MICHAEL A. SCHARF - Engagement Professional

Michael is an expert at structuring the deal. Over the course of his career, Michael has been part of teams responsible for billions in transactions. He has partnering with, and faced off against, some of the biggest names on Wall Street.

As a corporate executive, Michael spent 20 years in the financial services industry working with companies as varied as Experian, AOL Beneficial Finance, American Express, Great Western Bank, First Interstate Bancorp and as an advisor to Visa USA

Since leaving the corporate world, Michael has founded or led companies in a variety of sectors including telecommunications, entertainment, and technology.

Like every other entrepreneur, some companies created better outcomes than others, but every transaction created value for both buyer and seller.

An accomplished business and brand builder, Michael has built his investment banking practice around creating and closing transactions for emerging and mid-size companies. Obtaining capital, finding and creating strategic partnerships, each transaction is fully evaluated, promoted, and negotiated.  



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