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1/1/2022 Tip: Happy New Year!

12/31/2021 Tip: Avoiding the Biggest Outsourcing Blunders

12/30/2021 Tip: Are You Getting All 4 Benefits of Outsourcing?

12/29/2021 Tip: Are You a Stealth Manager?

12/28/2021 Tip: Hiring the Right People

12/27/2021 Tip: Recruiting Great Employees

12/25/2021 Tip: Happy Holidays … 🎁

12/24/2021 Tip: The Law of Attraction

12/23/2021 Tip: Expertly Managing Your Team

12/22/2021 Tip: The Best Way To Motivate Your Employees

12/21/2021 Tip: Using Reverse Logic to Build Your Team

12/20/2021 Tip: Boost Accountability & Boost Results

12/18/2021 Tip: Reverse Engineering Success

12/17/2021 Tip: Identifying Your Long-Term Vision

12/16/2021 Tip: The 4 S’s to Increase Your Business’ Value

12/15/2021 Tip: How Stable Is Your Customer Base?

12/14/2021 Tip: Could Someone Else Run Your Business?

12/13/2021 Tip: How Replicable Is Your Business?

12/11/2021 Tip: Become a Master at Pricing

12/10/2021 Tip: Establish Yourself as An “Authority”

12/9/2021 Tip: Make It Easy to Buy from You

12/8/2021 Tip: Using Multiple Marketing Channels

12/7/2021 Tip: Features vs. Benefits

12/6/2021 Tip: The Point of Marketing

12/4/2021 Tip: Strategic & Corporate Investors

12/3/2021 Tip: Teasing VCs

12/2/2021 Tip: 3 Key VC Criteria

12/1/2021 Tip: What’s the best way to get investors excited?

11/30/2021 Tip: 5 Principles to Get Investors to Love You

11/29/2021 Tip: The Value that Venture Capitalists Offer

11/27/2021 Tip: Shoulder the Blame and Share the Credit

11/26/2021 Tip: Hiring People Who Disagree with You

11/25/2021 Tip: Happy Thanksgiving

11/24/2021 Tip: You Don’t Always Have to Win

11/23/2021 Tip: Being an Entrepreneur During the Holidays

11/22/2021 Tip: Why My Roommate Called Me a Cheater

11/20/2021 Tip: Advisors & Perseverance

11/19/2021 Tip: High Concept and PTS Pitches

11/18/2021 Tip: Rules #5 and #6

11/17/2021 Tip: Multiple Sources and Rounds of Funding

11/16/2021 Tip: The 3 Types and 41 Sources of Capital

11/15/2021 Tip: The 10 Commandments for Raising Money

11/13/2021 Tip: How To Best Motivate Your Employees

11/12/2021 Tip: Acting Like a Hoodlum to Gain Customer Intelligence

11/11/2021 Tip: Core Values

11/10/2021 Tip: Effective Delegation for Entrepreneurs

11/9/2021 Tip: 6-Step Productivity Action Plan

11/8/2021 Tip: Using Debriefings in Your Business

11/6/2021 Tip: OA #5: Partnerships

11/5/2021 Tip: OA #4: Product or Service Variations

11/4/2021 Tip: OA #3: PPE

11/3/2021 Tip: OA #2: Systems

11/2/2021 Tip: OA #1: Customers

11/1/2021 Tip: How to Unlevel the Playing Field

10/30/2021 Tip: Boosting Profit Margins

10/29/2021 Tip: Improving Repurchase Rates

10/28/2021 Tip: Getting Customers to Buy More

10/27/2021 Tip: Boosting Conversion Rates

10/26/2021 Tip: Improving Response Rates

10/25/2021 Tip: Highly Effective Marketing [Example with #s]

10/23/2021 Tip: Why VCs “Swing for the Fences”

10/22/2021 Tip: Will VCs Make Small Investments?

10/21/2021 Tip: Can Venture Capitalists Fund Any Company?

10/20/2021 Tip: How Big Is Your Market?

10/19/2021 Tip: VC Startup Valuations

10/18/2021 Tip: VCs and NDAs

10/16/2021 Tip: Making Your Own Decisions

10/15/2021 Tip: Do you use these excuses?

10/14/2021 Tip: Tying Your Shoes

10/13/2021 Tip: Optimal Strategies

10/12/2021 Tip: Is Your Company Creative Enough?

10/11/2021 Tip: The Right People on Your Bus

10/9/2021 Tip: Your Own Limits?

