2nd Quarter 2024 Newsletter

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Welcome to Growthink’s 2nd Quarter 2024 Newsletter. Below we will share:

  • My video thoughts on how the best executives make better decisions in the face of business risk and uncertainty including thoughts on employing a virtual family office
  • Chief Client Officer Anna Vitale’s on notable, recent Growthink financial planning & analysis (FP&A) engagements
  • Growthink Head of London Office Antonio Barzagli on the successful Series A investment raised by our client this quarter
  • Entrepreneurial Advisory Lead Bert Carder on what owners should be thinking about, as they plan ahead for 2024




Chief Client Officer Anna Vitale’s on Key Growthink IMPACT Engagements

Growth isn’t about just keeping up with the numbers; it’s about understanding the story behind them and how that story affects day-to-day operations and long-term strategy.

It’s surprisingly common for even the most reputable companies to have controllers, CPAs, and financial professionals who excel in their roles but may lack expertise in strategic financial planning. Last quarter, we closely collaborated with our clients’ accounting and FP&A teams on several key projects:

  • Multi-Entity Financial Proformas: For established businesses operating across multiple entities, getting a clear and consolidated view of overall performance is a critical – yet heavy! – lift. This work often involves integrating inter-divisional cash flows, shared overhead expenses, and balance sheet considerations.For a recent healthcare client, we conducted just this sort of analysis, leading to the tough but right call to sunset a division that was driving expense bloat across the organization.
  • Working Capital During Hypergrowth: For profitable (but cash-flow negative) firms in hypergrowth mode, managing working capital is often the thin line between survival or bankruptcy. For a recent last-mile logistics client, we conducted a monthly cash flow analysis based on realistic AR and AP timing assumptions. The result was a multi-faceted capital strategy designed to scale with the company while minimizing shareholder dilution.
  • Startup Expense Prioritization: Where and when to spend limited dollars is top of mind for our clients at the beginning of their journeys. For a nascent spirits brand client, we provided a clear, concise financial roadmap, guiding the founders in prioritizing expenditures and developing pricing strategies aligned with market share objectives.

Learn more about Growthink’s FP&A services here.



Growthink Head of London Office Antonio Barzagli on Seamfix Series A Round

Growthink is committed to championing businesses across all geographies, including those in emerging markets, by diligently working to close deals. This past quarter, we saw success with one such client in Nigeria.

Seamfix is mission-driven software developer of identity management solutions that empower people in Africa to obtain equal access to online and offline opportunities.

Growthink was engaged in 2023 to reposition Seamfix’s services into 3 consolidated products to target key client groups and maximize growth potential. The initial advisory project aligned key personnel around shared goals, boosting Seamfix’s ability to achieve its growth milestones. Later that year, with clarity on growth capital requirements, Growthink was engaged to facilitate Seamfix’s first institutional fundraising.

Growthink confidentially introduced selected investor parties, which resulted in a substantial minority investment by Alitheia Investment Fund in April 2024. Alitheia is a pioneering impact investment fund that identifies, invests in, and grows SMEs led by gender-diverse teams to achieve solid financial returns and tangible social impact for communities in Africa.

If you want to stay updated on such market trends, we’ve just launched our monthly “M&A Observatory”, which will continue to be available on our blog.

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Entrepreneurial Advisory Practice Lead Bert Carder on our recent consulting engagements and one thing every Entrepreneur needs to consider.

As Growthink’s Entrepreneurial Advisory Practice Lead, my team and I have the privilege everyday to help ambitious entrepreneurs and business leaders strategize for success.  Notable Q1 2024 engagements include:

  • Acting as interim COO for a startup launching a new community platform to help creatives monetize their work and content.
  • Advising an Australia – based CEO how best to pivot their existing business to create a more stable and recurring income stream.
  • Supporting the CEO of a 20-year-old environmental consultancy to develop a plan to expand their business services from the public to the private sector.

A question every entrepreneur needs to ask and answer is: “Who is Your Business Serving?”

In our Q1 2024 advisory work, we worked alongside our clients to address the mission-critical question: “Who is Your Business Serving?” We validated their strategy and then developed tactical plans and organizational accountability structures to ensure the realization of those strategies.

Growthink has a team of business experts who can work alongside you to develop strategies and solutions to address these type of challenges and more. Contact us to schedule a complimentary discovery call.

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