Client Testimonials

We are extremely proud of the feedback we have received from our clients over the years for the quality of our work and our commitment to their success. Below are a few testimonials from a sampling of our clients:


I worked with the team at Growthink to accelerate the development of the original Integreon business plan.

They are a sharp, creative, and results-focused group. I recommend them highly to companies of all sizes looking to turbo-charge the development of their strategic business plans and their businesses.

Liam Brown


Great Expectations

Growthink helped birth my company. They got to know both me and my vision. They helped ‘smack me upside the head’ to help make sure I was realistic about meeting expectations.

As a result, they helped craft, draft and construct the right written presentation. As a result, I got my funding.

Jeffrey Ullman

Founder & CEO

V Starr Interiors

I loved working with Growthink.

The staff are passionate about their work and committed to what they do in a way that can only be achieved when you love what you do. They helped keep us on track to achieve our planning goals.

I am looking forward to continued success working with everyone from Growthink in the future.

Venus Williams

Professional Tennis Player & CEO
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After speaking with Growthink for several years, we decided to engage them to help create a potential short term exit plan for our business.

Anna was our main contact and surpassed all expectations we had. Our engagement lasted several months and Anna and her team were responsible for diving into every facet of our business, evaluating, and making strategic recommendations to help us achieve our goal. Anna and her team interviewed our employees, business partners, and outside professionals to frame and back up their recommendations. They dove into our website and made key strategic recommendations that will help us further serve our clients better. They also helped us segment out our existing database into key groups that will allow us to leverage each one individually from here on out. One of the final pieces of deliverable’s sent to us was key financial projections and analysis we will be able to use on a monthly basis.

Anna did a great job and I would highly recommend working with her and Growthink!

Tyler Ackerman

Founder & CEO -

Top Cut Lawn Services

Growthink’s dynamic team of professionals has provided professional collaboration and guidance, key metric creation, accountability measures, technology platform utilization and business improvement strategies.

The past few months have been a great success and I am excited about our future growth potential with Growthink’s expert guidance and leadership. Anna and her team has taken my organization to a new level to help drive my business in a new direction to deliver better service to our clients and increase our financial performance.

Thank you for your great work. We have achieved a lot. Look forward to future projects!

Stephen Miller

President - Top Cut Lawn Services

Alberta Health Services

Growthink worked us through the development of my business plan and investor deck for a cloud based application I am developing. Anna showed attention to detail, professionalism, integrity and great communication ability and enthusiasm for the project.

I felt very comfortable and confident in her skills and ability to help me understand the relevant details as the project evolved and have always been pleased about the decision to bring in Growthink.

Dr. Sheila Mansell

Psychologist - Alberta Health Services
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Organa Brands

Anna was a key part of the Growthink consulting team that worked with the Apex By Sunglass Hut team to help define several different business strategies and help us obtain Corporate approval and funding for expansion.

The Growthink team was great to work with and was exceptionally responsive to our needs and challenges, I highly recommend them.

Darrin Mills

President of CA - Organa Brands

HMG Plus

I absolutely loved working with Growthink!

They listened to our objectives and truly understood what our mission was prior to beginning our project. They hit all their milestones on-time and on-point. They ultimately delivered a very valuable tool that will have tremendous use to us in our growth plan.

I highly recommend Antonio and the Growthink team.

Karen DiPeri

President - HMG Plus

Linked Synergies LLC

The work that Antonio and his team have done will be invaluable for my company.

They really listened and paid attention to our requirements and delivered the results and more.

A job well done!

Samuel Lojo

Managing Partner - Linked Synergies
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Noble Applications, LLC

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Growthink a handful of times.

I was so impressed after that one experience that it turned into more because I recommended Growthink (and specifically Anna) to other prospects and customers that needed help figuring out their market, business, and strategy before being ready to move on to product development.

If you have the opportunity to work with her and Growthink, you’ll be better off for it.

Steve O'Brien

CEO - Noble Applications, LLC

Focus Works Inc

You and your team have done an outstanding job!

Everything you did was very thorough and professional. The timeline in which this was accomplished was also spectacular.

I want to particularly thank you for how well you revised my business plan, removing redundant and unnecessary data and improving the verbiage. This was a real plus.

