Now You Can Use the Proven System For Raising Venture Capital that's Allowed over 2,000 Enterepreneurs to Raise Over $1 Billion

From: Dave Lavinsky, President of Growthink
Date: Friday, May 24, 2019

Dear Entrepreneur,

Dave Lavinsky, President, Growthink

Hey let’s face it. Raising venture capital (VC) is a pain. And the majority of companies who try to raise venture capital...fall flat on their faces.

What’s worse is that without venture capital, you may be doomed. Your brilliant ideas for your multi-million (or billion) dollar business will remain in your head. You’ll know that your ideas are great. But the world won’t. And your bank account won’t either.

Unfortunately it gets even worse than that. How about if your closest competitor is able to raise venture capital? Can you possibly compete against a company with millions of dollars in funding that you don’t have? Will they steal all the glory? And force you to start over?

Fortunately you can raise venture capital for your business....if you know how to do it.

Don’t Fall For the Same
VC Tricks That Stop Most
Entrepreneurs Dead In Their Tracks

If you try to raise venture capital and don’t know what you’re doing, you will surely shoot yourself in the foot.

Want an example? Ok. Here’s one. As you many know, virtually every venture capital firm has an email address on their website to send your business plan to.

Don’t, I repeat don’t, fall for this trick.

Rarely if ever do VCs fund business plans sent to these generic email addresses. Sending it there is like sending your plan into a black hole.

Why? Well some VCs use this submission technique to gain competitive intelligence. Others use it to train their associates. But most importantly, when you submit your business plan using this method, the VCs immediately know that you’re a novice.

They know that you don’t know the first thing about raising venture capital. And as a result, they assume that you don’t know the first thing about growing a successful business.

And that’s just not true. You can have all the skills, vision and drive to grow a successful company. But if you don’t have the skills and information needed to get funding for your business, than you’re never going to grow your empire.

Just Follow My System:
Raising Venture Capital
Is Easier Than You Think

Unfortunately, once a VC rejects your business, they will rarely, if ever, give you a second chance. That’s it.

The good news is that you don’t have to learn all of the VC tricks and walk through the venture capital minefield alone.

Because I’ve already walked through it for you. Many, many times. And I know how to get to the pot of gold at the end.

And more so, I’ve put together everything I’ve mastered over the past decade into an easy-to-follow roadmap aptly named the “Step-By-Step Guide to Raising Venture Capital.”

That’s right, I’ve already done all the hard work for you.

For the past ten years, I’ve worked on and tweaked and tested every part of the venture capital raising process. I’ve tried tons of different techniques, and improved and improved on the ones that worked. And finally I’ve been able to fully systematize it.

That’s right...I’ve gotten it down to a simple step-by-step gameplan that any entrepreneur can easily follow. Yes, the same system that I have used to raise millions of dollars in venture capital for my clients can now be yours.

And it couldn’t be easier for you to apply this to your business.

No Matter What Business You are In
I Can Help You Raise Venture Capital

Let me clarify something for you. There are lots of misconceptions out there regarding what types of businesses qualify for venture capital.

According to the National Venture Capital Association, companies in the following 16 sectors raised venture capital last quarter. So this is the definitive list of sectors which qualify for venture capital:

  1. Biotechnology
  2. Business Products and Services
  3. Computers and Peripherals
  4. Consumer Products and Services
  5. Electronics/Instrumentation
  6. Financial Services
  7. Healthcare Services
  8. Industrial/Energy
  1. IT Services
  2. Media and Entertainment
  3. Medical Devices and Equipment
  4. Networking and Equipment
  5. Retailing/Distribution
  6. Semiconductors
  7. Software
  8. Telecommunications

And if your business falls into one of these 16 sectors, and whether you are just starting your business or looking to expand, I will give you the tools and information you need to raise venture capital.

  1. Take XCom Wireless, which was just a team of two brothers when I met them, and they needed a lot of capital to complete their tech development. I set up 50 meetings with venture capital firms and raised them $2.5 million.
  2. Or Dakim, which, when I met the company, was just one man and his wooden prototype, but with a passion to create a device to soothe his father who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. I helped raise him raise $10.6 million in venture capital.

Winning Entrepreneurs Partner
With Other Winners

In early 2009, Harvard Business School published a report. The report proved that entrepreneurs with a track record of success were much more likely to succeed than first-time entrepreneurs and those who have previously failed.

