The #1 Secret of Successful Entrepreneurs

You're about to discover the single biggest factor that separates average entrepreneurs from super-successful entrepreneurs...

You see, super-successful entrepreneurs avoid all the problems and challenges that average entrepreneurs have.

Do you face any of these challenges?

  • You struggle to get more customers
  • You fight to outperform competitors
  • You find it really tough to increase your sales and profits
  • It feels impossible to get your employees to give more and be more productive
  • You're not growing as fast or as much as you'd like
  • You're strained with a lack of cash flow
  • Or, you can't take as much time off as you'd like to spend with your family or for pleasure

Well, truth be told, super-successful entrepreneurs avoid ALL of these challenges.

What's the #1 secret of super-successful entrepreneurs?

A Killer Strategic Plan.

That's right: ALL super-successful entrepreneurs have a clear strategic plan for running and growing their businesses.

And to help you out, in this letter, I'm going to show you the benefits of having a great strategic plan. And I'm going to tell you exactly what needs to go in your strategic plan. and then I'm going to give you a tool to quickly and easily complete your strategic plan.

But first, I need to clear up the biggest misconception most entrepreneurs have about planning.Specifically, I want you to know the difference between a strategic plan and a business plan.

I want to do this since many of you know me as the guy BusinessWeek calls the Business Plan Expert .

Yes, I know a thing or two about business plans, and since 1999, I have helped over 100,000 entrepreneurs complete their business plans.

But I have also helped countless others with their strategic plans, their marketing plans, their exit plans and their overall growth strategy.

And that's why my company and I have been interviewed by every major business source:

Strategic Plans vs. Business Plans

So let me tell you the key differences between a strategic plan and a business plan.

You'll want to create a Business Plan when you are looking to:

  • Start a new company
  • Organize their thoughts
  • Judge the viability of your business idea
  • Identify your general business strategy
  • Understand potential financial results
  • Present to bank or investor for financing

And you'll want to create a Strategic Plan in order to:

  • Grow an existing business
  • Identify the best opportunities for growth
  • Determine and prioritize your financial and HR needs
  • Effectively communicate your plan to your team
  • Provide a detailed and focused game plan

As you can imagine, strategic plans are reserved for entrepreneurs who are serious about growing their companies.

And strategic plans are the single biggest factor that separates average entrepreneurs from super-successful entrepreneurs..

But, I Need to Warn You

Having worked with hundreds of super-successful entrepreneurs, I know that each and every one of them develops their strategic plan every year.

For example, I helped Integreon CEO Liam Brown develop his first strategic plan 8 years ago, when he had but a handful of employees.

Since then, Liam continues to update and follow his strategic plan.

And as a result, he has grown Integreon to become the largest BPO firm in the world, with over $100 Million in annual revenues, 2,000 employees, and office locations on 4 continents!

And consider this quote by billionaire entrepreneur T. Boone Pickens:

"A Fool with a Plan is better off than a Genius without a Plan!"

And Winston Churchill who said:

"He who fails to plan, is planning to fail."

And Thomas Alva Edison who said:

"Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning"

Yes, I could go on with countless examples of entrepreneurs who created great strategic plans and used them to achieve absolutely everything they wanted.

But, I need to warn you..

While creating a strategic plan has led to thousands upon thousands of success stories, in most cases, they fail to produce the results you want.

In fact, according to Fortune Magazine only 14% of CEO's indicated that their organizations did an effective job of implementing the strategies they set in their strategic plans.

And The Balanced Scorecard Collaborative found that "90% of organizations fail to execute their strategic plans successfully".

The Balanced Scorecard Collaborative also found that 95% of a typical workforce doesn't even understand its organization's strategy.

Fortunately, there's a brutally simple reason for these failures.

Which is this: Most entrepreneurs and business owners have NO IDEA how to create a great strategic plan!

I mean, anyone can hope or say "we're going to double revenues and profits" .

.but if the company goes after the wrong opportunities, or the strategic plan doesn't layout how you're going to achieve it, it won't happen.

