6/12/2021 Tip: Tell Everyone

Today’s Quote

“Make your product easier to buy than your competition, or you will find your customers buying from them, not you.”
~ Mark Cuban


Today’s Tip

Except for lottery winners, most wealthy individuals are not surprised by their success. Their wealth is intentional. They set out to create that success, they visualized it, they believed it, and they passionately pursued it.

One strategy many successful entrepreneurs use is to “tell everyone.”

I am not talking about strutting around town bragging on how you are going to have gobs of money. I am talking about freely sharing your objectives in socially appropriate ways. For example, if while visiting family over the holidays old Uncle Jim yells across the room “Hey Chris, what are you doing with your life”.

This may be an opportunity to say “Well Uncle Jim, this year I am focused on growing my company to $230,000 in revenues and I am on track to produce $5.5M in revenues within 4 years.”

I bet that will quiet the room.

Maybe you are willing to share that with your family, maybe you’d rather not. Definitely be upfront about your goals with your staff, partners, and mentors. Go ahead and create accountability. If you really believe in what you can accomplish, you won’t be afraid to “put it out there”.

While you want passion, not ego to be your main motivator, a little pride can go a long way sometimes.


Today’s Resource

Are You Thinking Like a Millionaire Entrepreneur?

Do you know the real secret behind millionaire entrepreneurs is how they think about things?

Do you think millionaire entrepreneurs really:

  • Work 18 hours/day?
  • Are really smart?
  • Are lucky?
  • Were handed success based on who they already knew?
  • Had it easy (e.g., they came from a rich family)?

Well, the answer is NO.

The real force driving successful entrepreneurs is how they think about things.

My Millionaire Mindset program will quickly and easily teach you how to adopt this mindset.

You don’t have to be born a successful entrepreneur.

Just follow my blueprint here.



Today’s Question: Amazon.com is the biggest online seller to consumers in the United States, Canada, and Europe. However, what company dramatically outsells Amazon in Japan?

Previous Question: What is the world’s most successful online music sales website?

Answer: The iTunes Store is the most successful online music sales website. This is because of the popularity of Apple’s iTunes software and the iPod digital music player.  

The store provides a music format that works with both the software and music player, which accommodates the majority of customers—from desktop listeners to outdoor runners. 

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