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We are extremely proud of the feedback and reviews we have received from our customers for the quality of our work and our commitment to their success.

Below please find an assortment of reviews of Growthink’s Ultimate Business Plan Template and other products.

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Maria Miranda headshot

Maria Miranda Bridal Studio

I purchased this product and it was amazing! guess what? I got my loan and had 2 other offers. My biz plan was done in 12 hours. Worth every penny!

Maria Miranda

Maria Miranda Bridal Studio
Torrance, CA
Kneepkens Headshot

We review funding requests all the time. Dave Lavinsky is right: most of them don’t address what we need to see and totally miss the point. After recommending Growthink’s products, we see them pass with flying colors, without fail.

Marc Kneepkens

Founder -

Turning Earth

I was able to pick up a template that I could actually figure out how to use, had all the key components in it, and basically just drop in my idea. We, in fact, were able to raise money.

Andy Kessler

Founder - Turning Earth
Vishal Badiani headshot

Vishal Badiani

Growthink’s report “How to Quickly, Easily & Expertly Conduct Zero – Cost Market Research For your Business” was a fantastic report!I really believe that taking the ideas from the report would give any business an added edge as in today’s world, data and the correct data is powerful! All the ideas within the report are practical and I will definitely be using them to conduct a full analysis prior to starting my business. Thank you.

Vishal Badiani

Hehman Headshot

The more you know about angel investors, the better your odds of getting funding. Use Growthink’s step-by-step plan to get prepared.

David Hehman

Entrepreneur & Angel Investor -
Hugh Youngblood headshot

Youngblood Capital Group

Thanks for all of your help! Before I purchased your product, I was largely uninformed about the process of raising equity capital outside of the established public markets. I knew that I needed to capitalize my start-up and that private money was out there sitting on the sidelines, but I lacked the inside industry perspective to focus my search for sources of funding that meet the specific needs of my business.The education that I obtained from absorbing the material provides me the knowledge base and confidence required to assure that I can successfully engage Angels and VCs as needed to grow my business beyond the seed round of financing. Great work, and keep delivering high-value products to entrepreneurs in need.

Hugh Youngblood

Sadgren headshot

Sandgren Consulting LLC

I had participated in a capital raise before, but never LED an effort. I did not feel at all confident about taking a leadership role before learning Growthink’s Venture Capital system. Great information, for starters. But also great branding by your team, as your tone and encouragement from the expert Q&A really convey a genuine desire to help us succeed. It’s like facing a big ball game, but knowing you’ve got a fireball bullpen behind you. My confidence increases with every exchange. I am now much more confident about avoiding pitfalls and successfully raising venture capital.

Jeff Sandgren

Principal - Sandgren Consulting LLC
JM headshot

Board of Governors, Tech Coast Angels

Growthink really understands how to create compelling business plans and raise capital, and Growthink’s Capital Raising Products succeed in infusing this knowledge.

John Morris

Board of Governors, Tech Coast Angels
Ditu Kasuyi headshot

Urban Financial Services Coalition

Growthink University is an extremely valuable tool for helping educate students on how to prepare business plans. The articles, best practices and templates assisted me in providing my students the tools necessary to have an outstanding learning experience.Growthink University customizes their learning tools to meet your needs and they are responsive to their customers’ needs. A lot of websites never give a response back in 24 hours and people don’t feel committed to keeping their promises. But Growthink University is different — they respond quickly and they keep their promises.I would recommend Growthink University to my colleagues in the education field and other business owners, because they have necessary tools to assist individuals in achieving their business goals.

Ditu Kasuyi

International President - Urban Financial Services Coalition
MW Headshot

Lifetrack University

After looking at many systems for writing a business plan, I chose Growthink. Their method is easy to follow, highly customizable and cuts right to the heart of what you need to know. More importantly, it helps you throw out all the useless stuff you don’t need in a plan.

Mark Watson

Co-Founder & CEO - Lifetrack University
Rick Braddy logo

Winning Ware

I want to say how impressed I am with the business planning template product I bought from you. It’s saving me a ton of time and effort, and enabling me to develop a new plan so much easier and faster than before.

Rick Braddy

Winning Ware
Houston, TX
Howze headshot

Joyce Howze

I think this is a great tool for what you want to do. You could save some money and use SCORE or the SBA, but that process is long and tedious, and it won’t be as specific as this, and you won’t have all the programs that you can use for the business over the years. If I were serious about opening and operating a coffee shop I would jump on this. It is beautifully done!!! I am very impressed!

Joyce Howze

Spur, Texas
Debbie Cooke Butcher headshot

Debbie Cooke Butcher

I just purchased your business plan template… it is exactly what I need… People think starting a new business in bad times is crazy, me? I say it’s the glue that holds us together! Thanks for your wisdom!”

