KEVIN MCGINN - Engagement Professional

"What makes us great at what we do, and what makes working at Growthink exciting, is that we're always looking towards the future; we're on the edge of the newest technologies and marketing practices; we utilize new opportunities instead of hiding from them.  We embrace what's coming next instead of bracing for impact.  At Growthink we're aware of the constant uncertainty of entrepreneurship and we have the 'negative capability' necessary to love that very aspect of it. The joy is in the countless possibilities.

Kevin fell in love with web technologies when he was just barely a teenager.  He mastered HTML before he entered high school and continued picking up skills in CSS, Javascript, and PHP throughout college.  By the time he started at Growthink he had a strong set of technological skills for creating and updating web pages.

Since he has been at Growthink, he has designed graphics and websites, coded and maintained sites with server-side and client-side programming, and started advertising campaigns focused on both paid traffic (PPC) and organic traffic (Search Engine Optimization).

He's gained an understanding of search and content network marketing, eCommerce, lead generation, page optimization, customer service/retention strategies, and email marketing.

Kevin earned his bachelor's degree in English and Psychology from the University at Albany.

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