Why Dunkin Donuts is So Successful

Written By Dave Lavinsky
Dunkin Donuts logo

A few months ago a Dunkin Donuts opened up less than a quarter mile from our office.

Not good.

I mean, do we really need another unhealthy temptation?

Now, interestingly, I have to drive by it EVERY time I go to get my lunch. Fortunately, my lunch is a healthy salad from the organic supermarket just a little further up the road.

So, as you can see, I try to eat really healthy every day. And I exercise 5-6 times/week.

So, I told everyone in my office that I would never visit the new Dunkin Donuts.

But then last Sunday morning, I had to drop my kids off somewhere, and found myself driving by the Dunkin Donuts. I hadn’t had coffee or my morning breakfast, so I decided to give it a try.

The good news is that I ordered their egg white sandwich on flatbread, which seemed pretty healthy. So, I’m glad that the donut temptation didn’t get the best of me.

But the most important thing about my trip was what I saw when I was waiting for my sandwich to be made.

Here’s what I saw on the counter of the Dunkin Donuts:

pile of Manager's Red Book at Dunkin Donuts

In case the image came out fuzzy, it reads: “Manager’s Red Book: Systems Log/Product Handling.”

And hopefully you can see just how thick these series of books are. I’d estimate that we’re looking at 500 to 750 pages.

So, why am I pointing this out? Because this is Dunkin Donuts’ operations manuals. These are the books that allow Dunkin Donuts to operate 9,700 locations in 31 countries, with consistency.

Imagine that…having a set of operations policies that allow you to set up shop, hire people, train people, provide customer service, create products, etc. in nearly 10,000 places, that operate WITHOUT your involvement.

That’s entrepreneurial heaven!!!

The key is this – setting up operational systems allows companies to effectively grow. They allow you to perform with precision and consistency. They allow you to better train new employees. And perhaps most importantly, they allow your business to grow without you.

So you can 1) stop fighting daily fires, 2) actually take some time off, 3) focus on the big strategic issues that will build real value in your business, and 4) create a business that someone wants to buy for a lot of money. Since nobody wants to buy a business that will fall apart when you decide to leave.


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