Debbie Cooke Butcher

Watkinsville, Georgia
Susanne Chess headshot

Susanne Chess

Would you like some more positive feedback? I sent the business plan, drafted using your business plan template to a trusted friend who is a retired CEO of a Fortune 500 company for comment. Within 24 hours he got back to me, “… very professional presentation…”

Susanne Chess

Ulyssia headshot

Foot Soothers

Growthink is Fabulous! After being wooed by several costly professional development organizations which were lite on substance and rich in superfluous chatter; Growthink is a breath of fresh air! Content-rich, easy, disarming risk-free introduction, and WOW- a business plan layout that brought my endless rewrites to an end. Finally I have a top fight plan that Growthink will, I’m sure, expertly review. Look for us at the top

Ulyssia Williams

CEO - Foot Soothers
Grabek headshot

Melrose Partners, Inc.

Just thought you might like to hear how one of your products helped me deliver a Marketing Strategy Plan for the country of Georgia on the Black Sea. I volunteered to spent 17 days in Tbilisi, Georgia for CNFA and USAID, do field research and write a marketing plan for the Farmer-to-Farmer Mechanization Program. The Farmer-to-Farmer (FTF) Program promotes sustainable economic growth, food security, and agricultural development worldwide. Volunteer technical assistance from US farmers, agribusinesses, cooperatives, and universities helps developing countries to improve productivity, access new markets, and conserve environmental and natural resources. This people-to-people exchange promotes international goodwill, understanding of US foreign assistance programs, and private involvement in development activities. FTF volunteers work with farmers, producer groups, rural businesses, and service providers to develop local capacity necessary to increase food production and rural incomes, expand economic growth, and address environmental and natural resource management challenges. Acquiring your Growthink’s Marketing Plan working template gave me a road map in the acquisition of field information, market profiles and customer profiles as I traveled the country of Georgia. Formatting the information into the template was quite easy and ending of with a effective and very professional plan in just a few days. All this was made possible by the easy working template supplied by your Growthink’s template concept. My trip, my report objective and my assignment were all successful due to the ease and flexibility of the template supplied by Growthink. Thank you!

James R. Grabek

Melrose Partners, Inc.
Edina, Minnesota
Fatuma Yussuf headshot

Fatuma Yussuf

The Growthink business plan template has instilled hope and confidence in me. There are times I thought of giving up my dreams because I just could not deal with things like finances for a start up business. As an individual accounting and finances have never been my thing but with this template my dilemma becomes a walk in the park. Thus I am assured of success in business and also when persuading investors. I expect my future business aspirations to flourish and start successfully thanks to Growthink. This template is a dream saver and I guarantee that no one will face disappointment.

Fatuma Yussuf

Dee Ellen Jennings Headshot

DeeEllen Jennings

This is amazing, thank you so much!I researched so many business plan templates and yours is so amazing and easy to follow.The Growthink business plan template made getting started so much easier!

DeeEllen Jennings

Autumn Adeigbo headshot

Autumn Adeigbo

When I first saw Dave Lavinsky’s business plan video pitch for Growthink I was immediately impressed. He seemed to have all the answers to every problem I had encountered with creating my business plan. But being a bit skeptical I figured that there must be a catch to Growthink selling their business plan template at such an amazing price. But after about a month I went ahead and I purchased the template. I was so impressed with how efficiently the template helped me complete my plan- specifically the financial projections which for a lot of business plan authors are the most intimidating part. And when I came across any problems I just logged into my account with Growthink University (which comes free for 30 days with the purchase of the Growthink Business Plan Template) and sent my questions in online. I was blown away when Dave Lavinsky himself replied to my questions via email and gave me the formulas to use in the financial model’s excel spread sheet in order to adjust them to fit my specific business needs. On top of that, the articles and connections Growthink introduces you to (via Growthink University and by “liking” their Facebook page) will inspire you and make you excited to learn more about the world of business becoming and entrepreneur. For me the financial part of my business plan was so daunting it took me 3 years to attempt to complete. But with Growthink I completed it in 1 day and am so excited about what the future holds for my business and my life and education as an entrepreneur. Thank you Dave and thank you Growthink!

Autumn Adeigbo

Danell Fitzgerald headshot

Fitzgerald Foods, LLC

I was so happy to find Growthink’s Business Plan Template. It was just what I needed to get my new business started in the right direction. The template pushed me to think in areas I had not put much focus on before, and I was able to put all the information in a well laid out plan and have it look very professional. When I approached the bank and they saw my business plan, they were blown away! As they began to ask questions about my business and monies needed, I was able to answer without stumbling over my words because I had a well thought out plan. They told me they had never seen anyone so prepared to start a business as I was. This gave me great confidence as well as being able to secure a loan for all that I asked for and more! I owe all my business plan success to Growthink as it guided me along a very thoughtful process with an extraordinary outcome. Thanks Growthink!!

