4/3/2021 Tip: Your Cusotmers Need This…

Today’s Quote

“You take on the responsibility for making your dream a reality.”
~ Les Brown


Today’s Tip

Customers need information in order to make a decision.

Specifically, be sure to provide information educating your customers on how your product or service can:

  1. solve problems and/or help them avoid pain
  2. improve their lives and/or increase their pleasure, and
  3. save them time, as that’s a growing need for customers today.

Convey this key information in graphics, articles, videos, case studies, interviews and/or any other way that your prospective customers prefer to consume information.

Doing so will quickly improve your sales.


Today’s Resource

Want More Customers? (Do this now…)

If you want more customers, you need a better marketing plan.

A better marketing plan will focus your efforts on the activities that will actually work… so you generate more leads, customers and increase your sales and profits.

The problem is this — creating a marketing plan from scratch could take you 100+ hours — and you don’t have time for that!

And I’ve got good news today…

Using my proven marketing plan template, you can create an effective marketing plan in just 1 day!

The 1-Day Marketing Plan <— 



Today’s Question: What company has the stated mission “Sell more [blank], have more fun?” {I had to blank out the word or the answer would be too easy}

Previous Question: In 2009, Warner Bros. launched the website red2blu.com for customers interested in what?

Answer: Trading their HD DVD discs for Blu-ray discs.

In 2008, after a format war with Blu-ray, Toshiba abandoned the HD DVD format.

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