Foursquare? A Bakery?


Picasso once famously said, “Work is the Ultimate Seduction.”

Well, when it comes to the debt we all owe the world’s entrepreneurs and innovators, we should all thank our lucky stars that he was right.

Why? Because never before in human history has there been as much opportunity to make as much money as fast as there is right now.

This fact may be hard for many to see – blinded as they are by the constant drumbeat of negativity that passes as economic news these days, but it is true.

Here’s why:

1. Today’s Startups grow faster and with less investment needed than ever before. Google’s growth velocity blew away that of Microsoft’s. Facebook that of Google. Twitter that of Facebook. And now Groupon and a host of others that of Twitter.

Sure, these new breed Internet companies far more often than not flame out than make it but, but ignore them at your peril as they will continue to be the big growth stories of our age.

2. Growing Globally Has Never Been Easier.
The teapot dictators in Iran and North Korea may get all the ink, but it is the Chinese, Indian, and Brazilian technocrats with their quiet defense of free markets and trade that make hay.

And it is they, by leading their once developing economies into huge import markets, that have made America’s service exports – scientific, engineering, financial – be in greater demand worldwide than at any time, ever.

U.S. Companies are generating, on average, close to $50 billion per month in service export revenues, and this number is trending up fast.

And unlike our huge “hard goods” trade deficit, the value of service exports is running on average 40% greater than that of service imports.

3. Who Needs the Stock Market? Someday soon we will talk about the New York Stock Exchange the same way we do about travel agencies, real estate agents, and going to the racetrack to place a wager. Maybe with nostalgia, but also saying how the heck did we ever get by doing things so inefficiently?

Traditional public markets, with their arcane pricing and regulatory mechanisms simply can’t keep up with the new speed of information.

Look at it this way – who does a better job of market-making – your Power Seller on eBay with their thousands of reliability comments and cutthroat pricing competition…

…Or your pot-bellied 70-year old NYSE specialist signing out at 1 pm in the West, vacationing in the Hamptons, and who thinks Foursquare is a bakery?

Yes, the future that is here now is investing the same way you buy over-stocked tube socks.  On fully efficient, 100% transparent, and vigilantly monitored buying and selling private exchanges like Second Market,, and Lending Club. 

And soon to be here, via even more liquid and efficient exchanges like eBay and Amazon Marketplace.

Scary, you say? Maybe, but anymore than the way things are done now?

I don’t know about you, but I’ll take my chances on eBay as opposed to the unholy alliance of hedge fund speculators, the plaintiff’s bar, and the fatigue inducing regulatory scheme that passes as vibrant public markets these days.

And oh yeah, nobody has made a dime in those public markets than the above parties in eleven long years.

Luckily for all of us, their time has past.

For this is the age of the global entrepreneur. Those whose hearts are fully seduced by their work.

They are the ones who really run things now. And they are both all around us, and all around the world.

Back the best of them wherever and however you find them.

And you and the world will be richer for it.

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