10/8/2021 Tip: The 3 U’s

10/7/2021 Tip: Thinking Small

10/6/2021 Tip: Lack of Creativity

10/5/2021 Tip: Control Issues (& Final Webclass Reminder)

10/4/2021 Tip: 20 Obstacles to Business Growth (& Webclass Invitation)

10/2/2021 Tip: Grow Your Company with Financial Research

10/1/2021 Tip: Demographics & Ancillary Needs

9/30/2021 Tip: Customer Focus

9/29/2021 Tip: Deeper CI

9/28/2021 Tip: The Right Competitive Intelligence

9/27/2021 Tip: My First Job Out of College

9/25/2021 Tip: Landlord Financing

9/24/2021 Tip: Seller Financing

9/23/2021 Tip: C Funding

9/22/2021 Tip: Partner Buy-In Funding

9/21/2021 Tip: Business Funding via Donations

9/20/2021 Tip: The 41 Sources of Capital

9/18/2021 Tip: Competition is Good

9/17/2021 Tip: Focus on the ES

9/16/2021 Tip: It’s Time To Calculate

9/15/2021 Tip: Next You Strategize

9/14/2021 Tip: Research, Research, Research

9/13/2021 Tip: What Funders Want to See

9/11/2021 Tip: The Final Step

9/10/2021 Tip: Test and Redesign

9/9/2021 Tip: Developing Your Systems

9/8/2021 Tip: Your Current Business Processes

9/7/2021 Tip: Why You Need Systems

9/6/2021 Tip: The “Improvement Matrix”

9/4/2021 Tip: The Biggest Mistake When Managing a Sales Team

9/3/2021 Tip: Solving Problems

9/2/2021 Tip: Add Ons

9/1/2021 Tip: Features and Reviews

8/31/2021 Tip: Good Advice

8/30/2021 Tip: 7 Interesting Marketing Lessons from My Broken Dishwasher

8/28/2021 Tip: Be Like Mike In Investor Meetings

8/27/2021 Tip: Meet Them via Email

8/26/2021 Tip: Meet Them at Events

8/25/2021 Tip: Meet Them on Social Media

8/24/2021 Tip: Meet Them on Their Blog

8/23/2021 Tip: Introductions

8/21/2021 Tip: Your Mission Statement

8/20/2021 Tip: Your Elevator Pitch

8/19/2021 Tip: Focus on Making Consistent Effort

8/18/2021 Tip: Try finding a partner?

8/17/2021 Tip: Finish Your Projects

8/16/2021 Tip: Why You Need a Financial Dashboard

8/14/2021 Tip: Watch Spending Closely At Startup

8/13/2021 Tip: Investing Your Own Cash

8/12/2021 Tip: Use this Funding Source Wisely

8/11/2021 Tip: Bootstrap Funding

8/10/2021 Tip: The Chihuahua’s Funding Lesson

8/9/2021 Tip: Value Attribution & Funding

8/7/2021 Tip: Analyzing Customers in Your Plan

8/6/2021 Tip: The Wealthiest Place in the World

8/5/2021 Tip: Edison Did NOT Invent the Light Bulb

8/4/2021 Tip: Forcing You to Do the Work

8/3/2021 Tip: Investors Who Don’t Need Business Plans

8/2/2021 Tip: 2 Questions Your Business Plan Must Answer

7/31/2021 Tip: Keys To Hiring & Retaining The Best Employees

7/30/2021 Tip: How much is this shortcut worth to you?

7/29/2021 Tip: Why Minimal Viable Products are So Important

7/28/2021 Tip: Too Many Ideas…

7/27/2021 Tip: Don’t Sit On It

7/26/2021 Tip: Labor Costs

7/24/2021 Tip: Yogi Berra

7/23/2021 Tip: The Importance of HR

7/22/2021 Tip: Don’t Forget What’s Worked in the Past

7/21/2021 Tip: Why Financial Projections Matter

7/20/2021 Tip: How to Judge Your Ideas

7/19/2021 Tip: The Expansion Grid

7/17/2021 Tip: Customer Segmentation

7/16/2021 Tip: Using Creation Stories

7/15/2021 Tip: Give Customers Information

7/14/2021 Tip: Give Customers an Experience

7/13/2021 Tip: Incentivize Your Sales Force

7/12/2021 Tip: Give Them a Deal

7/10/2021 Tip: Build This to Excite VCs

7/9/2021 Tip: How & Why to Boost Your Credibility

7/8/2021 Tip: Leverage Proven Companies for Funding

7/7/2021 Tip: Preemptively Address VCs’ Concerns

7/6/2021 Tip: 3 Benefits of VCs (besides their money)

7/5/2021 Tip: Why JFK Could’ve Raised Venture Capital

7/3/2021 Tip: Laser-Focus

7/2/2021 Tip: Don’t Forget to Do This

7/1/2021 Tip: Satisfaction

6/30/2021 Tip: Do This Continually

6/29/2021 Tip: Get Yourself on the Right Trajectory

6/28/2021 Tip: Are You on a Mission?