So, how do you ensure success when you’re not yet a successful serial entrepreneur?

Well, you partner with a company like Growthink. Growthink is comprised of successful serial entrepreneurs like myself and my co-founder Jay Turo. And, we’ve figured out how to transfer our success to entrepreneurs like you. In fact, we’ve done it over 2,000 times already.

Growthink clients have raised over $1 Billion. They have launched countless new products, successfully penetrated numerous markets, and yielded massive wealth for their founders.

In fact, entrepreneurs like you have come to Growthink, developed their business plans, raised money, grown their businesses, and then sold their businesses for hundreds of thousands, millions, and even hundreds of millions of dollars.

While you and I are still working hard on our businesses today, many of these Growthink clients now have nearly unlimited wealth, have opted for early retirement, and are living the lives of their dreams.

When you are guided by Growthink’s Step-By-Step Guide to Raising Venture Capital, you get the power of Growthink behind you and your business. You get our best products, ideas and advice. You get proven success in your corner.... the exact prescription that Harvard Business School gave to entrepreneurs who want to succeed.

In addition to our client success stories, you get, in your corner, Growthink’s worldwide reputation as the leader in helping entrepreneurs succeed. Growthink’s news, articles, insights and features can be found in over 100 magazines, journals and newspapers including the following:

Where have you seen Growthink before?

“Who Should I Write
This Check Out To?”

Will your life be different next month?

It could be incredibly different, as you could be ready and poised to skyrocket towards success in your business.. Here’s how...

Imagine it’s a month from now, and you’re sitting in a VC’s conference room. You’re dressed nicely, and across from you are two partners from the firm who know your business inside and out and can help you grow a massive empire.

As you take a sip of your drink, one of the partners looks at the other, and then looks at you. Then he stops, looks you squarely in the eye, and asks, “Who should I write this check out to?”

You’re sitting there excited. But you don’t want to seem too excited, like you weren’t expecting this moment.

So, you coolly take another sip of your drink and place it down slowly. Then you say, excited but almost in disbelief about how quickly it happened for you-

“I’m happy to have you onboard. You can make the check out to ...”

And that’s it. Your funded... and you’re off and running. You followed my venture capital guide and it helped win you the investment you were looking for.

Now... how about thinking a little longer term too?

Getting money to start or grow your business is great, but it’s just one step. But let’s say you’re sitting at that same conference table after you have successfully GROWN your business.

And this time, the person across from you says “Yes... I’d like to buy your company”. Then they proceed to write a multi-million dollar check to you personally and buy your business.

This is the next level of what the right venture capital raising guide can and will do for you. Are you ready? Now is the time for you to take the right action.

Here’s What’s Included In the
Step-By-Step Guide to Raising Venture Capital...

The Step-By-Step Guide to Raising Venture Capital is a comprehensive report that covers the following core areas:

Chapter 1 - Getting Started:
Building Your Venture Capital Foundation

Chapter 1

Before you can even think about raising venture capital, there are some quick “Getting Started” steps you need to take to prepare you. Here’s what we’ll cover in the “Getting Started” chapter...

  • The terminology you must know when raising venture capital; without this, you’ll quickly get lost
  • Five (5) different sources of equity investments and how they fit into your funding strategy
  • The different stages of venture capital and why it’s critical to know where you stand before raising VC
  • The importance of planning out your long-term funding strategy from the get-go
  • The amount of venture capital available to you at each phase of your growth
  • What you need to accomplish before raising venture capital
  • How angel investors can help you raise venture capital
  • Reasons, other than cash, why venture capitalists can help you build a massive empire

Chapter 2 – What Venture
Capitalists Really Want

Chapter 2

It is impossible to get a venture capitalist to write you a check if you don’t know exactly what they are looking for and want.

But once you know what motivates them, pushing their hot buttons is pretty easy. Here’s what we’ll cover in the “What Venture Capitalists Really Want” chapter...

  • How venture capitalists make money and how to leverage this when presenting to VCs
  • The 2:6:2 rule of venture capital and how to modify the way you present your company to play into it
  • The types of companies VCs love to finance and how to position your company as one of them
  • The market sectors in which VCs focus
  • The exact criteria VCs will use to judge your company
  • A different way to view VCs which will make attracting and working with them MUCH easier

Chapter 3 – Creating Your Venture Capital
Marketing & Presentation Materials

Chapter 3

By this point, you will have mastered the terminology that VCs use. You will also have gained detailed, insider insight into the VC’s mind and the ability to use that insight to persuade their decision-making.

