How to be an Olympian in Your Business

Isn’t it awesome to see the amazing grace, endurance, skill, and competitiveness of our Olympic athletes?

And wouldn’t it be great to perform as executives and entrepreneurs at that kind of “ultra-peak” level? 

Well, it isn’t as hard as it seems.

It just requires one simple thing that all Olympians do instinctively.

Which is, in their quest for gold, assemble an awesome team of coaches, trainers, agents, nutritionists, sponsors, equipment partners, family, friends, and “moral teams” to enable and empower their peak performance.

Think about how different this is from the way most of us approach our work.

One dimensionally. On our own. Isolated.

This is not a criticism, as thinking about work in this manner is very different from how most of us have been trained and have done so by habit for many years.

But if we truly want to win business gold, just as it is for Olympic athletes, where the difference between standing on the medal podium and being an also-ran is usually mere thousandths of a second…

…the competition is just too good and too fierce to do it in any other way and honestly expect to win.

Arguably the #1 factor in gaining those tiny, critical slivers of business competitive advantage, just as it is for Olympic athletes, is the quality of our team and network of advisors, consultants, coaches, and helpers.

This is well shown by Norway – with a population less than that of Colorado but with arguably the world’s best Athletes Development and Coaching Program, leading the Olympics Medals Count while the US is 5th and Russia 7th.

Business is no different. The best and most successful companies have the best and most pedigreed teams of outside advisors of all types to build, sustain, and grow profitability and value. 

Whether that advice and assistance pertains to marketing, sales, branding, IT, new product development, finance, company culture, strategy, exit planning, and everything and anything in between. 

And luckily for all of us, this is a golden age where advisors of every business challenge specialty have as their default new client development protocol a complimentary consultation to discuss our unique problem, to offer initial recommendations, and to then revert back with a suggested scope of work and project action plan.

All on their nickel.

And just like the synchrony between a great athlete and his or her coach, great business advisors catalyze transformational business leaps forward, bypassing and turbo-charging the traditional and slow “brick-by-brick” growth model into one of ideas, strategy and key relationship break throughs.

All of this “manna from heaven” starts from a simple choice: to throw our hat in the ring for a shot at that medal.

From this heroic step everything naturally and fairly follows – the evaluation of our competitive landscape and an inventorying of our own strengths and areas needing improvement.

And from this, then the natural identification of the the kind of outside help we need to achieve our big business dreams.

The beauty and intensity of Olympic competition brings this simple dynamic into perfectly sharp focus.

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