Are you looking for capital for your business? If so, banks loans and SBA loans may be the right source for you!

To give you a perspective into the lending market for small businesses, the government agency responsible for small business lending has $45 Billion in loans outstanding, which still only makes up a fraction of all small business loans.

The bottom line is, there is money out there that you can use to start or grow your business... but only if you know how to get it.

Growthink has helped over 2,000 entrepreneurs raise over $1 billion in funding over the past 10 years. The same experts that have helped to build multi-million dollar empires all across the world have revealed their secrets in this easy to understand and expertly written guide to raising capital from banks and SBA lenders.

This guide is the complete solution for anyone that is looking to raise capital from banks and SBA lenders. Growthink’s “Step by Step Guide to Raising Capital From Banks and SBA Lenders” contains crucial information about the many different types of loans that are relevant to your business as well as the steps that need to be followed to get approval from a lender.

Here Is Just Some of the Insider Information
And Techniques You Will Find:

  • The differences between raising debt capital and equity capital that you need to understand (Page 2)
  • The important elements of loans and what you need to know BEFORE you look for one (Page 7)
  • Exactly what lenders are looking for when they consider whether or not to fund your business (Page 9)
  • The biggest misconception about loans that keeps many entrepreneurs from getting funded (Page 11)
  • One easy, but seldom used trick to maximize your chances of getting a loan on the best possible terms (page 12)
  • The key types of loans and what you need to know to make sure you get one that’s right for your business (Page 13)
  • The best way for startups to overcome a key SBA requirement and quickly get the perfect SBA loan (Page 19)
  • Assessment of every type of SBA loan to allow you to quickly determine the optimum one for your business (pages 19 to 24)
  • The hands-down fastest way to get an SBA loan (Page 29)
  • Growthink’s proven 6-step formula for getting an SBA or bank loan (Pages 32 to 36)
  • The 30 U.S. banks that are most likely to loan money to your business (Page 37)

Growthink really understands how to create compelling business plans and raise capital, and Growthink’s Capital Raising Products succeed in infusing this knowledge.

-John Morris
Managing Director, GKM Ventures,
Board of Governors, Tech Coast Angels

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  • Techniques to quickly attract investors
  • How to get inside the heads (and checkbooks) of investors and banks
  • The most important #s that every business owner MUST have on the tip of their tongue

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