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Cafe Business Plan Outline

The business plan for your cafe should follow a standard structure. To distinguish yourself, make sure you have the best and clearest writing within each section. Playing with the outline structure itself in order to stand out is not recommended. The outline is tried-and-true way to communicate your business to investors and lenders.

Executive Summary: Generally written last, this is an overview of the main points of the entire business plan to come.

Company Overview: The basic description, history, and products and services of your cafe, whether it exists already or is only a concept at this point.

Industry Analysis: This includes market statistics and trends that will impact your success, including an overview of the cafe and coffee service industries as a whole.

Customer Analysis: This is a clear description of the demographics of the target market or markets you will serve.

Competitive Analysis: This is not just a description of competitors, but an explanation of how your cafe will create an advantage within this competitive situation.

(TIP: No reader will believe "we have no competitors." They will either find you naive and defining competition too narrowly or believe there is not enough of an opportunity to start a cafe in your market if no one has been successful before.)

Marketing Plan: Describes the brand you will attempt to create with your cafe, your promotions strategy and your pricing strategy. Promotions and pricing should relate to the customer and competitive analysis described earlier.

Business Operation Plan : This details some of the inner workings of the company, including what functional roles you will have to fill, such as counter sales, bookkeeping, procurement and logistics, marketing, and overall management. It also details the timeline of the launch with key milestones in the launch and startup process and an idea of when they will be achieved by.

Management Team: This section should include relevant descriptions of the team you have assembled, including yourself if you will be an active manager, as well as the hiring plan for who will need to be added for the cafe to function.

Financial Plan: The financial plan offers a narrative description of the highlights of the projections you have created, including the revenue and cost drivers, the capital requirements for the cafe and their specific uses, key assumptions and a summary of your financial forecasts.

Appendices: These should include complete short-term financial statements broken down at least quarterly and longer-term statements on an annual basis, as well as other documents which further support the case for your business like letters of support from partners or community members, or evidence of the experience of management team members.

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Jeffrey Ullman
Founder & CEO
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