase it.

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Market, Industry & Competitive Research

Smart entrepreneurs realize the magnitude of opportunity costs -- the cost/risk associated with pursuing the wrong opportunities. Growthink’s rigorous market, industry, and competitive research methodologies validates and/or improves upon our clients’ business ideas and strategies.

Growthink Securities, Inc.

Investment Banking

Growthink Securities Inc., our wholly owned broker-dealer investment bank, specializes in raising equity and debt capital and advising on merger and acquisition transactions for emerging and middle market companies. Member FINRA, SIPC.

Private Equity Investing

Growthink reviews private and public company investment and acquisition opportunities on an ongoing basis, and we direct the best of these opportunities to our partners and affiliates based on their investment criteria.

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