3/16/2021 Tip: You Only Matter Most in the Beginning

Today’s Quote

“Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.”
~ Theodore Roosevelt


Today’s Tip

The first year or two of a company’s success is typically determined by the success of the founders. That is, if you (the founder) execute well on the opportunity, you and you alone can make the company a success.

But…after this period, your company’s success will not be determined by you. Rather, it will be determined by the people you hire.

As such, be sure to stop doing everything yourself in your business. The way to grow your business is to hire others and to train them. That is how your business will scale and how you can build a thriving company. Your goal should be to build a company, not a job that keeps you busy all the time.


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Today’s Question: Ice cream maker Baskin-Robbins launched its iconic “31 Flavors” slogan in 1953 in an effort to gain market share over which competing restaurant?

Previous Question: Which computer legend is said to have possessed a “Reality Distortion Field”?

Answer: Steve Jobs

Bud Tribble at Apple Inc. coined the term in 1981, to describe the effect co-founder Steve Jobs’ charisma had on the developers working on the Mac project.

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