4/9/2021 Tip: Why Your Company’s Potential Size Matter

Today’s Quote

“A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them.”
~ John C. Maxwell


Today’s Tip

When seeking venture capital, your company’s potential size matters.

Specifically, VCs like to see that your company has significant market potential of $50 million, $100 million or more. Now, you might think that if a venture capitalist invested $100K in your company and got back $1 million (a 10X return) that they would be happy.

This is not the case. This is because venture capitalists like to be “hands on” on their investments and help the companies they fund (called “portfolio companies”). And since each partner in the venture capital firm can only nurture so many portfolio companies, they want to invest in fewer companies, each of which can provide not only a 10X return, but a check of $50 million or more when it reaches liquidity.


Today’s Resource

Why 91.2% of Companies Fail to Raise Venture Capital

Do you need funding to grow your business?

On this page, I reveal my proven strategy to raise $1 million (or more) from venture capitalists.

When you go there, you’ll learn why the old way of raising venture capital no longer works and most companies fail to raise VC funding.

And more importantly, I’ll show you what IS working today.

How to Raise Venture Capital <– 



Today’s Question: How much was the initial funding invested in Dell Computers?

Previous Question: According to a national survey, what is the most productive day of the work week?

Answer: Tuesday

A national study of office managers by Accountemps, an employment agency, determined that managers found the highest employee productivity on Tuesdays. 

Monday is considered second in “productivity value.” Only 9% of office managers think Wednesday is the peak productivity day. And only 5% believe it is Thursday. Friday didn’t rank at all. 48% of the managers polled said that Tuesday is, by far, the most productive day of the week.

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