August 2022 Venture Growth Funding Recap

Written By Dave Lavinsky
august venture capital funding recap 2022

Growthink Capital Research tracked $4.95 billion in new venture funding in August 2022, compared to $6.4 billion in July. 

The month’s biggest funding event belonged to Celonis ($1000 million) an execution management system that analyzes and optimizes digital business processes to serve production, human resources, and logistics industries.

Ten companies raised $100 million or more in August. Other than Celonis, the 9 companies which raised the most are as follows:

  1. Orna Therapeutics ($221 million) a biotechnology company that designs and delivers a new class of fully engineered circular RNA therapeutics for the treatment of diseases.
  2. Guesty ($170 million) a cloud-based property management software for short-term vacation rentals that helps in communications with the target audience, collects payments, and coordinates with the staff to enhance real estate management.
  3. HiBob ($150 million) a cloud-based human resource and benefits platform that transforms the way modern businesses understand, interact and manage their talent. 
  4. Fervo Energy ($138 million) a proprietary clean energy technology that generates power from enhanced geothermal systems making geothermal more scalable.
  5. Alma ($130 million) a co-working platform that allows healthcare providers to collaborate with coaches and wellness professionals and offers a suite of tools to enhance efficiency by leveraging the benefits of a collaborative community.
  6. Landing ($125 million) an online marketplace that offers access to the global network of fully finished apartments and all-inclusive amenities, enabling customers to easily move without having to deal with messy leases or approvals.
  7. Senda Biosciences ($123 million) therapeutic applications for novel treatments of human disease, helping medical professionals with novel medicines and delivery solutions.
  8. Afresh ($115 million) a fresh-first supply chain platform that handles the complexity of perishable categories for brick and mortar retailers and wholesalers. 
  9. Overtime ($100 million) a sports content publisher that empowers athletes to use sports videos to edit and amplify with music and text to create their own highlights and share them with friends.


The hottest sectors for funding during the month were A.I./Machine Learning, HealthTech, Business/Productivity Software, Cybersecurity, and BioTech.

Key funding events in each of these sectors for the month are below:

  1. A.I./Machine Learning deals included Digital Diagnostics ($75 million), Modulate ($30 million), Lily AI ($25 million), PreciTaste ($24 million), MarqVision ($20 million), Kasisto ($15.5 million), Sync Computing ($15.5 million), Qloo ($15 million), Expedock ($13.5 million), Mobot ($12.5 million), OpenSpace ($9 million), Viavia ($8 million), and ($6 million).
  2. HealthTech deals included Happy Health ($60 million), MedMinder ($35 million), Annexus Health ($33 million), Motivo Health ($14 million), Atropos Health ($14 million), Olio Health ($13 million), Abridge ($12.5 million), Naborforce ($9 million), Power ($7 million), and Trial Library ($5 million).
  3. Business/Productivity Software deals included Celonis ($1000 million), Gorgias ($30 million), Goldcast ($28 million), HyperTrack ($25 million), RegScale ($20 million), Pogo ($14.8 million), PushPress ($11 million), EvaBot ($10.8 million), and Pace ($5 million).
  4. Cybersecurity deals included Nightfall AI  ($40 million), ThreatX ($30 million), Cybrary ($25 million), Ghost Security ($15 million), Zilla Security ($13.5 million), SynSaber ($13 million), Satellite IM ($10.5 million), Lumu ($8 million), and Outpost ($7.1 million).
  5. BioTech deals included Orna Therapeutics ($221 million), Senda Biosciences ($123 million), Aktis Oncology ($84 million), 3T Biosciences ($40 million), Think Bioscience ($17 million), Regenacy Pharmaceuticals ($9.3 million), and Differentiated Therapeutics ($5 million).


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