Now, at last, you really can market your business online,
PROFITABLY -- no matter your experience level or budget...


From: Dave Lavinsky, President of Growthink
Date: Saturday, October 21, 2017

Dear Entrepreneur,

Dave Lavinsky, President, Growthink

If you're struggling to market your business online, please know this:

Your lack of success is NOT because you haven't found the next new “secret” technique.

I'm sorry -- but there is no "magic bullet"...

BUT, there is a tried-and-true formula for generating profits online.

And here it is...

7 Steps to Profitable
Internet Marketing

  1. Identify what your potential customers really want
  2. Offer it to them, in a way that compels them to respond
  3. Send them to your website via multiple sources
  4. Track everything, so you know what's resulting in sales (and what's NOT)
  5. Test and optimize to increase conversions and profitability
  6. Follow the "80/20 rule" (Focus on the 20% of activity that brings in 80% of your results)
  7. Rinse and repeat.

It really IS that simple.

So why isn't every business successful with internet marketing?

Well, I'll give you a few reasons...

The Top 9 Reasons Why
Internet Marketing "Fails"

Mistake #1. Using the Wrong Keywords.

Unless you know what your customers are really typing into the search engines, you'll never be found.

Mistake #2. Not "Hooking" Your Visitors.

You've got only a few seconds to “hook” a new website visitor. And if you don’t, then they’ll leave – most likely forever.

Mistake #3. Not Building an Email List.

Unsuccessful internet marketers don't know how to build a responsive list of buyers.

Mistake #4. Ignoring Your Email List.

Most businesses don't adequately follow up -- and they leave significant profits on the table.

Mistake #5. Putting All Your Eggs in 1 Basket.

Worried about what the next big search engine algorithm might mean for your business? Don’t ever put yourself in that position.

Mistake #6. Not Tracking.

If you're investing in internet marketing, and you're NOT tracking everything, you're flying blind -- and that's a recipe for disaster.

Mistake #7. Not Testing.

If you're not testing in order to optimize different elements of your campaigns, then there is no chance you'll succeed online.

Mistake #8. Not Knowing Your Numbers.

How much can you afford to pay to acquire a customer, or an email address? If you don't know, you're gambling.

Mistake #9. Not Putting Systems in Place.

Successful internet marketers don't just jump from one fad to the next. They put systems in place to consistently generate profits and maximize the value of their businesses over the long-term.

Can YOU Really Master Internet
Marketing, Quickly and Easily?

The simple answer: YES. Anybody can “learn the ropes,” but your speed is really up to you.

See, if you're like most entrepreneurs, you probably like to do things your own way. It’s only natural.

Really, I think you have two options:

Option 1: Learn the "EXPENSIVE and FAST" Way -- by trial and error. Sure, you'll learn Internet Marketing, but you’ll almost certainly suffer unnecessary and expensive mistakes that could mean the difference between success and failure.

The reason I’m telling you this is because that's exactly how I learned internet marketing – on my own dime.

Over the past 10 years, I've spent more than $5 Million of my own money running tests and experiments, and finding out first-hand what works, and what doesn't.

I don’t say that to brag. Sure, I’ve had many successes, but I’ve also made countless expensive mistakes over the years -- some of which have cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars. In other words, it has been a VERY long and expensive education...

So what does this mean for you? It means you get to choose the better option...

Option 2: Learn the "QUICK and EASY" Way -- by leveraging MY experience.

Here’s What’s Included In The
"Ultimate Internet Marketing System"

The "Ultimate Internet Marketing System" is a comprehensive training program that’s made up of

  • 4 DVDs covering the 14 CORE Internet Marketing Modules (see descriptions below)

PLUS, order today and you’ll also get:

  • INSTANT ACCESS to Online Videos of the 14 Modules
  • INSTANT ACCESS to Downloadable MP3 Audios of the 14 Modules
  • INSTANT ACCESS to Training Handouts (in PDF format)

OK, that’s the nuts and bolts. Here’s a more detailed breakdown.

Module 1: Internet Marketing Fundamentals

Before you get started marketing online, or start making changes to your existing campaigns, you need to understand how profitable internet marketing really works.

