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The Great Global Economic Boom


A feature story in this week's Fortune Magazine presents the case that we are right now living in the greatest global economic boom ever. A few salient statistics from the article drives the point home:
  • World GDP growth averaged 4.9% from 2003 to 2007 on a total GDP of over $36 trillion (!). To put this number in perspective, right now GDP annual growth is approximately $1.8 trillion, or an amount greater than the entire annual economic output of France, the world's 8th largest economy.

Management Buyouts in Today's Environment


Frothy private equity markets and the desperate need of financial and strategic financiers/acquirers to identify and incentive-ize quality management partners have combined to create a heightened interest in management buyouts (MBOs). An MBO is a form of leveraged buyout (LBO) used to transfer all or part of the ownership of a company to the individuals with the primary operational responsibilities for the enterprise. Both debt and equity investors are particularly interested in financing MBO because of the three "I's":


The State of America's Economic Leadership


The 4th of July is a traditional time to reflect upon and be grateful for the freedom and prosperity of American life, culture, and its economy. American capitalism - the greatest wealth-creating engine in the history of the world - remains despite stresses - the envy of the world in its ability to encourage and reward innovation and new business models. From the airline industry to biotechnology to the Internet, the great growth businesses of the 21st century are led and will continue to be led by American business.

The Coming IPO Torrent


According to Dealogic, the value of tech companies waiting to go public has quadrupled -- from $1.1 billion in January 2006 to $4.7 billion in 2007. This build-up is being driven by a number of factors -- the NASDAQ composite index being up over 16% since May 2006, the number of filings by private tech companies being up 31% in the first 3 months of 2007 over the comparable period in 2006, and perhaps most importantly, the fact that technology IPOs in 2006 returned an average of 37% over their offering prices (renaissance Capital).

India as Threat and Opportunity


According to this month's Red Herring magazine, India's software industry is growing at an average rate of 28 percent a year, with revenues for the 2006-7 fiscal year topping $47.8 billion, up nearly tenfold from 1998. Close to two-thirds of this total represents exports -- namely Indian software firms selling products and services to overseas customers.

Promises-Based Management


An article in the April 2007 issue of the Harvard Business Review discusses one of the biggest challenges in managing and growing a 21st century business -- namely getting business stakeholders (employees, clients, partners, and vendors) -- to actually do/deliver upon what they promise.

The article has a number of incredibly salient points for the modern manager/entrepreneur, including:

The Pentamillionaires


A great article on outlines the path to wealth of the majority of the nation's pentamillionaires -- those with net worths of greater than $5 million.

Limited Partners Put the Heat on Venture Capitalists


In a recent New York Times article entitled Some Unrest Is Bubbling Beneath the Top Tier author Matt Richtell shares a key issue faced by venture capital firms -- satisfying limited partners.

Limited partners are the firms that invest billions of dollars in venture capital firms so that they can then invest in high-growth ventures.

Words That Work


Words That Work is an interesting new book by Dr. Frank Luntz. The premise of the book is that the way words are used can influence and motivate the way people connect thought and emotion, and thus influence them to take desired actions. These principles can be used for new and emerging ventures to attract customers, investors, partners, and to better manage employees.
In the book, Dr. Luntz discusses ten rules of words:

Flat Daddies


Flat Daddies is undoubtedly a cool new company.

Flat Daddies are full-size printed posters of parents who are serving overseas in the military. Flat Daddies (or Flat Mommies) are free to children who are directly affected by the military deployment of a parent. Others can purchase them for $49.50.

The free Flat Daddies are supported by donations from individuals, companies and organizations, and anyone can donate money on their website at

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