Growthink Reviews

We are extremely proud of the feedback and reviews we have received from our customers for the quality of our work and our commitment to their success.

Our Consulting and Banking practices’ client feedback includes thousands of satisfied clients that have gone on to achieve tremendous success. You can read their testimonials here.

Our Ultimate Business Plan Template has helped over 500,000 entrepreneurs to successfully start and grow their companies. Below is just a small sample of some of the Growthink reviews we’ve received from thousands of satisfied Ultimate Business Plan Template customers.


100,000+ Satisfied Buyers

Michael Saletta

“Your Business Planning Template has been the single most valuable tool for helping me think more critically and strategically about bringing my invention to market. So thank you.”

Michael SalettaCEO / Saletta Leadership

Wendy Drumm

“I bought your business plan template and raised $1,550,000 this year for my equine medical device company.

Thank you for all you do!”

Wendy DrummPresident / Advanced Equine Research Institute

Brett Perrine

“I downloaded your template onto my computer, opened it up… and I actually was able to finish my business plan by the end of the day!”

Brett PerrinePresident & Co-Founder / International Education Exchange

David Schleider

“I always thought writing a business plan was going to be very difficult – and that’s why I kept putting it off.

Growthink’s Ultimate Business Plan Template made it as easy as filling in the blanks and pressing ‘print.’ Thanks again.”

David SchleiderFounder & President / TrueLemon


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More Satisfied Buyers

Susan Nolte

“As I revise my May Cookie Co. Business Plan, I am prompted to write you to THANK YOU. Your business plan template has been enormously helpful in this process, more than I can express.

I don’t have to tell you how overwhelming it can be, and, while it will never be a simple task, the structure you have developed and resources you have provided, certainly make it a much more manageable undertaking.

Just wanted to let you know and send my gratitude!”

Susan NolteFounder & Owner / May Cookie Co.

Juan Zane Crawford

“It is my pleasure to write this glowing testimony concerning your business plan template. I am VERY pleased with this product and it has helped me complete my business plan.

I was awarded two government contracts as a direct result of your template. I do not know how we would have achieved these results without your company’s product.”

Juan Zane CrawfordOwner / Leak Properties

Joseph Grimaldi

“Dave’s business plan made all of this achievable. The excel spread sheets made it easy to provide forecasts and budgets.

I just had to enter in our average check and amount of customers we anticipated feeding every day and then our historical expense percentages and the spreadsheet did the rest of the work.

When I had a question I just needed to call his team up. They were knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.

JD’s Smokin Grill n Bar- Authentic BBQ opened its second location on a million-dollar loan from M&T bank.

I highly recommend this product.”

Joseph GrimaldiOwner / JD’s Smokin Grill n Bar

David McGrath

“Hi Dave,

I wanted to thank you for the business advice around creating a compelling business plan.

I used your guidance and since then have raised more than $1 million in angel investment for our new interactive video technology business.”

David McGrathCEO / VIAP International

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Even More Satisfied Buyers

Maria Miranda

“I purchased this product and it was amazing! Guess what? I got my loan and had 2 other offers.

My biz plan was done in 12 hours. Worth every penny!”

Maria MirandaOwner / Maria Miranda Bridal Studio

Scott Sofsian

“I wanted to let you know that since I used your template, my business has improved dramatically and I am FINALLY starting to really grow.

You were right. I was able to easily create my financials (I was really scared about that going in) and editing the document was pretty straightforward.

And, then, a friend of mine introduced me to some angel investors. And when I showed them the business plan, they wrote me a check on the spot!”

Scott SofsianCEO / Tagzz

Andrew Kessler

“I knew I had to create a business plan, but I didn’t know how to go about doing that.

I was delighted that I could pick up your template with all the key components… just drop in my idea… and put it together in a way that hits all the key points and makes an impact with the investment community.

Obviously, the result is in whether or not you’re able to raise money…

We’re delighted because we were able to raise money, and we’re off to the races!”

Andrew KesslerFounder / Turning Earth

Ned Tobey

Before Growthink’s Ultimate Business Plan Template, I was really frustrated.

I knew I had to write my business plan in order to start my business. But I kept putting it off…because it seemed like it would be SO hard to do. And I wasn’t really sure how to write my plan.

But with your Template, within a few hours my business plan was done. What a relief! And now the business is really starting to grow.

Ned TobeyChief Operating Officer / Simplifi


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More Growthink Reviews

Even More Feedback from the Over 100,000+ Customers Who Love Growthink’s Ultimate Business Plan Template

Rick Braddy

“I want to say how impressed I am with the planning template product I bought from you. It’s saving me a ton of time and effort, and enabling me to develop a new plan so much easier and faster than before.”

Rick BraddyWinningWare

Larry Graise

“From an end user point of view, your template was perfect for putting my ideas on paper.”

Larry GraiseVision Illusion Hair Importers

Joyce Howze

“I think this is a great tool for what you want to do. It is beautifully done!!! I am very impressed!”

Joyce HowzeSpur, Texas

Edward Whitney

“I had tried other business plan templates in the past, but yours is better.”

Edward WhitneyMetro Audio Video

Dwight Lysne

“I am in the midst of completing my plan, using your template. I have found it not only user-friendly but thorough (without being overwhelming) and professionally designed. Your template is very flexible and seems as if it can be used for about any type of business there is.”