Here’s what we’ll cover in the “Fundamentals” module:

  • The Top 4 Reasons Why Internet Marketing is the Most Powerful Way to Grow Your Business
  • The BIGGEST Myth About Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • How to Start Getting Targeted Traffic to Your Website Within Minutes – Guaranteed!
  • The Surefire Way to Multiply Your Online Sales (And It’s Virtually FREE)
  • An Unprecedented Opportunity to Get Your Message in Front of MILLIONS of Potential Customers
  • The Simple 4-Part “Funnel” for Generating Massive Profits Online

Module 2: Keyword Research

In order to increase traffic to your website and maximize your online profits, you need to know what your customers are REALLY looking for.

Here’s what we’ll cover in the keyword research module:

  • How to “Read the Minds” of Your Customers (and Identify the EXACT Words They Type into the Search Engines)
  • How to “Legally Spy” on Your Competitors (and Poach Their Most Profitable Keywords)
  • Top 2 Deadliest Keyword Mistakes to Avoid
  • The 3 Major Types of Keywords, and How to Leverage Them for Profit
  • A Practical 3-Step Keyword Selection Process to Guide Your Search Engine Marketing Efforts

Module 3: Effective Website Design

At this point, you’ll know the Fundamentals and you’ll have selected your keywords. But BEFORE you start driving traffic (e.g. visitors) to your website, you first need to make sure you are using effective website design principles.

Too many business owners ignore this step, at their own peril. If you want to maximize your online sales, pay close attention to this module.

  • Top 5 Website Design Mistakes to Avoid
  • 3 Ways to Make Your Website “Search-Engine Friendly”
  • How to Turn Your Website into a 24/7 Sales Machine
  • The 4-Part Sales Formula That Converts Visitors into Buyers like Clockwork
  • How to Answer the #1 Question in Your Customers' Mind
  • How to Attract Business Away from Your Competitors
  • The Key to Triggering Maximum Response (and Sales) from Your Customers

Module 4: Pay Per Click 101

By now, you know what keywords to focus on, and you’ve developed a website that will produce sales. The next step is to start driving traffic...

  • Why You Must Focus on Google Adwords First
  • Which Default Settings You MUST Change Immediately (Unless You Want to Keep Lining Google’s Coffers At Your Own Expense)
  • The 4 Types of Keyword Settings (and Which One to Avoid)
  • How to Stop Paying Google for Worthless Clicks
  • The Best Way to Structure Each Part of Your Ad to Generate Maximum Clicks
  • Why You Should NEVER, EVER Send Your Traffic to Your Home Page
  • The 1 Simple Thing You Must Do Before Turning Your Ads “ON” (or Risk Throwing Huge Sums of Money Down the Toilet)
  • How to Squeeze More Profits Out of Your Ads, Without Increasing Your Budget One Penny

Module 5: Advanced Pay Per Click

OK, you’ve got your Pay Per Click campaign up and running. Now it’s time to start implementing some advanced techniques to increase your profitability.

  • 3 Little-Known “Tricks” to Get More Clicks
  • Surefire Methods to Decrease Your Cost-Per-Click
  • The 8 Most Important “Landing Page” Elements to Test
  • 6 Keys to Increasing the Profitability of Your PPC Search Campaign
  • The “Other Half” of Google Adwords That Most Business Owners Ignore (But Which Can Provide MORE & CHEAPER Clicks Than

Module 6: Search Engine Optimization 101

At this point, you’ve identified which keywords are working for you with Pay Per Click advertising, and your campaign is humming along nicely, generating a profit.

Now, it’s time to leverage your results by investing in Search Engine Optimization – to get FREE traffic on your “proven” keywords...

  • The 2 Things Your Website Really Needs to Rank in the Top 10 (Yes, SEO Actually Is This Simple)
  • The #1 Reason Why Some Business Owners Get “Fleeced” By Shady SEO Companies
  • The 2 Sides of SEO, and Which One Matters MUCH, MUCH More (and Why)
  • The 4 Most Important Elements That You MUST “Optimize”
  • 3 Critical “Content” and “Structural” Issues to Get Right (or Fix)
  • The #1 Most Important Factor for Outranking Your Competitors
  • How to Optimize Your Website Content Without Looking “Spammy”
  • Why You Should Always Start with the “Long Tail” Keywords
  • How to Quickly and Easily get TONS of High Quality Websites to Link to You

Module 7: Advanced SEO

OK, now you’ve got the basics down. And now it’s time to start implementing some advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to generate tons of FREE traffic while leaving your competitors in the dust.

