9/20/2021 Tip: The 41 Sources of Capital

Today’s Quote

“Life is divided into three terms – that which was, which is, and which will be. Let us learn from the past to profit by the present, and from the present to live better in the future.”
~ William Wordsworth


Today’s Tip

In my Truth About Funding fundraising training program, I go through the 41 proven funding sources for entrepreneurs so you can choose the ones that are a fit for your company.

While the program shows you how to secure common funding options like angel investment, bank loans, and venture capital, it goes through several powerful but uncommon options. In this week’s tips, I’ll tell you about some of these options.

Competitions and Awards

Competitions and awards are a great source of free capital from which great companies have been born.

For instance, Mike Cassidy, CEO of Stylus Innovation, won $125,000 at MIT’s business plan competition and went on to sell the company to Artisoft for $13 million.

Another example of competition and award financing is the $50,000 prize won by personal finance application Mint after being selected as the best presenting company at a TechCrunch event.

Seek out and apply to business plan competitions and other competitions and awards.


Today’s Resource

Funding to Start & Grow Your Company

Do you need funding to start or grow your company?

If so, don’t go at it blindly.

Rather, you should use my proven funding strategy:

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Yes, you can raise the money you need to start or grow your company.

But you need to raise it in a certain way.

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Today’s Question: What is the maximum number of individual memberships–or seats–permitted on the New York Stock Exchange?

Previous Question: What company is both the oldest corporate enterprise still in existence and the largest corporate landowner in history?

Previous Answer: The Hudson Bay Company. 

Founded in 1670, its realm once covered nearly 3 million square miles. The company now operates Canada’s largest department store chain.

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