2/5/2021 Tip: The 1 Law I Live By

Today’s Quote

A competitive world has two possibilities. You can lose. Or you can change.
~ Lester Thurow


Today’s Tip

The law I live by is not a legal statute; rather it’s Parkinson’s Law. 

Parkinson’s Law states that “work expands to fill the time allotted to performing it.” What that means is that if you have three hours to complete a task, most likely, it’s going to take you the full three hours to complete that task.

Most people go through their day without a schedule – without a minute by minute, hour by hour schedule. And as a result, they don’t have any deadlines and thus they take a lot longer to complete a task.

I schedule out each hour of every day. So, for example, I gave myself 30 minutes to write this email. If I hadn’t, I probably would have spent 2 hours on it.

By scheduling your time, you will be more productive and efficient.


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Today’s Question: Which leader in the athletic footwear industry uses the trademarked claim “Endorsed By No One?”

Previous Question: What well-known brand was initially marketed as the Health Kup?

Answer: Dixie

The Dixie Cup was invented in Boston in 1908, under the name the Health Kup.

At the time, most people drank at the public water barrel, well, pump, or spigot with a communal tin cup. And this sharing caused the spread of disease and germs.

So, two Boston entrepreneurs invented a disposable paper cup that they called the Health Kup. The product took off, but only after they were able to educate the public that shared water glasses could carry germs.

In 1919, they changed the name of their company to Dixie. Dixie has since grown to be one of the most well known brands in food service disposables.

This is yet another example of entrepreneurs simply finding a real need/problem and filling it. Solving an unmet need with a quality solution has and will always be a key ingredient in the recipe for entrepreneurial success.

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