Nonprofit Business Plan Template & Guide [Updated 2024]

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Nonprofit Marketing Plan

A nonprofit must have a strong marketing plan in order to reach its targeted customers. Base your marketing plan on the four P’s: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. Your Product section includes every item, service, or program you provide. Price details the costs of everything you sell. Place is your physical location, web presence, and/or third-party distribution channels. Promotion is how you will get people to buy your products and services and donate to your cause.

With regards to promotions, document the promotional tactics you will use such as the following:

  • distributing flyers
  • email marketing
  • advertising in print and online (specifying specific media outlets you will use)
  • social media posting
  • email marketing
  • building, managing and promoting your website
  • partnerships with other organizations
  • hosting community events