But before you can start contacting VCs, you will need to create the documents that VCs will use in the process of funding your company.

Here’s what we’ll cover in Chapter 3...

  • How to create your high concept pitch, and why it’s so amazingly effective in attracting VCs
  • The keys to a killer elevator pitch and the 3 characteristics it MUST have
  • Why a teaser email is critical and copies of two teaser emails I used to generate tons of VC meetings and millions of dollars in funding
  • Five (5) keys to a business plan that will knock a VC’s socks off
  • The one, overlooked section of your business plan that is critical to raising venture capital (HINT: it’s NOT what you think it is)
  • Three (3) critical elements to include in your Executive Summary
  • The ten (10) questions that your investor slide presentation must answer, and how to order and format your presentation to maximize effectiveness

Chapter 4 – Identifying the
Right Venture Capital Firm

Chapter 4

Before you contact venture capitalists and negotiate a financing transaction, you need to first figure out which VC is the best one to write you a check.

Not all VCs are created equal, and finding the one that is the best fit for you and your company will have significant benefits.

In Chapter 4, “Identifying the Right Venture Capital Firm,” you will learn:

  • Six (6) key differences between venture capital firms and how to use them to determine which VC is best for you
  • The three (3) most important factors to use to quickly and expertly create your list of potential VC firms and tips to weed out bad VCs
  • How to find the right partner to contact at each VC firm
  • How to tell if a VC is serious about funding your business...or just wasting your time
  • How to leverage the information on a VC’s website to get your funding

Chapter 5 – Contacting
Venture Capitalists

Chapter 5

At this point you are ready, have aimed, and are positioned to fire....that is, you are ready to contact VCs like a seasoned entrepreneur.

In this chapter, “Contacting Venture Capitalists,” you will learn:

  • The three (3) best ways to contact partners at VC firms
  • Six (6) types of individuals who can introduce you to a VC partner who can write you a multi-million dollar check
  • The exact technique a 22-year old college dropout used to raise venture capital (and the tool I give you that he wish he had)
  • How to arrange “chance” encounters with VCs, and how the CEO of Kwiry used this technique to raise venture capital
  • How you can use social networking (e.g., FaceBook, LinkedIn) to meet the perfect VC for your company
  • How to find the email address of any VC partner and use it to arrange a meeting
  • What to send VCs in your first contact and what to avoid (or risk killing your chances of raising money)
  • The true goal of your initial contact with VCs (HINT – it’s NOT what you think)
  • What it means to “over-shop” your deal and how to avoid this like the plague

Chapter 6 – Meeting With
Venture Capitalists

Chapter 6

A key step in your path to a multi-million dollar check is meeting with venture capitalists. These meetings can pave your way to success. Or, they could stop your efforts dead in their tracks.

In this chapter, “Meeting with Venture Capitalists,” I will teach you how to excel in your VC meetings and move a step closer to your multi-million dollar financing check. Specifically, I will show you:

  • How to prepare for your VC meetings
  • The true goal of your meetings
  • What information to cover in your presentation and what NOT to say
  • How to figure out if a VC is truly interested in your company; and what to do immediately if the VC is not interested
  • How to properly answer the “trick questions” that virtually all VCs will ask you
  • How to follow-up after your VC meeting to maximize success
  • How to develop rapport with VCs that results in a big financing check

Chapter 7 – Legal & Negotiating
Issues For Raising Venture Capital

Chapter 7

By this point, you’ve met with VCs and they’re ready to write you a check.

While you’re clearly headed in the right direction at this point, failing to favorably negotiate the terms of the financing transaction could be catastrophic.

The deal terms are often the difference between you eventually receiving a personal check for millions upon millions of dollars (when you later sell the company or IPO) or losing control of your company.

