Top 3 Questions About Marketing Your Business Online


Recently, I polled my subscribers about online marketing.

I asked, "What is your #1 question about marketing your business online?"

I was thrilled to receive so many responses.  Thanks for everyone who participated in the survey!

There was a good amount of variety among all the questions, but after reading through them and categorizing them, there were some definite patterns.  Actually, 3 big questions accounted for about half of all the responses.

Here are the top 3 questions, and my answers:

FAQ #1: "How Can I Drive Targeted Traffic to My Website?"


FAQ #2: "How Can I Get Return on Investment (ROI)?"


FAQ #3: "What's the Best Way to Get Started?"


Marketing your business online can be very overwhelming because there are so many options and so much to learn. I hope my answers have helped to "demystify" online marketing for you, and that you have a clearer idea of how to go forward.  

In the coming weeks, I'll be providing more content as we get ready to release our new training program.

Do you have any remaining questions about online marketing? Or comments about my answers? Please share your comments below. 



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Eddie Morris says

This is very helpful. I'm starting to market my business online. I've been trying a few things, but nothing is really working all that well. Your videos were very helpful. I"m going to start doing this right away. Look forward to learning more. Thanks!!!
Posted at 10:41 am
Joe says

Thanks Dave. The big question I have is how do I design my website to convert? I'm working with a company who is going to create my website and I want to make sure I don't screw this up. Can you give any more advice to someone who is just about to create a website to make sure the website will convert? Thanks!
Posted at 10:52 am
Ross says

thanks for the videos. they were helpful. but how can i do this effectively on a limited budget?
Posted at 11:04 am
philfrost says

Joe - the golden rule of website design is to adhere to the principle of "Don't Make Me Think", which means don't make your visitors think when they are on your website. If you confuse a potential customer with too many options, then he/she will click the Back button and go to your competitor. So make it obvious what you want the customer to do on your website with a clear "Call to Action." Depending on your business, you may want the customer to call you, to complete an order form, or to give you their email address in return for more information. Regardless of the action, make it clear and eliminate any unnecessary elements on the page.
Posted at 12:48 pm
Dave Lavinsky says

Ross, Good question. You can definitely do this on a limited budget. The key is to start small. Start by doing keyword research. Choose a bunch of "long tail" keywords that seem to be ideal for the product or service you are selling. Advertise on those keywords and closely monitor the results (make sure you have Google Analytics and Conversion tracking installed). Figure out which keywords are profitable and then build on them.
Posted at 1:00 pm
Lisa Rogers says

Useful - and they were my top 3 questions too !
Posted at 5:47 am
Dating in Wales says

Educational - and will certainly help me. Good to see you don't need a huge budget to make this stuff work.
Posted at 6:42 am

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