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Eyal Zadik

Eyal is an accomplished operations, strategy and investment executive with broad experience in the healthcare, technology and finance market sectors.

Serving as chief operations & strategy officer for healthcare and technology companies, Eyal oversaw the strategy and day-to-day operations and was responsible for the ongoing restructuring and turn-around of the companies. He worked to ensure the companies were strategically positioned and effectively structured to drive long-term growth and have positive sustained impact.

Prior to focusing on operations, he served as director of corporate development and strategy at Vantage Oncology, a leading oncology healthcare company (acquired by McKesson), as well as a director in private equity firms specializing and serving the healthcare and technology sectors.

He started his career in technology and finance, heading the research and development for a software development company that offered technology solutions for short-term trading.

Eyal received his MBA with a concentration in finance from Columbia University.