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Dear Entrepreneur,

I want to help you build the business of your dreams.

For more than 10 years, I‘ve been helping entrepreneurs put their ideas on paper, so that they could attract funding, get their businesses off the ground, and achieve business success.

And the results speak for themselves...

Since 1999, my company, Growthink, has helped more than 2,000 entrepreneurs create world-class business strategies and plans, and these entrepreneurs have raised more than $1 billion in funding.

Over the years, I‘ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs become fabulously successful.

BUT I‘ve also watched far too many entrepreneurs struggle.

You see, after so many years in this business, I‘ve realized that there are just a few SIMPLE, small differences between successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs.

I want to share those secrets with you, so that you can successfully raise capital and build the business of your dreams - FREE!

What Secrets Will You Discover
On Your FREE 54-min. CD?

How To Make Sure Your Business Plan Gets Read from Cover to Cover!

  • How to get investors to rabidly read through your entire business plan
  • Who to give your business plan to if you want to be ultra-successful
  • How to make investors and lenders fight over the opportunity to give you money
  • How to use your business plan to get employees to want to join your a fraction of their market rates

What ONE Thing Will Cause Investors and Lenders to RUN AWAY!

  • Why having lots of big competitors is often a good thing
  • How to position your company as having an unfair advantage
  • How your competitors can actually cause you to be successful
  • Why your business will suffer long-term if you miscalculate one key thing

How to Grow Your Business from 1% to 80% Market Share!

  • How to dominate your chosen market
  • What to do to get investors and lenders to throw money at you
  • The exact formula I developed for expertly exploiting your market‘s full potential
  • What one thing investors want most from the businesses they fund

How To Make Customers Fall in Love with YOU!

  • Who your ideal target customer is (or ought to be)
  • How to ethically steal customers from your competitors
  • How to stay clear of bad marketing that will kill your profits
  • What two strategies allow you to quickly get all the customers you need

What One Strategy will Allow You to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Empire!

  • What investors really look for in your business plan
  • How to get customers to rave about your business and become customers for life
  • What one thing that can either kill or promote your business
  • What key skill set you need if you are to be a successful entrepreneur

What One Thing Will Cause You to Be a Hero, or A Villain, in Your Investor‘s Eyes

  • How to manage your business‘ financials as well as Warren Buffett would
  • Exactly where and how most entrepreneurs screw up (and how not to)
  • Why expecting too much growth too quickly can be the kiss of death
  • How to expertly answer every financial question that investors throw at you

What You Need to Do BEFORE Showing Your Business Plan to Anyone

  • How to get your business plan "buzzed" about by investors
  • What one tip will ensure that your hard work yields significant results
  • The “hook, line and sinker” approach to quickly getting investors to buy into your company
  • The first thing that investors, lenders, partners and employees will do to assess your merit, and how to ensure that you pass with flying colors

...and many, many more well-guarded secrets for developing an ultra-successful business plan!

Our Customers Love Our
Step-By-Step Business Training,
and You Will TOO!

“Very Helpful for Anybody New to Business Planning”

“As someone who has had past experience writing business plans, the ‘7 Secrets of Ultra Successful Business Plans’ re-confirmed my knowledge of what's important in writing a very good business plan. In particular, the discussion and definition of ‘relevant’ market size was very helpful. I‘d recommend this to anybody who is new to the business planning process.”

Kenny Gallagher
Lubbock, TX

“Good, Practical Advice... Very Motivating”

“The 7 Secrets to Ultra-Successful Business Plans CD contains good, practical advice. It‘s very motivating. It gave me the confidence to move forward on my projects. Specifically, the advice on this CD gave me clarity into how to make my business plan realistic both for investors and for future business success. A lot of new entrepreneurs get lost in the details or feel as though they are just making stuff up. This CD will help ground them in greater reality of what they must accomplish.”

Mark Saraceni
Burbank, CA

“Save Lots of Time and Money”

“This CD taught me how to organize my Executive Summary in a way that will best describe my business. What I found most helpful was Dave‘s explanation of determining market share -- this was something that had puzzled me for months. Anybody who is starting a business or working on a business plan should listen to this CD. The ‘7 Secrets’ will save them lots of time and money.”