Robert White, PhD

President - Focus Works Inc

Arganteal Corporation

Growthink helped us write our long form business plan and financial model. Antonio was our main contact and met our expectations over the course of the project.

He provided some useful supplemental research around our target market.

I would definitely use his services again for this type of project.

Steve Kelley

CEO - Arganteal Corporation
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Nexus Staff Inc.

The Growthink team was a pleasure to work with from day one.

They took the time to first listen and understand our growth strategy and then brought valuable insight to build on that strategy. They managed the timeline as promised and at the end of the day it helped us get funding to expand and grow.

Thank you – couldn’t of done it without you! I would recommend their expertise without hesitation.

Finn Varghese

Chief Executive - Nexus Staff Inc.

Crossover Solutions Inc

I worked with the Growthink team in the preparation of a comprehensive business and financial plan for my most recent venture.

They did a phenomenal effort in capturing the essence of the venture. The strategic plan, market analysis and financial model Antonio and his team prepared is a great tool for both internally and externally as I go through the capital raise process.

They did a great job in keeping our teams on point, and through a mutual determination he delivered a product I am proud to have my name on. I continue to receive positive comments on the business plan and the high degree of professionalism that is reflected in the plan.

I enjoyed collaborating with Antonio and Growthink and would enthusiastically recommend him to anyone.

Michael Forhan

President - Crossover Solutions Inc

Triclinium Inc.

Growthink has been instrumental in the development of my business concept and business plan.

Antonio has a unique ability to be creative yet grounded in the financial and organizational details necessary to build a successful business.

Antonio brings strong strategic and analytical thinking and personal dedication and integrity to the project. His network and connections have enabled me to build great momentum for my start-up.

I truly value his insight, advice and recommendations.

Craig DeWald

President and Founder - Triclinium Inc.
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Palio’s Licensing, LLC

I engaged Growthink with the purpose of business plan development for an M&A, but ended up getting so much more.

Anna was tasked to take on the challenge of working with me to develop a plan that required a great deal of nuance, and attention to detail. She exceeded every aspect of what I needed in this project. She showed incredible professionalism, and poise every time I presented a new challenge to the plan, and stepped up to the highest levels of creativity, knowledge, and expertise with all content, and all the financial models required to be communicated for this acquisition.

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Growthink is who I will turn to in the future, but it will be Anna and her team that I will count on; not only to ensure my projects are complete, but that those projects perform completely.

Chad Roberts

Vice President - Palio's Licensing, LLC

How’s Your Heart?

Back in November when we stepped into the Growthink office for the first time as four industry people who had a vision for a new company but no real blueprint to share with the business world.

On behalf of Chris, Rick and Tom, “Thank you, for your time, effort, consideration and attention to detail as we got started, seeing us through the holidays and making sure our final product reflects not only who we are but the work Growthink is committed to putting out in the world.”

While it took a bit longer and a few more hours and people than we all expected, we are happy with our final version and will be taking it out into meetings in the coming weeks.

Please pass our comments along to your colleagues and remind them on our behalf of your professionalism and your commitment to exceeding our expectations of excellent customer service.

Boise Thomas

Writer, Educator - How's Your Heart?


We engaged Growthnk to map Onboardia’s current assets and operations in view of our imminent fundraising. During the analysis, they identified a higher customer acquisition cost (CAC) with respect to our customer life-time value (LTV), which was posing critical challenges for both the fundraising and overall business profitability.

We then worked with Growthink to re-design Onboardia’s lead generation and customer acquisition processes, culminating in an actionable business plan that detailed tasks to be implemented in the short/medium run.

Antonio brought energy and passion to each of our meetings, while consistently providing technical inputs, industry best practices, and valuable introductions to potential customers/investors.

He demonstrated his efficiency and professionalism by scheduling frequent meetings and organized valuable follow-up sessions, each focusing on a specific plan of action for all members involved. Antonio made a challenging task understandable each step of the way, was extremely responsive and made the entire process a pleasure.

He has my confident recommendation and my full support. I look forward to working on my next project with Antonio!