In consulting speak, we call this the "strategy execution gap" - the difference between management's strategic plans and the company's ability to execute on it.

A Great Strategic Plan,
The Kind That Works Big Time

A great strategic plan, the kind that works big time, is one that eliminates all "strategy execution gaps" so that achieving the desired results is straightforward.

So, let me briefly run through the keys to a great strategic plan for you.

A great strategic plan has 13 sections:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Elevator Pitch
  3. Company Mission Statement
  4. SWOT Analysis
  5. Goals
  6. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  7. Target Customers
  8. Industry Analysis
  9. Competitive Analysis & Advantage
  10. Marketing Plan
  11. Team
  12. Operations Plan
  13. Financial Projections

Let me walk you through the keys to 5 of these sections now, and later, I'll give you a tool that will tell you about the rest.

One key section of your strategic plan is your Elevator Pitch...

As you may know, an elevator pitch is a brief description of your company that you could tell to a stranger in the time that it takes for you to ride an elevator from the ground to the top floor of a building.

This is an important part of a strategic plan because if both your employees and your customers can't concisely explain your business to others, then you'll lose out on tons of new customers.

If you think about it, for all great companies, like Fedex, or eBay, or Google, pretty much anyone can quickly and easily explain what they do to someone else.

A second key section of your strategic plan is your SWOT Analysis.

As you may know, SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

Identifying your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats is a critical exercise in growing your company...

Clearly, you want to make sure you identify the best opportunities available to grow your company, and choose to go after the ones that best leverage your company's strengths.

Doing so, dramatically increases your success.

Likewise you need to make sure you identify weaknesses you need to improve, and minimize the impact of or remove potential threats...

A third key section of your strategic plan is your Key Performance Indicators or KPIs.

Setting KPIs and viewing them frequently in what we call a "financial dashboard" is one of the hallmarks of successful companies...

So what are KPIs?

KPIs are the metrics that judge your business' performance based on the success you would like to achieve.

While setting KPIs allows you to identify and measure the performance metrics that your company needs to achieve, which puts you in a much better position to achieve them.

A fourth key section of your strategic plan is your Operations Plan.

This is another area where most entrepreneurs and companies break down.

Because even if you come up with good ideas and opportunities for growth, if you don't have an action plan for executing on them, they'll never materialize.

Your operations plan should transform your opportunities into reality by mapping out the timeline and game plan for completing all projects.

Among other things, the operations plan identifies the smaller projects that comprise the big opportunities, and details how these projects will be completed.

A fifth key section of your strategic plan is your Financial Projections.

Your Financial Projections show the revenues, profits and expenses that will result from executing on your strategic plan.

They show what the results of going after different opportunities will be, to make sure you choose the right ones.

They show you the financial resources that are required to execute on your strategic plan.

And they allow you to judge and improve your performance as you embark on your plan.

So there you have it.those are key tips about some of the strategic plan sections that allow companies like yours to dramatically grow.

Now, I mentioned earlier that I have a tool to help you quickly and easily complete your strategic plan.

So you can reap all the benefit of becoming a super successful entrepreneur.

And that tool is called.

Ultimate Strategic Plan Template

Let me tell you exactly why my Ultimate Strategic Plan Template is perfect for you.

To begin, the Ultimate Strategic Plan Template is delivered as a Microsoft Word and a Microsoft Excel document (for both PC & Mac users).

Which you can instantly download and get started on today.

Our Microsoft Word document includes simple, fill-in-the-blank exercises that guide you through the key questions your strategic plan must answer..

So, you complete your plan expertly in hours and not days, weeks or months...

Let me give you some examples..

Remember how creating your elevator pitch is so important.

Well our template not only includes sample elevator pitches for you.

.but it has our 6 proprietary yet simple questions that guide you through creating a world class elevator pitch for your company.

Remember the importance of your SWOT Analysis.

Well our template features our proprietary SWOTBuilderT Exercise.

Among other things, it guides you through a series of questions that are guaranteed to identify tons of new opportunities to grow your business.

So you choose the opportunities that you can most successfully execute on, and that will dramatically grow your revenues and profits.