Betty Hunter-Beatty
New York, NY

“I’d Recommend This To Anybody Looking to Start a Business”

“The ‘7 Secrets’ CD outlined important areas to focus on in my business plan. My biggest takeaway was how to differentiate my company as the best, and how to protect myself from competition. I‘d recommend this to anybody looking to start a business - it‘s good.”

Barry Beverly
Round Rock, TX

“Clear and Concise... Useful Insight into Starting a Business”

“This CD provides a clear and concise definition of market size and competition. My biggest takeaway was the importance of making your business plan “marketable” - and Dave explained exactly how to do that. I‘d recommend this CD to any person thinking of starting a business because it provides a lot of useful insight into starting a business.”

Randy Raasch
Mission Viejo, CA

“Each Point Was Extremely Valuable”

“On this CD, Dave Lavinsky provides an in-depth yet concise explanation of each of the ‘7 Secrets of Ultra-Successful Business Plans’ -- and each point was extremely valuable.”

Sal Maniaci
Foothill Ranch, CA

“Excellent Overview”

“The ‘7 Secrets’ CD provides an excellent overview of what not to do, but more importantly a detailed overview of what to do and why. I'd recommend this to anyone and everyone who has moved from the 'wage-earner' mentality to a 'profit-mentality.'”

Sonya Battle
Garland, TX

“You Need to Hear This Before Moving Forward”

“Dave Lavinsky’s ‘7 Secrets’ CD is concise, instructive and well thought out. The information is balanced and helpful. As I move forward, this knowledge will help me develop successful business plans for my clients, and it will keep me from making huge and costly mistakes. All business consultants, business owners, and investors need to hear this before moving forward.”

Denise Huger-Liebeskind

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What Bonuses Will You Receive
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Bonus #1: Free Instant Audio:
“Top 7 Secrets to Ultra-Successful Business Plans”
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Do you want instant access to all of my 7 Secrets without having to wait for your CD? You'll be able to start listening in just a few minutes! PLUS - you'll still get your CD in the mail so you can play it anytime, anywhere!


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In this Special Report, you'll learn:

  • How 3 simple questions can help prevent 70-80% of business plan failures
  • Examples of business plans that surprised investors and reached epic success
  • Why unorthodox ways of presenting your business to investors will distinguish your company
  • The one simple idea that most business owners don't leverage
  • Techniques to quickly attract investors
  • How to get inside the heads (and checkbooks) of investors and banks
  • The most important #s that every business owner MUST have on the tip of their tongue

Bonus #3: Expert Interview
Interview with Guy Kawasaki
$47 Value! Yours FREE Today!

Guy is world-renowned angel investor, venture capitalist, author and entrepreneur. In his role as a venture capitalist, Guy serves as the Managing Director of Garage Technology. In this exclusive interview, I got Guy to reveal:

  • The biggest capital raising mistake that most entrepreneurs make
  • How to save time when developing your business plan and raising funding
  • Why people make 5-second decisions about your business, and how to make sure you make a great first impression
  • The top mistakes that entrepreneurs make in their business plans and investor presentations, and how to avoid them
  • The one thing that entrepreneurs must keep top-of-mind at ALL times in order to be successful.

Bonus #4: Free Trial Membership
“Business Plan Mastery” Video Training Program
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Are you looking to develop your business plan the RIGHT way? So that you successfully raise capital and build the business of your dreams?

When you get your CD, you’ll also receive a FREE 14-day trial membership into my exclusive “Business Plan Mastery” video training program.

My “Business Plan Mastery” program shows you, step-by-step, exactly how I have developed business plans that raise capital and become successful, multi-million dollar business empires.

Several private consulting clients have paid me upwards of $25,000, $50,000 and even $100,000 to develop their business plans.

During this training program, you’ll learn the exact methodologies we use at Growthink to develop business plans for our clients, who have collectively raised more than $1 billion in funding.

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