10/9/2021 Tip: Your Own Limits?

Today’s Quote

“Try, try, try, and keep on trying is the rule that must be followed to become an expert in anything.”
~W. Clement Stone


Today’s Tip

Today I will present you with the final 5 common obstacles to business growth. Mark any that might be affecting you and/or your business so you can improve them:

  1. Bad Environment – Dark, messy, cluttered or cramped premises do your business a grave injustice. Cleaning or changing your office can be the shot in the arm required for growth, creativity, and motivation. As the saying goes “you are a product of your environment.”
  2. Fear of Success – It is more common to hear about fear of failure. Fear of success is just as real, but a lot more subtle. Are you hesitant to pitch your product to the biggest buyer in town because you would have to double production? This fear can prevent you from doing what is required to succeed.
  3. Lack of Trust – Trust is vital for any business to prosper. A business without trust is like a house divided against itself. It can only fall apart. You need to trust your team, partners, vendors, and even customers. If you don’t, you will constantly worry, and make decisions that can inhibit your company’s growth.
  4. Poor Communication – When communication is ineffective, this can pose a serious blockage in any business. Information, feelings, images and desires all have to be conveyed accurately for communication to be effective. Clear communication is vital for people to pull efforts and resources in the same direction.
  5. Your Own Limits – How successful do you think you can be? Can you be the next Warren Buffet? Bill Gates? Oprah Winfrey? Have you decided that you are happy with 10 sales a month? Why? What about 15 sales? When setting goals, don’t rely solely on what you know you can accomplish. Look at what is happening in the industry and create bold stretch goals that push you beyond your self-perceived limits.


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Today’s Question: On what island did Napoleon spend the last six years of his life?

Previous Question: A check for $7.2 million was issued on August 1, 1868 and was made payable to Edouard de Stoeckl, a Russian Minister.  What was bought?

Previous Answer: Alaska. 

On March 30, 1867, the United States agreed to purchase Alaska from Russia for $7.2 million dollars, about two cents an acre; “Seward’s Folly” many called it, after Secretary of State William H. Seward.


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