4/21/2021 Tip: The Value of PPE

Today’s Quote

“An entrepreneur tends to bite off a little more than he can chew hoping he’ll quickly learn how to chew it.”
~ Roy Ash


Today’s Tip

This week, as you may recall, I’m giving you examples of business assets you can build to dominate your competition.

Today’s asset is PPE (Plant, Property and Equipment).

When I was a teenager, I made a lot of money shoveling snow. I used that money to buy a snow blowing machine. Equipped with the snow blowing machine, I was able to remove snow ten times faster than my competitors. This allowed me to dominate my local market.

What plant, property and/or equipment can you buy to give you a competitive advantage?


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Today’s Question: What was Steve Jobs’ original business plan for Pixar?

Previous Question: The average man, woman, and child in this country drinks an average of how many Coca-Cola soft drink products per year? Closer to 3, 30, 130, or 300?

Answer: 300. Think about that…that’s almost one product consumed every day. What if your product could be your customers’ daily fix? 

How often can they use your product or service? Do you know what the average is for your peers? From your customer records?

Learning your customers’ frequency of purchase is one of a few main ways to increase revenue, the others being order size and the number of sales you make to new customers.

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