1/7/2021 Tip: Simplest Strategy for Success in 2021

Today’s Quote

“Those who leap sometimes lose, but those that do not leap always lose.”
~ Lester Thurow


Today’s Tip

Do this simple exercise to improve your success this year:

  1. Make a list of the 5 things that worked the BEST for you last year
  2. Make a list of the 5 things that worked the LEAST for you last year

And then focus the vast majority of your efforts this year on doing more of what worked BEST.


Today’s Resource

Have you completed your 2021 business plan?

If not, you can’t possibly achieve the success you want and deserve this year.

Go here to finish your 2021 business plan TODAY <–



Today’s Question: What century-old product was originally promoted with the advertising slogan “You press the button–we do the rest”? (the answer will be in tomorrow’s tip)

Previous Question: In 1985 a Denver hotel published an ad offering guests a “Free Hotel Room” in large type. What was the catch in the fine print below?

Answer: “Parking $55.00/night (Parking is mandatory)”

On one hand, this was clever marketing that probably drove a lot of new customers to the hotel.

However, it must have resulted in tons of dissatisfied customers. And customers that felt duped clearly would have never returned to the hotel.

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we must do creative marketing, but we also must fully satisfy our customers and put our customers’ needs first if we want to build lasting, successful enterprises.

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