Growth Funding Recap for April 2021


Growthink Capital Research tracked $10.8 billion in new venture funding in April 2021.

This is down from the $15.4 billion in funding we tracked in March, but significantly above funding amounts in January ($8.8 billion) and February ($8.5 billion).

The month’s biggest funding event belonged to SambaNova Systems which raised $676 million. The company develops advanced systems platforms and hardware to power machine learning and data analytics.

Forty-one companies raised $100 million or more in April. Other than SambaNova Systems, the 10 companies which raised the most are as follows:

  1. Brex ($425 million) the corporate credit card for startups
  2. Invivyd ($336 million) a developer of antibodies for therapeutic and prophylactic treatments for the potentially emergent coronaviruses
  3. Paxos ($300 million) a developer of financial technologies to buy, sell, trade and manage assets in the global economy.
  4. Groq ($300 million) a developer of computers for the next generation of machine learning.
  5. Greenlight Financial Technology ($260 million) a smart debit card designed to help parents monitor their child’s spending habits.
  6. Astranis ($250 million) a satellite internet company who’s building smaller and lower-cost telecommunications satellites.
  7. Current ($220 million) a bank seeking to meet the needs of people that have been overlooked by the traditional banking industry.
  8. Tempo ($220 million) a smart at-home fitness platform designed to improve the quality of workout movement and techniques.
  9. Komodo Health ($220 million) a healthcare insights platform designed to reduce the global burden of disease through an actionable healthcare map.
  10. Fetch Rewards ($210 million) a mobile savings and gift card earning application designed to reward shoppers and grocers for the purchases they already made.

The hottest sectors for funding during the month were Cybersecurity, BioTech, FinTech, HealthTech, A.I./Machine Learning, and Business/Productivity Software.

Key funding events in each these sectors for the month are below:

  1. Cybersecurity deals included Druva ($147 million), Vectra AI ($130 million), Automox ($110 million), Deep Instinct ($100 million), Veriff ($69 million), SafeGuard Cyber ($45 million), AppOmni ($40 million), HYPR ($35 million), BigID ($30 million), ThreatQuotient ($22.5 million), TerraTrue ($15 million), PlexTrac ($10 million), TripleBlind ($8.2 million) and Actuate ($8 million).
  2. BioTech deals included Invivyd ($336 million), Janux Therapeutics ($125 million), Arch Oncology ($105 million), Boundless Bio ($105 million), Theseus Pharmaceuticals ($100 million), Icosavax ($100 million), Antios Therapeutics ($96 million), Alloy Therapeutics ($75 million), AltruBio ($63 million), Pendulum Therapeutics ($54 million), Vizgen ($37 million), Molecular Assemblies ($24 million) and Volastra Therapeutics ($12 million).
  3. FinTech deals included Greenlight Financial Technology ($260 million), Current ($220 million), Ramp ($115 million), Step ($100 million), Blue dot ($32 million), Sightline ($32 million), Routable ($30 million), Candex ($20 million), AltoIRA ($17 million), Percent ($12.5 million) and StarStock ($8 million).
  4. HealthTech deals included Komodo Health ($220 million), Medable ($78 million), Papa ($60 million), Current Health ($43 million), Cohere Health ($36 million), Sesame ($24 million), Glytec ($21 million), Canvas Medical ($17 million), Vector Remote Care ($12.5 million), Legacy ($10 million) and Medxoom ($8 million).
  5. A.I./Machine Learning deals included SambaNova Systems ($676 million), Placer Labs ($50 million), Unsupervised ($35 million), Alyce ($30 million), Gradient AI ($20 million), Databook ($16 million), Comet ($13 million), Copysmith ($10 million), Grata ($9.5 million) and Instreamatic ($6.1 million).
  6. Business/Productivity Software deals included OneStream ($200 million), Productboard ($72 million), CaptivateIQ ($46 million), RapidDeploy ($29 million), Pathlight ($25 million), Cape Privacy ($20 million) and ConductorOne ($5 million).

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