Sarah Nishimoto Headshot

Sarah Nishimoto

Sarah Nishimoto is an analytical and detail-oriented business analyst with years of experience writing compelling business plans and performing in-depth market research. Sarah has written hundreds of business plans for companies from various geographic regions and developmental stages, from local startups and small businesses to large, established international enterprises. She is experienced in crafting business plans and market reports for clients from a diverse range of locales, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Nigeria, Poland, the United Kingdom, and the United States, and numerous industries, including agriculture, beauty, construction, education, entertainment, food and beverage, healthcare, hospitality, security, pet care, real estate, renewable energy, retail, technology, telecommunications, and more.

Sarah enjoys delving into every facet of a business to create a tailored narrative that hones in on the company’s strengths to leave a lasting impression on potential investors while serving as a functional business blueprint for strategic decision-making as company goals evolve.

Sarah has an MBA in Entrepreneurship and a Bachelor of Science in Education.