8 Cool Companies Who Just Raised Venture Capital


I've been traveling a bit lately and haven't kept up as much as usual on all the companies who recently raised venture capital.

With what I do (helping companies raise venture capital among other things), it's really important that I stay abreast of trends in venture capital - who's raising money, from whom, and in what amount.

But also, I like looking at all the new companies who raised VC since oftentimes they are pretty cool. Here are some of the cool companies that raised VC within the past few weeks:

1. Click Forensics (they just changed their name to Adometry, http://www.adometry.com) provides online advertising analytics and online fraud detection services (protection against paying for "fake" clicks on your pay-per-click ads). Very cool company. But I have to be honest that this wasn't the most interesting company who just raised venture capital. But I put it at the top of the list because Adometry is a Growthink client. So, I'm highly biased and thrilled that our client just raised more funding. Click Forensics/Adometry raised $1 million from Austin Ventures, Sierra Ventures, Stanford University and Shasta Ventures.

2. RelayRides (http://www.relayrides.com) is the world's first neighbor-to-neighbor carsharing service. The company enables car owners to lend out their private vehicles to their neighbors by providing the insurance and technology to make the transaction safe, convenient, and easy. RelayRides raised $5.1 million from August Capital and Google Ventures (I'm not sure how it fits with Google Ventures, but maybe Google is up to something very new).

3. Rovio (http://www.rovio.com) is a Finnish gaming company and developer of the Angry Birds game. Note: my 8 year old daughter introduced me to Angry Birds a few weeks ago; it's pretty addictive and I don't like that she's better than it than me :)  Rovio raised $42 million from Accel Partners, Atomico Ventures and Felicis Ventures (note: once you show some success, VCs are prone to throw LOTS of money at you).

4. SpareFoot.com (http://www.sparefoot.com) is a website that allows you to compare self storage facilities that are near you. Just enter your zip code and you'll see a map with all the local self storage facilities and their rates and specials. While this may not be interesting to people who aren't interested in self-storage right now, I thought it was cool that an entrepreneur jumped on this opportunity.

I have a friend who is perhaps the leading consultant in the self-storage industry and I know how critical it is to get new customers. This website could become a key way for self storage companies to get new customers. This model (show buyers all of their options and compare them) has been used in several industries, and there are probably many more opportunities to launch the model in new industries. SpareFoot.com raised $1.5 million form Silverton Partners, Floodgate and Capital Factory.

5. Credit Sesame (http://www.creditsesame.com) helps individuals better manage their credit by finding better loan and credit opportunities, monitoring your credit score, and offering other tools to help people save money. Credit Sesame raised $6.5 million from Menlo Ventures and Inventus Capital.

6. DailyBooth (http://www.dailybooth.com) is a social network that lets users share photos in real-time. Users take photos of themselves with their computers' cameras and then share them, along with a caption. DailyBooth raised $6 million from Ignition Partners and Sequoia Capital.

7. Group Commerce (http://www.groupcommerce.com) is a Groupon competitor with a spin to it. It allows publishers (e.g., websites that get a fair amount of traffic) to promote (and profit from) group-buying opportunities. So rather than the deal being promoted by Groupon, it can be promoted by a publisher like the NY Times (and much smaller publishers too). Group Commerce raised $8 million from Spark Capital, Carmel Ventures, Lerer Media Ventures, and an individual angel investor.

8. GrubHub (http://www.grubhub.com) is a website that allows you to find local restaurants who deliver, and then order food from them online. GrubHub raised $20 million from DAG Ventures and Benchmark Capital.

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