3/13/2021 Tip: Word of Mouth Marketing

Today’s Quote

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.”
~ Henry David Thoreau


Today’s Tip

Today’s is the last day I’ll continue with my theme over the past few days of giving you my favorite hidden benefits of crowdfunding. 

My final two hidden benefits are 1) Word of Mouth Marketing and 2) PR.

  1. Word of Mouth Marketing

    People who fund your company will tell their friends about it. Particularly if you make them feel like founders/initial investors (which you can easily do via email and on your website and/or via direct mail).

    Played correctly, Crowdfunding can result in thousands of customers, most of whom can tell numerous friends and colleagues about your products and services. This word of mouth marketing can be worth millions of dollars.
  2. PR

    Local media sources are enamored with Crowdfunding as it’s new and unique. As a result, countless entrepreneurs who have raised Crowdfunding have been profiled in local newspapers, radio shows and TV broadcasts.

    So, with little legwork, raising Crowdfunding can get you lots of PR. Not only will PR elevate your company’s profile, but it can generate links from prominent sites to your website, which is extremely valuable to your site’s search engine optimization.


Today’s Resource

How to Raise Crowdfunding

If you need funding fast (in 90 days or less), you should try Crowdfunding 

This is why:

  1. It’s fast. You’ll have the money in just 90 days or less (sometimes in less than 30 days).
  2. It’s easy. All you have to do is follow my step-by-step formula
  3. It’s Yours. You keep ALL the money. It’s not debt, and you don’t give up any ownership in your company either. 

Want to learn more?

See the details <—



Today’s Question: In 2008, Google used a specially branded version of what personal hygiene product to market its Gmail email filtering technology to a Russian market?

Previous Question: The Microsoft Corporation is reputed to use a tactic called “FUD” to confuse its competitors. What does FUD stand for?

Answer: Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

A tactic used in marketing, sales, public relations and propaganda, FUD is a strategic attempt to influence public opinion through the use of negative and dubious information. The term was originally used specifically to describe disinformation tactics used in the computer hardware industry.

Microsoft has been accused of using FUD to maintain its operating system monopoly.

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