Dr. Dwight LysneWilmington, North Carolina

DeeEllen Jennings

“This is amazing, thank you so much. I researched so many business plan templates and yours is so amazing and easy to follow.”

DeeEllen JenningsDallas, Texas

Brian Serup

“I didn’t feel I knew enough to write a business plan… But this is a very good and thorough template.”

Brian SerupDynamicweb Software

Susanne Chess

“Would you like some more positive feedback?

I sent the business plan, drafted using your business plan template to a trusted friend who is a retired CEO of a Fortune 500 company for comment.

Within 24 hours he got back to me, ‘… very professional presentation…’.”

Susanne ChessCEO / Fine Fabrics

Marc Kneepkens

“We review funding requests all the time. Dave Lavinsky is right: most of them don’t address what we need to see and totally miss the point. After recommending this product, we see them pass with flying colors, without fail.”

Marc KneepkensFounder /

Khai Levinh

“Hi Dave, You are a wonder. Your Financial Business Modelling put in the Excel format is an excellent way to make entrepreneurs understand the basic concept of finances. Your direct involvement and assistance in my case is very much appreciated. “

Khai LevinhManaging Director / Media Blender

Kevin Arjel

“Thank you for creating a template par excellence. It’s one of the best ‘Business Plan’ templates that I’ve ever come across.”

Kevin ArjelOntario, Canada

John Morris

“Dave Lavinsky really understands how to create compelling business plans and raise capital, and his products succeed in infusing this knowledge.”

John MorrisPresident / Tech Coast Angels

Hugh Youngblood

“Thanks for all of your help! Before I purchased your product, I was largely uninformed about the process of raising equity capital outside of the established public markets.

The education that I obtained from absorbing the material provides me the knowledge base and confidence required to assure that I can successfully engage Angels and VCs as needed to grow my business beyond the seed round of financing.

Great work, and keep delivering high-value products to entrepreneurs in need.”

Hugh YoungbloodDirector / Youngblood Capital Group

Harry Gallagher

“I have written business plans before, but wanted to get advice from a more broad, experienced prospective.

Your template helped me create a very good plan to market our technology, attract investment capital, and provide a baseline to measure progress and success.”

Harry GallagherPresident & CEO / ClassOne Orthodontics

Fatuma Yussuf

“Your business plan template has instilled hope and confidence in me. There are times I thought of giving up my dreams because I just could not deal with things like finances for a start up business.

As an individual, accounting and finances have never been my thing but with this template my dilemma becomes a walk in the park. Thus I am assured of success in business and also when persuading investors.

This template is a dream saver and I guarantee that no one will face disappointment.”

Fatuma YussufNairobi, Kenya

Cooke Butcher

“I just purchased your business plan template… it is exactly what I need… People think starting a new business in bad times is crazy, me? I say it’s the glue that holds us together! Thanks for your wisdom!”

Debbie Cooke ButcherWatkinsville, Georgia

Danell Fitzgerald

“I was so happy to find your business plan template. It was just what I needed to get my new business started in the right direction. The template pushed me to think in areas I had not put much focus on before, and I was able to put all the information in a well laid out plan and have it look very professional.

When I approached the bank and they saw my business plan, they were blown away!

As they began to ask questions about my business and monies needed, I was able to answer without stumbling over my words because I had a well thought out plan. They told me they had never seen anyone so prepared to start a business as I was. This gave me great confidence as well as being able to secure a loan for all that I asked for and more!


Danell FitzgeraldOwner / Fitzgerald Foods LLC

Colin Pape

“Hey Dave!

I bought your business planning template and have been receiving your emails and videos for a few months now…

I just wanted to say thanks for cranking out such amazing work!

You’re doing an incredible job, and I know entrepreneurs everywhere are benefitting from it! Please, keep it up!”

Colin PapePresident /

Bobby Witgen

“Finding Dave Lavinsky and his Business Plan Template allowed me to take my dream of owning a business and make it a reality.

My investors and mentors have commented that my business plan is the most complete and informative plan they’ve ever seen.

Without you, I wonder if I would have been capable of raising the amount of capital I needed to start my own business and follow my dream.”

Bobby WiltgenFounder / Who’s on Third

Autumn Adeigbo

“When I first saw Dave Lavinsky I was immediately impressed. He seemed to have all the answers to every problem I had encountered with creating my business plan. But being a bit skeptical I figured that there must be a catch to him selling their business plan template at such an amazing price.

But, I went ahead and I purchased the template. I was so impressed with how efficiently the template helped me complete my plan- specifically the financial projections which for a lot of business plan authors are the most intimidating part.

Thank you Dave!”

Autumn Adeigbo


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Is Growthink a legitimate company?

Yes! Since 1999, Growthink has provided strategic advisory and investment banking services to emerging and middle-market companies. Our business plan consultants develop strategy, innovation, exit and business plans to help companies grow, raise capital and exit successfully. And through our wholly-owned subsidiary Growthink Capital, a FINRA / SIPC registered broker-dealer investment bank, we directly raise equity and debt capital and advise upon business sale & merger transactions.

We also utilize our experience and expertise to develop business plan templates for a variety of sectors to help business owners easily raise funding, start and/or grow their businesses. Our business plan templates are the result of our 25+ years of experience and research into the business plans that help entrepreneurs, executives and small business owners attract potential investors and lenders, and build successful companies.

Our Ultimate Business Plan Template is the World’s #1 Business Plan template and is rated 4.9 stars out of 5!