Danell Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald Foods, LLC
Headshot of man with eyeglasses

Kevin Arjel

Thank you for creating a template par excellence. It’s one of the best Business Plan templates that I’ve ever come across! I cannot wait to get started!

Kevin Arjel

Bobby Wiltgen headshot


Finding Dave and Growthink’s Ultimate Business Plan Template allowed me to take my dream of owning a business and make it a reality. My investors and mentors have commented that my business plan is the most complete and informative plan they’ve ever seen. Being able to use Dave’s template gave me the platform to accurately and informatively put my business ideas on paper. His financial model enabled me to show my investors how they will make money with my idea. Without Growthink, I wonder if I would have been capable of raising the amount of capital I needed to start my own business and follow my dream.

Bobby Wiltgen

Founder - WildFire
Susan Nolte headshot

May Cookie Co.

As I revise my May Cookie Co. Business Plan for the umpteenth time, I am prompted to write you to THANK YOU. The Growthink template has been enormously helpful in this process, more than I can express.I don’t have to tell you how overwhelming it can be, and, while it will never be a simple task, the structure you have developed and resources you have provided, certainly make it a much more manageable undertaking.Just wanted to let you know and send my gratitude!

Susan Nolte

Founder/Owner - May Cookie Co.
Elle Kersey headshot

Everyday Glamour Girl Skin Care Clinic, Inc.

I am a firm believer that all things happen for a reason and in His perfect time.My office flooded 5 times. The last 2 being major with the cleaning crew and all. That prompted me to know that there was something that I was suppose to be hearing but had missed in a big way.I decided that I needed to revist my business plan because regrouping was necessary at that point. All at once, I realized that I had accomplished all that I had included in my origianl plan. I was shocked. (Yes a lot of mental grumbling about not staying on top of in touch with my bp…)My point is that I needed a bigger plan that encompassed the entirety of my plan. Working the business kept me from growing the business. (more mental grumbling)All that to say thanks for being there.I really had no idea where to turn and who could help. The stage from non existent to micro business is something that you can’t get help on or from microbusiness to small business. These are just those creative aspiration moments. But I found your approach to bp writing at the perfect because it is exactly what I needed.My company serves a niche in the beauty industry that is right on time. Noninvasive, really works, no downtime and none of the negative side effects of surgery, Botox, fillers or laser and FDA Approved. I have taken the last few years to perfect my own technique that is repeatable and everyone is chomping at the bit to get.We have multiple avenues of revenue that repeatable and multifaceted in many ways. So having your template to really get me started so that I have a tool that allows me to be able to attract the people and the werewithall to acheive my dream is something that I am more than greatful for.Just like your dream is to help entrepreneurs be successful. Mine is to help people have healthy skin and to eliminate or improve physical imperfections that cause people to be unhapoy with themselves. Helping others find joy is my calling in life and I just wanted to stop and thank you for being a blessing to me.

Elle Kersey

CEO - Everyday Glamour Girl Skin Care Clinic, Inc.
Joseph Grimaldi headshot

JD’s Smokin Grill n Bar

Starting your own business can be intimidating as well as stressful. You can’t just go to a bank and ask for money because you have a great product and you are a “nice guy”. A couple of pages of figures will not suffice either. You need a complete business plan which includes demographics, feasibility studies, 1,2,3,4,and 5 year projections/forecasts.Dave’s business plan made all of this achievable. Their excel spread sheets built beneath or into their forms on the business plan made it easy to provide forecasts and budgets. I just had to enter in our average check and amount of covers(customers) we anticipated feeding everyday and then our historical expense percentages and the spreadsheet did the rest of the work. When I had a question I just needed to call his team up. They were knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. JD’s Smokin Grill n Bar- Authentic BBQ opened it’s second location on a million dollar loan from M&T bank. We presented a well oiled plan via Dave’s Ultimate Business Template, had several meetings with the bank, provided previous tax returns, personal wealth documents and leveraged our assets to get the money. No bank which is also a business will ever lend you money without collateral, however even with collateral you need a well thought out and conceived business plan. Dave has just that, The Ultimate Business Plan. His templates are also business specific from restaurants to retail. I highly recommend his product. Visit us at Good Luck !!!!!

