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Business Plan Writers for Hire

Written by Dave Lavinsky
Business Plan Writers for Hire

Looking for someone to write your business plan? You’ve come to the right place! We understand that writing a business plan can be a time-consuming process for many entrepreneurs. Hiring a business plan consulting firm will allow you to more quickly and expertly create a custom business plan to point your company in the right direction. But before hiring someone, you should know the aspects of creating great business plans and the qualifications of the right business plan writer or firm.

Aspects of Creating a Good Business Plan

A good business plan requires the following 4 planning processes:  

Market Research

conduct market research before you write a plan You need to conduct considerable research in the following areas:
  • Customer Research: learning about who your target customers are and their wants and needs
  • Industry Research: identifying the size of your market and trends affecting it
  • Competitive Research: figuring out your direct and indirect competitors and the strengths and weaknesses of each
  • Financial Research: understanding realistic growth rates and costs (salaries, etc.) so a realistic financial model can be created


business plans include specific details Armed with the market analysis, you need to create the optimal growth strategies. For example, if you identified an unmet customer need in your research, you should create strategies to capitalize on this opportunity.  

Financial Modeling

determine business model and project sales Your financial model or projections are perhaps the most important part of your business plan. Poorly reasoned financial models will dissuade most investors. Worse yet, if you’re financial projections call for too much or too little funding, it will cost you dearly.  

Business Plan Writing

write a business plan for raising capital The fourth aspect of a solid business plan is writing. While it’s important to be a good business writer, even more important is to understand the needs of the audience. For example, the world’s best writer probably hasn’t spent much time with venture capitalists. As a result, they have no idea what this audience wants, and would probably fail to write a professional business plan that appealed to them.

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What is a Business Plan Writer?

hire someone to write a business planA business plan writer is someone who has extensive experience in writing business plans and knows what works and what doesn’t. A professional business plan writing service will understand the importance of market research, strategy, financial modeling, and business writing. They can offer guidance to business owners on how these aspects should be incorporated into a business plan that will be well received by investors. The best business plan writer acts as a guide throughout the business planning process, helping large and small business owners tailor their business plans to the needs of a potential investor.  

Business Plan Writer Qualifications

what makes them a great business plan writer There are business plan writers with different qualifications, so entrepreneurs should consider the following factors when choosing a business plan writing service:
  • Experience: What is the business plan writer’s level of experience in business planning, market research, and developing a financial plan with projections? You want a writer with a strong background in each critical area of business plan writing.
  • Education: A business plan writer with a Master’s degree (or equivalent) in business administration or related field is preferred.
  • Reviews: Does the business plan consultant have any reviews from previous clients?

Why Not Write Your Own Business Plan?

business idea and planning process While some companies can develop business plans on their own, most do not have time for this. Moreover, many business owners do not have the proper business writing skills to help convince their intended audience. For these reasons, business owners should hire a business plan writer. A professional business plan writer will:
  • Conduct market research for you
  • Work with you to create the best strategies to grow your business
  • Create your financial projections
  • Write your plan geared to your audience
With regards to your audience, it could range from yourself, your team, partners, banks, angel investors, venture capitalists, landlords, etc. In any of these cases, when hiring someone to write a business plan, make sure they have a working knowledge of the needs of your intended audience (e.g., investors, partners, employees) in order to write a plan that appeals to them. If you have expertise in each of these areas, a deep understanding of the needs of your audience, and 100 hours of spare time, then you may not need to hire a business plan writer. If not, keep reading…  

When to Hire a Business Plan Writer

pay for a writing service to save you time If you are lacking time, and don’t have significant expertise in the four areas listed above, consider hiring a business plan writer. The best business plan writers:
  • Have a long track record of success in and outside of your industry (outside of your industry is most important as that allows them to give you strategic ideas that have worked well in other markets that can apply to yours)
  • Can conduct market research and subscribe to market research databases that give them access to expensive industry reports
  • Know how to create sophisticated and valid financial projections
  • Understand the wants and needs of lenders, investors, and other audiences so they can tailor the plan accordingly
We hope this article has shown you the keys to hiring someone to write a business plan for your company.  Growthink has successfully written thousands of business plans. Read below for more information on our custom business plan writing services including our methodology and case studies from former clients.

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Business Plan Writers FAQs

Yes, business plan writers exist and the best ones have a degree in business administration, a long track record of success inside and outside your industry, and reviews from previous clients. Business owners who want to work with someone to write a business plan should consider whether they lack time, expertise in the four areas listed above or both. The person writing your business plan doesn’t need to know everything about your business but should be able to conduct market research and create sophisticated financial projections as well as know the wants of lenders, investors and other audiences so that they can tailor the business plan accordingly.

The cost for business plan consulting varies widely, mostly dependent on the business plan writer’s experience and expertise, the length of the business plan to be written, the business sector to which they are writing, etc.

Feel free to consult an expert to discuss the specific details of your business plan and what your business would need before you get started.

Yes. A business plan writer will work with you on all aspects of your business such as marketing, expansion and even exit strategy plans, but it also depends on the business owner’s budget and needs. Please consult with a business plan writer to discuss the specific needs of your business.

They are masters of business planning and will work with you on all aspects of business, but it also depends on your business needs. For more information, please consult a business plan writer.

Chances are, you don’t have the expertise in all four business areas. For instance, you may have extensive experience in marketing, but less of an expert in finance or strategy. By hiring a professional business plan writer, you can focus on what you do best while someone else takes on what they do best. This will save time and money for both parties involved while ensuring that everything is handled to make your business a success.

Growthink Business Plan Writing Case Studies

McKesson Corporation

McKesson Corporation is the leading provider of supply, information and care management products and services designed to reduce costs and improve quality across healthcare. Growthink assisted McKesson’s specialty marketing division in evaluating the target market and competitive landscape for an existing service platform via a combination of primary and secondary research. Today McKesson generates annual revenues in excess of $50 billion.

Paramount Parks

Paramount Parks is an operator of theme parks and attractions, which annually attracts around 13 million patrons. The company engaged Growthink to conduct a feasibility study to assess the validity of expansion into the Japanese market. The services that Growthink provided were as follows: Feasibility study, market research, land acquisition costs, and global expansion assessment.

Hooters of America

Hooters of America operates and franchises over 435 Hooters restaurants in 46 states. Growthink assisted in the development of Hooters’ franchise expansion plan for the island of Guam. During the project, Growthink conducted market research, surveyed the competitive landscape, built a detailed financial model and developed the business plan. Since working with Growthink, Hooters launched operations in Guam.

Digital Cinema Implementation Partners

Digital Cinema Implementation Partners (DCIP) is a joint venture owned by AMC Entertainment, Cinemark USA, and Regal Entertainment Group, representing more than 14,000 movie screens across the U.S. and Canada. Growthink was retained to develop the strategic business plan for the joint venture, which led to DCIP closing a $750 million round of financing.

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