July 2021 Venture Growth Funding Recap

Written By Dave Lavinsky
Growth Capital Funding

Growthink Capital Research tracked $10 billion in new venture funding in July 2021 down from $12.1 billion in June 2021.
The month’s biggest funding event belonged to FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange platform.
Other $100 million+ funding events in July 2021 included the following:

  • PsiQuantum ($450 million) a general-purpose silicon photonic computer that facilitates quantum computing operations.
  • Pivot Bio ($430 million) a developer of microbial nitrogen fertilizers meant to replace synthetic nitrogen fertilizer.
  • Olive ($400 million) which develops process automation software that builds meaningful artificial intelligence that empowers and scales humans.
  • Gupshup ($340 million) a smart messaging platform built to enhance customer engagement.
  • Fireblocks ($310 million) a block-chain security platform that protects digital assets on the network.
  • DataRobot ($300 million) an enterprise AI platform that accelerates data science by automating the end-to-end journey.
  • Netskope ($300 million) a cloud security platform that provides visibility, real-time data and threat protection while accessing cloud services, websites, and private applications.
  • Capchase ($280 million) a recurring revenue financing platform that finances the growth of operations with cash tied up in future monthly payments.
  • NotCo ($235 million) a plant-based food company committed to taking animals out of food production while not compromising on taste.
  • Tilting Point ($235 million) a marketing and publishing platform that scales and supports live games.
  • Exo ($220 million) a handheld ultrasound platform used for medical imaging and therapeutic applications.
  • At-Bay ($185 million) a digital insurance platform that provides cyber insurance for the digital age.
  • SonderMind ($150 million) a mental and behavioral health platform that increases mental health consultancy and therapy accessibility.
  • Pendo ($150 million) a customer engagement analytics platform that optimizes trial conversions and user onboarding in-product.
  • Netradyne ($150 million) fleet management technology that brings transformational services to the transportation industry.
  • Remote ($150 million) a recruiting platform to help companies of all sizes to hire top talent from all over the world.
  • Arctic Wolf ($150 million) a cybersecurity platform that keeps valuable business data safe.
  • Amylyx Pharmaceuticals ($135 million) a proprietary therapeutic to treat Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and other neurodegenerative diseases that lead to neuroinflammation and nerve cell death.
  • Mercury ($120 million) a technology-enabled bank offering banking services to small and medium businesses.
  • Class Technologies ($105 million) virtual classroom software to streamline online and remote education.
  • TMRW Life Sciences ($105 million) an automated platform for the safe management and care of the frozen eggs and embryos used in IVF.
  • Nimbus Therapeutics ($105 million) a computational chemistry platform to design breakthrough medicines and transform drug development.
  • Sirnaomics ($105 million) novel targeted therapeutics to treat critical human diseases.
  • Mark43 ($101 million) a public safety CAD, RMS, analytics and property and evidence platform to support law enforcement.
  • Bota Bio ($100 million) bioengineering technology bio-manufacturing.
  • Simon Markets ($100 million) a financial technology platform for financial advisors.
  • Ethos ($100 million) an online insurance platform that offers modern, ethical life insurance to protect the life users are building and the people they love.
  • Interos ($100 million) a logistics assurance platform for supply-chain risk management.
  • Fabric ($100 million) an on-demand fulfillment technology that is re-defining the way goods are fulfilled and delivered within cities.
  • MPower Financing ($100 million) a financial technology platform to make socioeconomic mobility borderless.
  • Amperity ($100 million) a customer data management platform to supercharge customer initiatives with actionable data.
  • Pantheon ($100 million) an online website operations platform to develop professional websites.
  • Ghost ($100 million) an automated driving device to serve passenger cars.

The hottest sectors for funding during the month were A.I./Machine Learning, Business/Productivity Software, Fintech, Biotech, and Cryptocurrency/Blockchain.
Key funding events in each of these sectors for the month are below:

  1. A.I./Machine Learning deals included Olive ($400 million), DataRobot ($300 million), Netradyne ($150 million), OM1 ($85 million), Covariant ($80 million), Coralogix ($55 million), Julia Computing ($24 million), Cube Dev ($15.5 million), Osmind ($15 million), Zone7 ($8 million), and Apty ($7.5 million).
  2. Business/Productivity Software deals included Mark43 ($101 million), Shopmonkey ($75 million), Skedulo ($75 million), Instawork ($60 million), YOOBIC ($50 million), Mural ($50 million), Orum ($25 million), Lightyear ($13 million), Clientbook ($4.5 million), and Arcade ($4.5 million).
  3. Fintech deals included Capchase ($280 million), Mercury ($120 million), Simon Markets ($100 million), MPower Financing ($100 million), Prime Trust ($64 million), Lithic ($60 million), Billd ($30 million), Paro ($25 million), Kasisto ($15 million), and Artis Credit ($7 million).
  4. Biotech deals included Amylyx Pharmaceuticals ($135 million), Nimbus Therapeutics ($105 million), Sirnaomics ($105 million), Bota Bio ($100 million), Strata Oncology ($90 million), Vedanta Biosciences ($68 million), Aromyx ($10 million), and AXONIS Therapeutics ($5 million).
  5. Cryptocurrency/Blockchain deals included FTX ($900 million), Fireblocks ($310 million), Eco ($60 million), Certik ($37 million), Shipyard Software/Clipper ($21 million), Sila ($13 million), and DeFine ($5 million).

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