Remember how critical it is to identify your Key Performance Indicators or KPIs.

Our Ultimate Strategic Plan Template has you covered there too.

Not only does it include 20 sample KPIs.

But it includes our unique and proprietary KPICreatorT questions which are guaranteed to identify the perfect KPIs for your business.that will measure and guide your success!

And remember the importance of your Operations Plan.and how it transforms your opportunities into reality.

Our template gives you our 4-step process for creating an Operations Plan that will successfully achieve all of your key objectives.

You'll Get Real-World Examples

You'll get real-world examples, and guidance on how to create an operations plan that you and your team can easily follow.

I'll even give you a link to where you can download free, simple to use software to create a visual version of your operations plan.

And finally, remember the importance of your Financial Projections...

Well this is another area where our template really shines.

Our template includes complete financial projections in Microsoft Excel.

All you need to do is simply type in some numbers, like the number of products or services you expect to sell, your marketing expenses and salaries.And our template automatically calculates your complete 5-year financial projections both monthly and annually.

And remember the 8 other key sections of your strategic plan...

Well my Ultimate Strategic Plan Template has you covered there too..

For example, our template guides you through simple questions to complete your Industry Analysis.

It even shows you exactly where to go online to download market research on your industry and competitors for free.

Our template also includes proprietary questions that allow you to easily creating a winning Mission Statement.

And our Ultimate Strategic Plan Template already includes the 24 best marketing tactics for you to use to get all the customers you can handle.

All you need to do is select and briefly describe the ones you'll use.

And, just in case you have any questions at any time, our strategic plan template comes with 365 days of free email support.

So how's that for a short-cut?

I've Already Done All
The Hard Work For You.

All you have to do is download the template, type in your answers to our simple questions, and you're done!

And the results?

You'll have a winning strategic plan for your business in no time.

You'll have a plan with a great business strategy and a clear road map for your success.

You'll have a strategic plan that allows you to:

  • Get more customers
  • Outperform competitors
  • Increase your sales and profits
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Grow faster
  • Spend more time away from your business
  • Build your company's value so you can eventual sell it for millions of dollars

So, how much would you expect to pay for something like this...

A proven "turn-key" method for quickly and easily developing a winning strategic plan.

If you think about it, you'll realize that your strategic plan can easily increase the value of your business by thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars.

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Will My Strategic Plan Template
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Now, you may be wondering whether this will work for your business.

Fair question.and the answer is YES!

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Growthink's Template allowed us to see what was working in our business (and how to do more of it), and identified the time-consuming and money-wasting tasks that weren't helping our bottom line (which we have now stopped doing).

The Plan helped us set priorities to better forecast revenue streams in a systemized way so we were no longer guessing or hoping for cash infusions -- they were planned.

This got my entire team going in the same direction with enthusiasm and commitment to reaching our stated goals and understanding what we are trying to accomplish.

For anyone who wants to stop "playing" business and have a true business that's scalable and sellable, I highly recommend Growthink's Ultimate Strategic Plan!"

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That clarity also brought the RIGHT strategy into view on how to accomplish our goals for this year and beyond. And not only how to accomplish them but the specific, measurable game plan that will actually lead us to the desired outcomes for those goals. Thanks to your Ultimate Strategic Plan template we are positioned to jump from a 7 figure online marketing and publishing business to 8 figures+ by year's end. Thanks!"

Jeff Vacek, CEO, Info Interests LLC
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The steps your template outlines to create a specific operational plan to grow my business to achieve the goals and take advantage of the opportunities identified in the strategic plan are invaluable. I plan to suggest that all my business clients also use "Growthink's Ultimate Strategic Plan Template to position themselves for success."

Stephanie R. Skaggs
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"I always thought writing a business plan was going to be very difficult - and that's why I kept putting it off again (and again and again). Your template made it as easy as filling in the blanks and pressing "print"... and actually, I just printed out my finished business plan! Thanks again."

David Schleider, Founder/President, TrueLemon


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Sab Singh, Co-Founder, The Kaur Group


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