How to Uncover FREE Sources of
Market Research So You Can PROVE
Every Single Claim in Your Business Plan

Do you know the REAL purpose of a business plan?

If you want to raise capital, your business plan must be a powerful sales and marketing document.

Your business plan needs to persuade investors to fund your business. You must prove your case.

So how do you do that?

With world-class MARKET RESEARCH.

That's why I've compiled my BEST market research secrets in a Special Report called:

"How to Quickly, Easily and Expertly
Conduct ZERO-COST Market Research"

Armed with these market research tips, you will create a more persuasive business plan, because you'll be able to back up every single claim you make with cold, hard data.

Best of all, this report reveals dozens of FREE sources of market research that are right at your finger tips - once you know where to look.

In this special report, you'll discover:

  • How to save thousands of dollars on expensive research studies and consultants (once you know this "trick," a few simple Google searches can save you $2,250 or more)!
  • A little-known "gold mine" where you can get FREE market research for more than 100 industries!
  • Where to find accurate data on your target customers (demographics, income, etc) whether you're selling to consumers or businesses... all for FREE!
  • A simple way to quickly and easily identify ALL of your top competitors in MINUTES!
  • How to instantly determine the size of your market and whether it's growing or shrinking, so you're 100% confident you're pursuing a profitable business opportunity!
  • A FREE tool that allows you to see the EXACT words your customers will use to find YOU in the search engines!
  • How to legally "SPY" on your competitors' websites, to see how many hits they're getting... and what keywords they are advertising on... and the demographics of their website visitors... all for FREE!

You'll not only save countless hours scouring for hard-to-find research about your customers, competitors, and industry trends...

You'll also be able to confidently prove your case to investors, and be able to answer every question with cold-hard facts and figures.

The end result?

You'll be armed with a factual, persuasive business plan that'll allow you to raise capital and dominate your competition - because you'll understand your marketplace better than anybody else.

Here's what one of my recent customers had to say about my report:

"Dave, this was a fantastic report ... The ideas in your report would give any business an added edge because in today's world data - and the correct data - is powerful!

All the tips within the report are practical and I will definitely be using them to conduct a full analysis prior to starting my business. Thank you!"

Vishal Badiani
Toronto, Canada


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The Choice Is Yours...

  • Do you want to be able to PROVE every claim you make in your business plan, so you can convince investors to fund your business?
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To Your Success!

Dave Lavinsky
President, Growthink, Inc.

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