Cathy A. Reilly

CEO & Founder - Onboardia
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I was very impressed with how quickly Growthink grasped our unique industry and business. In a short period of time, they completed research, a beautiful pitch deck and financial projections that we used in our Series A round, which closed successfully

Dallen Gietz


Sandel Medical Industries

In helping us prepare our business plan, Growthink showed a tremendous understanding of our issues and prepared an excellent business plan.

Dan Sandel

Founder & CEO

Marcus Katz

Anyone can write a business plan. But Growthink develops business plans that facilitate raising capital and building strong companies. That’s truly unique.

Marcus Katz

Founder & CEO
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Brand Velocity, Inc.

Our work with Growthink was very helpful for creating a business plan to focus our efforts in the short term and increase our value over the long term.

Jack Bergstrand


Seatech Consulting

Growthink was quick to mobilize their brainpower to prepare a sophisticated business plan for me. The end result was everything I envisioned.

Chairul Irawan


Gemini Pictures

Thank you for all of your assistance. You have a lot of integrity, do good work and deal straight up when there are problems.

Joan Sugerman

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Redux Beverages LLC

I wanted to take a moment to thank-you and your team for the incredible job on the Redux business plan.

It was an absolute breeze to work with you and would look forward to working with you again in the future.

Hannah Kirby


Bella Tierra Investments

Growthink took our ideas and put them into a business plan that fit with our objectives.

They also gave us ideas on how to better our strategies and streamline our procedures.

Holly Follows


Mundi Homes

It has been an absolute delight working with you and this is just the beginning in my relationship with Growthink.

I am very satisfied with my business plan and financial plan. Your work is outstanding.

Michael Mundi

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Reemak Mortgage Funding

Growthink wrote the business plan for my mortgage company. Their research work was very accurate, and the average sales, revenue and cash flow data prepared me to make realistic decisions.

They are a group of knowledgeable, committed and dedicated professionals who are with you during the process, and after.

Prem K. Kapani



Growthink provided ZeroChaos with very thorough market research on the Human Capital Management Space.

Their team was very responsive and helped us organize our thoughts in a business plan structure that expedited our quest for additional growth capital.

Growthink’s focus and persistence has been very valuable as our management team works to grow our revenue stream.

Mark Lowrey

Chairman and CEO

Cap of Change

Thank you for such a great experience, I have really enjoyed the education and professionalism from your team.

All of the research you put into this business plan has far exceeded my expectations and the eloquence you were able to communicate my idea is incredible.

I will be very proud to show this much better communicated version to everyone I present my idea to now whether they be partners, investors or members of the Cap community. Your expertise presenting a financially sustainable explanation is greatly appreciated because there was no way I could even attempt to fill in the first cell.

Again thank you to everyone at Growthink for helping us along in our journey and helping us getting closer to our goal.

Emiliano Sanchez


Southern Beauty Magazine

Our experience with Growthink on the formulation of a new business plan for our magazine was a very smooth process.

From our initial contact, we felt confident that we were working with the right company and with the right people.

We believe that Growthink’s standard of excellence does not change from one client to the other and we would certainly welcome the opportunity to work with Growthink again.

The team was always extremely attentive to the needs of our company, as well as, being readily available to answer any and all questions that we had over the subsequent weeks. Their professionalism and candor made a potentially stressful undertaking an unusually pleasant experience.

Shannon Lindsay


Rock Bottom Property

We’d be happy to share our great experience working with Growthink.

It has been incredible working with you — the level of professionalism has been outstanding, excellent communication, we just really clicked with you guys.

You are very smart, you’re excellent at what you do, and bottom-line you delivered. Thanks again.

Jillian Donatelli


Wishcruise Navy

I want to thank Growthink’s staff for what I, and others, believe is an outstanding Business Plan

I found Growthink’s staff to be patient, cooperative, understanding, and responsive to my specific and unique wants and needs.

What I got was far better than I ever imagined!

Chuck Foster

Fleet Admiral/Flagship Captain

Bolzano Leather

Business is a consortium of many different attributes; intensity, intelligence, and execution.

The Growthink team provides the nexus within these values and any business endeavor.

Their knowledge base is keen and their solid judgment invaluable. Total professionals and very thorough.

Frankie Caamano



The Growthink team was extremely professional and organized.