6/26/2021 Tip: Angels & VCs

6/25/2021 Tip: Friends & Family

6/24/2021 Tip: Criteria for Debt Financing

6/23/2021 Tip: The 5 Most Common Types of Funding

6/22/2021 Tip: Your First Idea Is Rarely Your Best

6/21/2021 Tip: Kenneth Cole’s Creative Funding Story

6/19/2021 Tip: Why RMMs are So Important

6/18/2021 Tip: You Must Prove Your Case

6/17/2021 Tip: Your Business Plan is a Marketing Document

6/16/2021 Tip: Don’t Answer All the Questions

6/15/2021 Tip: 10 Boilerplate Phrases that Kill Your Business Plan

6/14/2021 Tip: Einstein’s Business Planning Advice

6/12/2021 Tip: Tell Everyone

6/11/2021 Tip: Set Specific Goals

6/10/2021 Tip: Surround Yourself with Winners

6/9/2021 Tip: Accept the Idea of Failure

6/8/2021 Tip: Identify Your Limiting Beliefs and Then Overcome Them

6/7/2021 Tip: Do You Really Believe in Yourself?

6/5/2021 Tip: Why KMI Is So Important To Your Business

6/4/2021 Tip: 9 Ways to Add Lasting Value to Your Business

6/3/2021 Tip: The Widow Who Doubled Profits

6/2/2021 Tip: Why Dunkin Donuts is So Successful

6/1/2021 Tip: 6 Key Benefits of Building Systems

5/31/2021 Tip: The 9 Ways to Grow Your Business

5/29/2021 Tip: Just Send Me the Info

5/28/2021 Tip: Let me think about it

5/27/2021 Tip: I’m not sure I believe you

5/26/2021 Tip: It’s too expensive…

5/25/2021 Tip: Why do I need you?

5/24/2021 Tip: I’m too busy

5/22/2021 Tip: An Overlooked Secret to Raising Capital

5/21/2021 Tip: How to Kick Butt In Investor Meetings

5/20/2021 Tip: Liquidation Preference

5/19/2021 Tip: 4 Email Subject Lines That Get a VC’s Attention

5/18/2021 Tip: Teasing VCs

5/17/2021 Tip: 4 Steps to Contacting a VC

5/15/2021 Tip: Putting it all Together

5/14/2021 Tip: Share This With Your Team

5/13/2021 Tip: The Comfort Zone Phenomenon

5/12/2021 Tip: Overcoming this Inevitable Trap

5/11/2021 Tip: Zippo & IKEA

5/10/2021 Tip: Game Changing Strategies

5/8/2021 Tip: How to Raise Money in 2021 [Part 2]

5/7/2021 Tip: How to Raise Money in 2021

5/6/2021 Tip: Billionaire Funding Part 2

5/5/2021 Tip: How To Raise Money Like a Billionaire

5/4/2021 Tip: FBI Funding Tips Part 2

5/3/2021 Tip: FBI Hostage Negotiator’s Tips for Raising Funding

5/1/2021 Tip: Uncovering New Opportunities

4/30/2021 Tip: Plotting Your Course

4/29/2021 Tip: Pursuing The Wrong Opportunity

4/28/2021 Tip: Determining Your Financial Needs

4/27/2021 Tip: Is Your Business Feasible?

4/26/2021 Tip: Proving That You’re Serious

4/24/2021 Tip: Your Team vs There’s

4/23/2021 Tip: What Exclusive Partnerships Do You Have?

4/22/2021 Tip: Do You Have Product & Service Variations?

4/21/2021 Tip: The Value of PPE

4/20/2021 Tip: Systems That Grow Your Business

4/19/2021 Tip: Assets to Dominate your Market

4/17/2021 Tip: Your Competitors Will Hate This

4/16/2021 Tip: The Acronym Definition of “System”

4/15/2021 Tip: Hiring Right

4/14/2021 Tip: Customer Retention

4/13/2021 Tip: Really Listen to Your Customers

4/12/2021 Tip: Create a Vision and Stick to It

4/10/2021 Tip: 5 Steps to Raising Venture Capital

4/9/2021 Tip: Why Your Company’s Potential Size Matter

4/8/2021 Tip: What ROIs do Venture Capitalists Seek?

4/7/2021 Tip: How Venture Capitalists Make Money

4/6/2021 Tip: Should You Give Up Equity in Your Business?

4/5/2021 Tip: Angel Investors or Venture Capital?

4/3/2021 Tip: Your Cusotmers Need This…

4/2/2021 Tip: Multiple Marketing ChannelsAdvisors

4/1/2021 Tip: Primal Branding

3/31/2021 Tip: Do You Have a Great USP?

