6/22/2021 Tip: Your First Idea Is Rarely Your Best

Today’s Quote

“If we were motivated by money, we would have sold the company a long time ago and ended up on a beach.”
~ Larry Page


Today’s Tip

A key principle I want you to know about today is that your first idea is rarely your best.

Tons of great companies started doing one thing and shifted (sometimes dramatically) when their initial ideas didn’t work as planned. 

For example, PayPal’s initial product helped one PalmPilot pay another. And Adobe got its start by making fonts.

Twitter started as Odeo, a site where people could download podcasts from all over the world.

And Pinterest started as Tote, an app trying to make shopping faster, more fun, and localized.

Finally, YouTube was originally set up to be an online video dating site.

So, be open to customer and others’ feedback on your ideas, since pivoting your company can sometimes result in huge successes.


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The Funding Pyramid (TM)

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Today’s Question: What giant operates as “Asda” in the United Kingdom, Seiyu in Japan and “Best Price” in India, and is also the largest private employer in the world?

Previous Question: Where did Papa John’s Pizza first open for business?

Answer: Papa John’s Pizza was started in the back of a local tavern. 

John Schnatter started Papa John’s Pizza by selling his car and buying used equipment to start the company, selling pizza to the customers of his father’s tavern.  

He was later able to move to the adjoining space in 1984, which became the first Papa John’s restaurant. 

It may be small, but do what you believe you can do, even if it is in the corner of your home.  You never know where it will take you.


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