In this chapter, you will learn the key legal and negotiating issues to protect your interests, including:

  • The way you need to incorporate in order to get VC funding
  • The “term sheet’s” critical role in the venture capital raising process
  • At what point you need to hire a lawyer and how to avoid any legal out-of-pocket costs
  • The fifteen (15) most important venture capital negotiating issues and which ones to fight hard on and which ones you can give in to
  • How to maximize your valuation and keep a larger percentage of your company’s equity
  • How to gain leverage to better negotiate the terms of your financing
  • What you MUST do before signing a term sheet, or your financing could disappear forever...
  • Why “liquidation preference” is perhaps the most important negotiation term and how to make sure you don’t get taken advantage of
  • How to expertly prepare for the VC’s due diligence
  • Two (2) insider techniques to raise venture capital while protecting your business ideas and intellectual property (IP)

Chapter 8 – Venture Capital FAQs

Chapter 8

Having successfully assisted so many entrepreneurs in the process of raising venture capital, I know that several questions will arise while you raise capital for your business.

As you will read below, as one of your bonuses, you will receive 24/7 access to Growthink’s team of capital-raising experts to answer any questions that arise. But, this chapter gives you answer to the most frequently asked questions.

In this chapter, you’ll learn:

  • How to expertly follow-up with VCs and when persistence is a good thing (and when it’s not)
  • Why you should contact multiple VCs at the same time (even though they don’t want you to)
  • When you should contact “associates” and “venture partners” at VC firms
  • How to position your company to raise follow-on rounds of venture capital
  • What to do if your management team is not complete
  • How to budget your venture capital raising timeline

...and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

My 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Once again, I am giving you my proven guide for raising venture capital that’s taken me TEN YEARS to perfect. It’s also the guide which has been successfully battle-tested on numerous businesses who have each raised millions of dollars in venture capital.

But if getting this proven guide isn’t incentive enough for you to take action right now... then I’ll do you one better.

I’m going to make this as simple and as easy as it could be for you to get started. Try Growthink’s Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Venture Capital today and use it to raise venture capital and get on your way to success.

If you’re not 100% thrilled with the ease in which your capital raising process comes together, and the results you get... then at any time within the next year (365 days) just email me and I’ll refund 100% of your money.

In this way, you’re actually not risking any money at all. Why? Because you only pay if you get massive value and results for your small investment.

And because I’m offering you a full 100% Money-Back Guarantee for the next 365 days, if you buy our step-by-step guide today, and 364 days from now you decide that it wasn’t right for your business, I’ll refund your money immediately.

All you need to do is send me an email saying “Hey Dave, send me a refund”, and I’ll promptly refund 100% of your money -- no hard feelings whatsoever.

I really want every entrepreneur who buys my guide to raising venture capital to be successful. If you aren’t as successful as you want to be - then you won’t pay a thing.

Isn’t that the way it should be? You only pay for what actually works?

How Much Is This Worth To You?

Remember, I’m going to give you my proven, simple-to-follow venture capital raising guide. The one that’s helped over 2,000 entrepreneurs like you raise millions of dollars in funding.

And which has allowed them to build numerous multi-million dollar empires. Not to mention the blood, sweat and tears I poured into creating the guide over TEN years.

So how much is raising capital and building a successful company worth to you?

Maybe $499? Maybe $999?

So you know, hundreds of entrepreneurs have paid these prices to attend seminars and hear me speak. And they have left empty handed -- without access to Growthink’s Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Venture Capital.

I could EASILY charge $599 for this guide and thousands of entrepreneurs would jump on it. It's that valuable. But I’m not charging $599.

I’m not even charging $299.

For a very limited time, you can download Growthink’s Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Venture Capital for the incredibly low price of just...


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And that includes the $304 worth of bonuses that you get absolutely free.

Yes, I’m leaving a lot of money on the table by giving you this at such as low price.

Here’s why...

I want EVERY ENTREPRENEUR to be able to easily afford this guide. I consider this my patriotic mission.

My Patriotic mission???

That’s right.

The success of the our economy has always been the direct result of entrepreneurs like you starting and growing their companies. You provide jobs, important products and services, a tax base, and more.

So, by helping you succeed, I’m helping our country succeed. And that’s a cause I will always support!

At this low price, there are no excuses for not building your empire today!

Thanks for all of your help! Before I purchased your product, I was largely uninformed about the process of raising equity capital outside of the established public markets. I knew that I needed to capitalize my start-up and that private money was out there sitting on the sidelines, but I lacked the inside industry perspective to focus my search for sources of funding that meet the specific needs of my business.

The education that I obtained from absorbing the material provides me the knowledge base and confidence required to assure that I can successfully engage Angels and VCs as needed to grow my business beyond the seed round of financing. Great work, and keep delivering high-value products to entrepreneurs in need.

