1/12/2021 Tip: This is Much More Important than a Great Idea

Today’s Quote

“Start by doing what’s necessary. Then do what’s possible. And suddenly you are doing the impossible.”
~ St. Francis of Assisi


Today’s Tip

Entrepreneurs who think their ideas are special are typically wrong. 

Rather, truly great entrepreneurs focus on implementing their ideas. They figure out the best marketing strategies. What type of team members they need to hire. What other companies they must partner with. What operational processes they must develop.

Yes, having a great idea is important. But focus your energy on executing on that idea, not just the idea itself.


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Today’s Question: What extremely successful company started out with the founder selling rope out of his garage?

Previous Question: What famous statesman sold 18 canvases to Hallmark for reproduction on greeting cards?

Answer: Winston Churchill, in 1950.

Winston Churchill was an amazing leader. From this fact, clearly he was also an accomplished painter. But what if Winston Churchill never got into politics, and remained a painter?

I think it’s really important that each of us really figure out what we’re great at, and what we’re passionate about, and try lots of things, in order to figure out our true callings.

Because you are reading this tip, I believe your true calling is to be a successful entrepreneur. If you haven’t yet achieved the success you’ve dreamed about as an entrepreneur, think about what’s holding you back. And then overcome it.

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