I was particularly impressed with the speed at which they learned the intricacies of our business and our target markets.

Ron Sanders

VP Product Management

Art Asylum

The Growthink group was very easy to work with and took the time to understand our business and needs carefully.

I was surprised at how quickly they picked up the nuances of our business and were able to communicate our thoughts into an organized structure that has helped jump start our future plans.

Adam Unger


At Bread Boutique

Working with Growthink has been an absolute pleasure. In our first meeting you seemed to understand what my company stands for and how to portray it by developing a business plan for us.

The research you did is invaluable to me understanding my business’ needs and surrounding environment.

You were all friendly, professional and willing to help. Looking forward to working with you again in the future.

Gelareh Azarbakhsh


Trilogy Software

Growthink was a wonderful experience for our company.

Right from the first phone call, they were attentive, professional and asked the correct questions in assessing what we required.

Growthink’s staff were wonderful to work with, quick to learn about our business, and we were very happy with the final document that was produced.

Vishal Badiani



Thank you very much for all of your hard work.

We are very pleased with the final result of the business plan and the PowerPoint – say congratulations on a job well done and that you can use us a reference for any future clients.

We will definitely look to utilize Growthink’s services in the future as we build our company

Bryan Langslet



When you’re underwater, and resource-constrained, like most startups, Growthink can be a valuable partner to help you progress in areas like organizing and developing the business plan and pursuing funding.

We found Growthink to be strong not only with the assigned projects, but also the extra things needed to get a company off the ground, and not always specifically laid out in the assignment – networking for advisors, funding sources, potential partners.

Their service can be a well-managed extension of your own human resources. The people at Growthink care about their work and are very “hands-on”.

We used them for more than one of our startups.

Marc Junkunc


Perceptions Entertainment

I wanted to personally thank you for all of your hard work and dedication in developing the Broadway Remix business plan and the long awaited financial plan for our project.

We finally have the final and revised financial plan to date and will send it to everyone this coming Monday. Once I walk everyone through the document we will all realize the tremendous amount of research that was involved over the course of the last 3 months to prepare this document.

It is extraordinary and thank you to Growthink for a job well done.

Jason Seto

Managing Partner

My Global Playground, LLC

Utilizing Growthink’s team in developing our business plan and most importantly our financial model was instrumental to our successful launch and ability to compete in an extremely competitive market.

Their accredited and knowledgeable team proved and still proves to be valuable asset to our company.

Joyce Kohn


FryBrid Cars

Rather than the typical client/vendor relationship I’m used to, Growthink has been more like a strategic partner and trusted advisor.

Not only did they provide me with a dynamic business plan but they have given me invaluable advice and feedback along the way.

They have exceeded my expectations in every way possible during this exciting but uncertain time of starting & ultimately growing my business.

Jerry D. Erickson


ClearPortal Corporation

Growthink provided more than just business planning and consulting services. They were able to provide and deliver strategic thinking, diligent research, and detailed industry insight.

I consider Growthink to be more than just a high quality business consulting firm, I consider Growthink to be a long term business partner and external extension of my business.

Jessy Gonzalez


Information Manufacturing Corporation

Growthink enabled Information Manufacturing Corporation to complete our business plan with minimal impact to our most valuable asset — time.

Growthink will continue to be an important contributor to our business team as we continue to evolve our approach to attracting the investment community.

Robert Hytner


Cyroport Systems

Growthink provided insights and direction concerning the capitalization and growth of our new start-up company.

They did so in a very responsive and professional manner.

I would recommend their services to entrepreneurs in need of expert consultation in growing new businesses.

Dennis Miller

Director of Marketing


The Growthink team took our thoughts and ideas and transformed them into a well researched, operationally sound, top notch business plan.

Most importantly, they kept us involved in the process and challenged us to build a better business model.

I have and would recommend Growthink to any business.

John Gumersell Jr.


Putts Golf Pro Shot

Your team has done a really excellent job with preparing our business plan; you by far exceeded all expectations.

It is everything we envisioned when we reached out to your company.

Your professionalism, detailed eye, and creativity really has put an excitement in us knowing that we can go to any bank with extreme confidence.

We have received feedback from our team advisors/consultants and they are “bubbling” with excitement, ready to move to the next stage of this process, to the banks!!!