-Hugh Youngblood
Youngblood Capital Group

4 More Free Bonuses For Acting Right Now
($304 Value -- Yours Free)

I want to make saying "Yes" even easier by including FOUR MORE powerful bonuses that, purchased separately would cost you $304, and which make this the total package for you to raise venture capital and grow a successful business.

Slide Presentation
Bonus #1 -- Sample Venture Capital Slide Presentation ($99 Value)

This VC-tested slide presentation succeeds in boiling down your full business plan into only 12 slides that convey the key points that VCs need to hear in order to gain interest in funding your company.

Simply download this Microsoft PowerPoint® template and customize it for your business.


Bonus #2 -- New 2009 Directory of Top US Venture Capital Firms ($29 Value)

  • Access to exclusive contact information for over 200 top US venture capital firms
  • Quickly & easily search or sort by name, city, state, or zip code to find investors near you
  • Fully editable so you can annotate each listing and track your progress to raise money

Bonus #3 -- New 2009 Directory of Top Angel Investment Groups ($29 Value)

  • Access to nearly 150 top angel investment groups across the United States
  • Quickly & easily search or sort by name, city, or state to find angel investors near you
  • Fully editable so you can annotate each listing and track your progress to raise money
15 Expert Interviews
Bonus #4 -- 15 Expert Interviews (MP3s & Transcripts) ($147 Value)

Listen to these 15 expert interviews (or read the transcripts) to learn specific techniques that entrepreneurs have successfully used to raise venture capital and the issues that venture capitalists ponder on a daily basis.

These interviews include:

  • Venture Capitalists
    • Guy Kawasaki, Garage Technology Ventures
    • Brad Feld, Foundry Group
    • David Humphrey, Oklahoma Equity Partners
    • John Morris, GKM Partners
    • John Babcock, Rustic Canyon Partners
    • Victor Hwang, T2 Venture Capital
  • Entrepreneurs Who Have Raised Venture Capital
    • Ron Feldman, CEO, Kwiry
    • Ryan Allis, CEO, iContact
    • Mark DiPaolo, CEO, Vantage Media
    • Eytan Elbaz, Founder, Oingo/AdSense
    • Jim Jonassen, CEO, PeopleMover
  • Venture Lawyers & Advisors
    • Mike Kendall, Partner, Goodwin Procter LLP
    • Brette Simon, Partner, Jones Day
    • Ken Yancey, CEO, SCORE

Use the link below to download Growthink’s Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Venture Capital and get these amazing Free Bonuses right now.

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To Your Success!

Dave Lavinsky
President, Growthink, Inc.
[email protected]

P.S. Just to remind you, you can try my Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Venture Capital right now with my 100% Money Back Guarantee for the next 365 days.

You’ll get Growthink’s Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Venture Capital immediately and get all the results that come from it.

Then, if at any time in the next FULL YEAR you decide it wasn’t for you... you can simply email me and get a 100% refund of your money.

Plus you can still KEEP the Bonuses, just for giving Growthink’s Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Venture Capital a try.

Frequently Asked Questions About
"The Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Venture Capital"

Q: I’m new at this. I’ve never raised capital before. Can someone like me, with little experience, follow your information? Is this easy to understand, or is it too advanced for me?

A: Don’t worry - yes, you, and anyone else can follow the information presented in The Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Venture Capital. I went to great lengths to make sure that all of our content is clear, simple and straightforward. Yet, the information is still extremely helpful to those who have experience raising capital...specifically, there are tons of new tips and tricks that even the experienced capital-raising entrepreneur can use to raise more capital and succeed.

Q. I have an established business that is doing very well. Is The Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Venture Capital just for startups, or is it for established businesses too?

A. The Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Venture Capital was designed for BOTH startups and established businesses. The process of raising venture capital is the same for both.

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I had participated in a capital raise before, but never LED an effort. I did not feel at all confident about taking a leadership role before learning Growthink's Venture Capital system. Great information, for starters. But also great branding by your team, as your tone and encouragement from the expert Q&A really convey a genuine desire to help us succeed.

It's like facing a big ball game, but knowing you've got a fireball bullpen behind you. My confidence increases with every exchange. I am now much more confident about avoiding pitfalls and successfully raising venture capital.

-Jeff Sandgren
Sandgren Consulting LLC

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