Joseph Grimaldi

Owner - JD's Smokin Grill n Bar

Katrina Blumenstock Designs

Without your company’s help via “The Ultimate Business Plan Template,” this would not have happened so quickly. So, thank you!I’ve learned alot. The processes of running a business are clearer to me than before. I thank my lucky stars that I ‘discovered’ Growthink. The tips, information, patience, foresight and knowledge is balanced and on point. I’m learning so much.

Katrina Blumenstock

Entrepreneur - Katrina Blumenstock Designs

Generate Hope

We were very excited to use Growthink’s business plan template. We could have spent days creating our own plan, re-writing and re-working it, or we could use a method that’s proven to be effective at organizing goals and information. We are a young, quick-moving organization, and the more efficient we are with our time, the more effective our services can be. And these services directly impact and improve lives! Our long-term goals include significant growth both in number of people served, and in finances with the intent to eventually become financially self-sustaining. By starting with a well laid-out and organized plan as provided by Growthink, these goals will be prioritized, accessible and eventually met. The Growthink method will also provide us with a tool for reaching potential donors–nothing beats clear, concise vision and action plans when considering a new venture, be it for- or not-for profit. We expect that this tool will increase our yearly donations. Many non-profits come and go, and often, non-profits fail because of poor business planning and poor business practice. By setting ourselves up with Growthink’s best practice plan, GenerateHope is confident that our strategies and goals will be implemented and that we will thrive and grow for years to come

Heather Miller

Generate Hope

John Smith

My bank asked me for a business plan and after mulling around for two months trying to finish the plan I felt like giving up. I was a little down and called my banker to inform them I wasn’t finished yet and she suggested that I find a template on the Internet. I went home and searched through enough websites to find out that I would still have to do all the work myself. I talked to my accountant and he quoted me $5,000.00 to $15,000.00 depending how long it took and I still had to do most of the work.Then I went back to the internet and went for another look, when I found Growthink. I was intrigued because all I had to do was enter some of my numbers and the Growthink template did its magic. Out come all sorts of charts and spreadsheets. After tweaking it over a weekend I was able to look at different variables and it allowed me to make some changes in the way I was going to conduct my business.It opened my eyes to some key money making aspects of my business that I was overlooking because I was so worked up over this business plan.On Monday I took the financials down to my accountant to look over before I went to the bank. I was later surprised when he told me that it looked great and he didn’t make any changes. The next day I went down to the bank and dropped off all my paperwork. I was told that it would take at least two weeks for head office to make a decision. Four days later my banker informed me that I was approved and that they really liked my business plan. When I told her that I downloaded it off the internet like she suggested and paid only $97.00 for it and finished it in one weekend she was truly amazed.If I hadn’t found Growthink, I doubt that I would have finished my business plan and moved ahead to successfully start my new venture.

John Smith

Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Sonar Software Solutions

Before I purchased your product I had looked at examples of business plans and to be honest they were just not good. I may not know much, but I could see that I wanted our plan to be professional, yet simple and concise. Upon discovering your company and watching you in the video, I started to have a better understanding of just what should be included in our plan. Thank you. I am learning as I go here, but feel confident that I will create an excellent plan thanks to your templates. Because I will be using these plans here in Norway at first, it is even more important that they look great and are easy to understand.

Patricia James

CEO - Sonar Software Solutions
Oslo, Norway

North Woods Adventures

Thank you so much for your help. And may I once again applaud your customer service team. Everyone I talked to was helpful, clear and direct. I never felt that they were trying to rush through the calls, they listened and they did everything they could to assist me. I will continue to recommend your products and your company. Your personal attention was also greatly appreciated.

Elizabeth Langley

Owner - North Woods Adventures

My Global Playground, LLC

Utilizing Growthink in developing our business plan and most importantly our financial model was instrumental to our successful launch and ability to compete in an extremely competitive market.

Joyce Kohn

President and CEO - My Global Playground, LLC

Devon Thomas

I rarely ever read the many newsletters that my inbox is inundated with on a weekly basis, however, one day a few weeks ago, the subject of one of your Growthink newsletters caught my eye and I have been reading them daily ever since. I find them to be very useful/ inspirational in growing my business and I also enjoy your personal notes. Keep up the great work for all us budding entrepreneurs!

Devon Thomas

Is Growthink a legitimate company?

Yes! Since 1999, Growthink has provided strategic advisory and investment banking services to emerging and middle-market companies. Our business plan consultants develop strategy, innovation, exit and business plans to help companies grow, raise capital and exit successfully. And through our wholly-owned subsidiary Growthink Capital, a FINRA / SIPC registered broker-dealer investment bank, we directly raise equity and debt capital and advise upon business sale & merger transactions. We also utilize our experience and expertise to develop business plan templates for a variety of sectors to help business owners easily raise funding, start and/or grow their businesses.