You have provided us legs with which to stand to see the vision come within a ‘hands reach’.

Ty D. & Phil S.


Freeballer Surfwear

I would again like to say how much I enjoyed the experience of working with your company.

Professional, punctual, patience with a sense of humor, articulate and above all just plain friendly would be my description of your performance.

You made me feel like my plan was very important to you and Growthink. I tend to place my own expectations on others, a fault perhaps – rarely do they succeed, but you did. I have a feeling of satisfaction that this process was well worth every dollar spent and every hour worked.

Karl Harmon


Telverse Communications

Just a quick note to thank you for helping us get started.

We have come along way since last June and wanted to thank you for helping us get up and running with a business plan and some initial industry contacts.

My personal feeling is that the Growthink team was extremely professional and organized in managing our engagement, and quite creative and concerned regarding ideas on how to grow my business.

If you ever need any help please feel free to call me. You can also use me as a reference account to new prospective customers.

Matt Collier

President & CEO

Laptop Mini Mart

Without Growthink’s professional help, we would never have been able to create an effective business plan.

Growthink not only did deep research on our business environment, but its representatives also listened to us and refined their analysis to include what we had found out through experience.

We would recommend Growthink to any start-up business which does not have a professional business plan developer on staff!

Howard M. Brown



Thank you all for going the extra mile as I’m very pleased with the quality of service, careful research, the attention you provided and the commendable job each one you performed during this whole process.

The final product is phenomenal and I sincerely appreciate every second of hard work that was put into it.

As a truly satisfied customer I’ve recommended Growthink to others and I want to thank you again for your invaluable assistance.

Anthony Bailey


Prosperity Influx, LLC

I am writing you to let you know how pleased I am with the business plan that the Growthink team has delivered for my real estate business.

Growthink was very effective at working with me and understanding my goals of being in business in order to devise a detailed plan that would capture the vision that I had set forth for myself and my business.

I would highly recommend working with Mr. Jetley as he is very knowledgeable and was always accommodating throughout the planning and writing process in order to make sure that I was highly satisfied every step of the way with the final outcome of my business plan.

I would do business with Growthink again if ever there were a time presenting itself in the future and I would highly recommend his services and that of Growthink to other entrepreneurs who seek business savvy support throughout starting up a business.

Thank you for a job well done!!!

Sean Sydnor



I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who has been working on the project, for all your efforts, support and progress, on such a fantastic finished product.

Myself and Cathy are extremely happy with it and it’s genuinely been a real pleasure working with you all.

We will stay in touch and hopefully we can work together again soon on other areas of Seekedout moving forward.

Thanks and we’ll speak soon.

Adam & Cathy

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Grill Town Burger

My wife and I have been working with Growthink in order to help us prepare a industry standard Business and Financial Plan.

Now that the final draft is complete, we want to say thank you to everyone at Growthink who helped create such a complete and well crafted Business Plan.

Not only were we blown away by the finished product, but also by the courteous, friendly and professional demeanor expressed to us by both Mr Chau, Mr Rubaloff and their team, making the whole process such an enjoyable and pleasant experience.

We will have no hesitation in recommending you to any prospective business entrepreneur who’s looking for some much needed help and guidance along the way. Wow, what a great staff you have Mr Lavinsky!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we will continue to keep you in the loop as to how things progress from here.

Grant & Christina Owen


Air Del Mar, Inc

We are currently in the due diligence phase with an investor group that Jeff Jones of Growthink arranged. Jeff is our representative and he has been amazing.

He has guided us with sound advice and mentoring. If there were areas of the process that we didn’t understand he has always been available to explain and help us through.

Many people in the commercial lending arena don’t want to spend the time, they usually just want your money and your exec. summary.

Growthink is a full-service business, representing you through the whole process – very important value-added service.

We’ve been very impressed with the professionalism and kindness that Growthink, and especially Jeff Jones, has shown us in the rather complicated world of commercial financing.

Debra Soto


Nerve Brands

When I first came to Growthink, I had a great idea but I was unsure of how to turn it into a business.

Growthink did more than just write a business plan for me. They educated me. They taught me how to take my idea and make it successful.

Kishan Bhoopalam