Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) Mistakes

Far too many businesses fail to raise capital because they lack the proper documentation, or because their marketing and offering materials (business plans, private placement memorandum,  investor presentations) are unprofessional, unpersuasive, inadequate or incomplete.

If you are raising capital from multiple private (“angel”) investors, a private placement memorandum (PPM) is a necessary part of your documentation.  Unfortunately, however, the vast majority of entrepreneurs and business owners are not familiar with details of preparing a private placement memorandum and marketing a private placement offering.  In too many instances, this lack of knowledge prevents them from raising necessary capital, or — even worse — it can create costly liability problems.

To assist entrepreneurs, download our private placement memorandum template which allows you to develop a professional PPM in hours or days, not weeks or months.

Some common questions answered when you click include:
– When do you need a private placement memorandum to raise capital?
– What types of disclosures must be made in a PPM?
– How can you market a private offering, while retaining a Regulation D exemption?
– What types of intermediaries and “finders” can promote a private offering?
– What types of investors can participate in a private placement?
– What are your options for preparing a private placement memorandum?
– How often should you edit or update a PPM?

Click here to download: Private Placement Memorandum Template

If you are seeking professional assistance with your PPM, Growthink offers professional private placement memorandum writing and consulting services.

Or, once again, if you’re writing your PPM yourself, you can use our Private Placement Memorandum Template to finish your PPM quickly and easily, so that you spend less time “preparing,” and more time speaking with investors.