3/30/2021 Tip: Sales Don’t Just Happen

3/29/2021 Tip: Most Cost-Effective Marketing Tactics

3/27/2021 Tip: Venture Funding Advisors

3/26/2021 Tip: Don’t Send This

3/25/2021 Tip: Keep Your Eyes And Ears Open

3/24/2021 Tip: Keep It Updated

3/23/2021 Tip: Develop Relationships Early

3/22/2021 Tip: Starting Small

3/20/2021 Tip: BP Q&As

3/19/2021 Tip: Your Vision

3/18/2021 Tip: How’s Your Culture?

3/17/2021 Tip: The Secret to Success

3/16/2021 Tip: You Only Matter Most in the Beginning

3/15/2021 Tip: Weak Financial Models

3/13/2021 Tip: Word of Mouth Marketing

3/12/2021 Tip: Gaining a Built-in Customer Base

3/11/2021 Tip: Case Studies for Your Company

3/10/2021 Tip: Stealth Market Research

3/9/2021 Tip: Bootstrapping (& Final Webclass Reminder)

3/8/2021 Tip: Under Armour (& Webclass Invitation)

3/6/2021 Tip: Most Entrepreneurs Forget to Ask This

3/5/2021 Tip: What’s Your Story?

3/4/2021 Tip: The One Time to be Predictable

3/3/2021 Tip: Do this to Build a Sellable Business

3/2/2021 Tip: 2 Overlooked Assets to Build

3/1/2021 Tip: Why Building “VA”s is Crucial

2/27/2021 Tip: One of My Favorite Angel Tips

2/26/2021 Tip: 10 Things to Show Angel Investors

2/25/2021 Tip: How Angel Investors Differ from Venture Capitalists

2/24/2021 Tip: 2 Unique Ways to Attract Angel Investors

2/23/2021 Tip: How to Motivate Angel Investors

2/22/2021 Tip: What is Angel Investing?

2/20/2021 Tip: Lock ‘Em Up!

2/19/2021 Tip: Does Quantity Matter?

2/18/2021 Tip: The Best Thing You Can Build

2/17/2021 Tip: Avoid This Common Business Syndrome

2/16/2021 Tip: How to Reverse Engineer Success

2/15/2021 Tip: How to Improve the Value of Your Company

2/13/2021 Tip: Don’t Skip This Step

2/12/2021 Tip: Ignore This Matrix at Your Own Peril

2/11/2021 Tip: What’s the best way to grow my business?

2/10/2021 Tip: Do This With Your Goals

2/9/2021 Tip: 4 Ways to Avoid Premature Scaling

2/8/2021 Tip: The Biggest Mistake Entrepreneurs Make

2/6/2021 Tip: 3 Ways to Improve Your Business’ Success

2/5/2021 Tip: The 1 Law I Live By

2/4/2021 Tip: Can You Run a Successful Business with No Experience?

2/3/2021 Tip: Avoid this Entrepreneurial Disease

2/2/2021 Tip: 5 Things Venture Capitalists Hate

2/1/2021 Tip: A VC Will Not Fund You Until You Unless…

1/30/2021 Tip: The Exact Email Marketing Metrics I Measure

1/29/2021 Tip: Don’t Make this Marketing Mistake

1/28/2021 Tip: Do this Before Launching Anything New

1/27/2021 Tip: Don’t Overlook this Key Customer Need

1/26/2021 Tip: The Most Profitable Marketing Tactic

1/25/2021 Tip: 7 Ways to Improve Your Website

1/23/2021 Tip: 5 Easy Ways to Make Your Team More Productive

1/22/2021 Tip: Why You Need Business Advisors

1/21/2021 Tip: The 5 Parts of Your Role as CEO

1/20/2021 Tip: Know this When Raising Equity Funding

1/19/2021 Tip: Do this Calculation to Grow Your Sales

1/18/2021 Tip: 5 Proven Success Strategies for 2021

1/16/2021 Tip: 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a New Business

1/15/2021 Tip: Why Your Mission Statement Matters

1/14/2021 Tip: 3 Keys to a Highly Effective Business Plan

1/13/2021 Tip: 7 Keys to Startup Success

1/12/2021 Tip: This is Much More Important than a Great Idea

1/11/2021 Tip: Does Your Company Pass the Fedex Test?

1/9/2021 Tip: 7 Highly Effective Leadership Lessons

1/8/2021 Tip: Marketing Truths You Must Understand

1/7/2021 Tip: Simplest Strategy for Success in 2021

1/6/2021 Tip: Disruptive vs Incremental Innovation

1/5/2021 Tip: 5 Keys to Raising Money in 2021

1/4/2021 Tip: 2 Questions Every Entrepreneur Must Ask

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