ANDREW BORDEAUX - Engagement Partner

Also serving as Chief Operating Officer of Growthink Publishing, Andrew oversees the Growthink publishing team as well as various firm operational functions.

He brings to Growthink a vast background in social psychology and new media content development.

Prior to his work at Growthink, Andrew spearheaded online and offline marketing initiatives, oversaw content creation, and aided in the development of strategic partnerships for an online music news provider. A published scientific author, he has also created articles which generated significant traffic and were syndicated across the internet on sites including, and

In 2008, Andrew managed tech development and search engine marketing for a group of niche social networks.

With the Growthink marketing team in New York, Andrew has assisted in the creation and growth of the Publishing and Products division into a 7-figure business. In addition to the production of in-house audio/visual materials, Andrew has produced viral videos for Growthink clients that have attracted nearly 1 million YouTube views. Andrew currently manages email marketing and membership programs for Growthink Publishing.

Andrew earned a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Harvard University.

"What excites me about working at Growthink is the creative energy of entrepreneurship which constantly surrounds us. Through working with talented business owners and entrepreneurs, we're afforded the opportunity to be hands-on with the embryonic companies, ideas, and products that go on to revolutionize our world.

I also love the educational aspects of what we do in the publishing division:

What continues to amaze me is that across industries, there are some fundamental skills that are essential to every business's ability to survive and thrive in our new economy. Regardless of whether you are a fresh college graduate with a novel idea or a seasoned MBA with decades of industry-relevant experience, your ability to grow your business will be contingent upon your ability to communicate your mission to your team and your ability to deftly raise capital. 

Here in New York, we work hard to provide timely and accurate information on those areas that are most critical to entrepreneurial success."

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