Coffee Shop Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Coffee Shop Company Overview

In your company analysis, you will detail the type of coffee shop you are operating.

For example, you might operate one of the following types:

  1. Take-Out or Drive Through: this type of coffee shop doesn’t have seating and is mostly visited by customers looking to grab a coffee on their way to work or elsewhere.
  2. Café: this type of coffee shop typically has a more formal setting and will serve coffee and food such as pancakes, baguette sandwiches, pastries, and desserts.
  3. Hipster Coffee Shop: this type of coffee shop often targets locals who are looking to lounge in a relaxed space with music, WiFi and good coffee.
  4. Traditional Coffee Shop: the traditional coffee shop serves baked goods and multiple coffee drinks in a relaxed, cool atmosphere.

In addition to explaining the type of coffee shop you operate, the Company Analysis section of your business plan needs to provide background on the business.

Include answers to question such as:

  1. When and why did you start the business?
  2. What milestones have you achieved to date? Milestones could include sales goals you’ve reached, new store openings, etc.
  3. Your legal structure. Are you incorporated as an S-Corp? An LLC? A sole proprietorship? Explain your legal structure here.