Simple Business Plan Template for Startups,
Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Written by Dave Lavinsky


Why Your Appendix is Important

The Appendix is used to support and give more credibility to the rest of the document.

What to Include

Your Appendix should include any information that supports the claims in your plan such as patents, store designs, customer lists/contracts, partnership agreements, employee contracts, etc.

In addition, your Appendix must include your full financial forecasts (Projected Income Statements, Projected Balance Sheet, Projected Cash Flow Statements).

Be sure to document all the assumptions used in creating your financial projections.

For instance, for product/service revenues and gross profit, you need to specify assumptions including:

  • What is your expected sales growth rate?
  • What is the average price you will charge per product/service unit sold?
  • How much do you expect to raise your prices each year?
  • How much does it cost you to produce or deliver each unit sold?
  • How much (if at all), do you expect your direct product costs to grow each year?

For company costs, specify assumptions including:

  • Your salary (assuming you’re the owner/president/CEO) and annual growth rate in your salary
  • Salaries for your team members and growth rates
  • Monthly marketing expense and growth rates
  • Rent and utilities expenses
  • Insurance expense
  • Office supplies expense
  • Other expenses