Webinar: Thursday, September 25th at 4 pm PT / 7 pm ET

What Super Angels Know about Investing and What You Should Too

Jay Turo

Earlier this year, Facebook acquired virtual reality headset maker Occulus VR for approximately $2.24 billion.

Among the investors were Peter Thiel and Sean Parker, of PayPal and Napster fame, who through their VC The Founder’s Fund had invested $16 million into the Occulus at a $31 million pre-money valuation.

Upon Facebook’s purchase of the company and correspondingly of their shares, that position is now worth more than $740 million, or a return of close to 50X on their invested capital.

How did they do this?

What selection strategies do they utilize to identify companies with this kind of return potential?

Well, attend this webinar to find out.

On it, I will share:

- Why the majority of investors presented the opportunity to invest in Occulus declined to do so

- How Thiel and Parker and their fund partners diligenced the deal and decided to invest in Occulus instead of dozens of virtual reality technologies then and now in the marketplace

- How Big Data and Black Swan portfolio theory and modeling were critical to their valuation analysis on the deal

- How today’s booming IPO and deal market is affecting (positively and negatively) the technology deal marketplace

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Webinar Date: Thursday, September 25th at 4 pm PT / 7 pm ET

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"It was clear and easy to understand, even for people like me who don't have much background in financial analysis. Very interesting figures on the returns on tech-driven companies vs. other types of companies (no doubt it was extremely time consuming to compile all that info). Also very interesting to hear how the Internet has changes research on early stage companies and the sophistication possible now in the analytics."

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