  • The #1 Strategic ERROR That Can Ruin Your Best SEO Efforts
  • How to Avoid Falling Victim to “Linking” Scams
  • 4 More Proven Methods for Boosting Your Rankings
  • An Easy “Low-Hanging-Fruit” Opportunity Too Many Website Owners Ignore
  • How to Investigate WHY Your Competitors Are Ranking in the Top 10 (So You Can Out-Rank Them)
  • The Source of Virtually “Never-Ending” FREE Traffic You Must Tap Into
  • How to Create Content That Spreads Virally (And Improves Your Rankings, Too!)
  • When, When Not To, and How to Pay For Links (Without Making Google “Mad” At You)

Module 8: Social Media 101

And now that you’ve got your Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies in place, it’s time to attract more customers and drive more traffic to your website.

What better way to do that than to meet your potential customers where they’re already hanging out...

  • The GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY about Social Media
  • A “Down-to-Earth” Explanation of Why Social Media Is Not Just Another Fad
  • 3 Keys to Generating Profits from Social Media
  • 3 “Rookie” Mistakes You Must Avoid (Or Be Laughed Out of the Room -- Or WORSE!)
  • How to Drive MASSIVE Amounts of Free Traffic with Social Media
  • Social Media Productivity Tips (How to Get More for Less)
  • Should YOU Be Blogging? (And If So, How to Develop a Rabid Following)

Module 9: Advanced Social Media

Now that you’ve got your social media “engine” in place, it’s time to really get it humming. In this module, you’ll learn best practices for generating traffic and profits from social media and blogging.

  • 5 Ways to Generate More Leads from LinkedIn
  • How to Explode Your Twitter Following
  • What You Should Be “Tweeting” About (And What to Leave Out of the Conversation)
  • How to Profit from Facebook (Tips for Your Profile, Updates, Groups, Pages, and More)
  • Little-Known Techniques to Drive Tons of Traffic from YouTube
  • Best Practices for “Business Blogging”
  • EVEN MORE Tools and Productivity Tips

Module 10: Email Marketing 101

Email marketing is, without a doubt, one of the most reliable ways of generating profits online. This session walks you through, step-by-step, exactly how to generate more sales with email marketing.

  • The 5 Keys to Building Your List the RIGHT Way
  • Tips for Creating Emails That Your Prospects Will WANT to Read
  • The Best Way to Get Your Emails Sent
  • When to Send Your Emails (Best Times-of-Day and Days-of-Week), for Maximum Response
  • How to Increase Your Email Open Rates and Click-Thru Rates

Module 11: Advanced Email Marketing

Now that you’re building a list and you’ve got email campaigns up and running, it’s time to use more techniques and tactics to maximize your email marketing results.

  • The “Ugly” Web Page Design That Can TRIPLE Your Opt-In Rates
  • How to Build a Bigger List, FASTER – With No Additional Spend
  • A Simple Trick That’ll Nearly Double Your Opens and Click-Thru Rates, EVERY Time
  • How to Put Your Email Marketing on “Autopilot” (and Make Sales in Your Sleep)
  • An Unorthodox Way to Profit from Email Marketing, OFF-line

Module 12: Strengthening Your Funnel

By this point, you have all of the major components of your internet marketing in place: SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Email Marketing. In this session, you’ll “plug the holes,” discover your “low hanging fruit,” and integrate your campaigns for increased profits.

  • Easy ”Leverage Points” to Deliver More Traffic and Leads (for No Additional Cost)
  • The All-Too-Common “Mindset” Problem You Must Fix to Succeed With Internet Marketing
  • The #1 Habit of All Top Internet Marketers (That You Must Develop)
  • How SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, and Social Media Can Work Together (In Unexpected Ways)
  • The Best Way to Add “Seamless” Tracking to Your Internet Marketing

Module 13: Maximizing Your Online Profits

Now that you’ve got your Internet Marketing Funnel in good shape, it’s time to apply a few very powerful, time-tested strategies to maximize your online profits. In this session, you will learn...

  • 3 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Increase Your Online Profits
  • The 2 Most Powerful Methods for Acquiring New Customers
  • What Really Keeps Marketers Up at Night (But Shouldn’t)
  • How to Sell MORE Products and Services, at HIGHER Prices - and MORE OFTEN
  • The 1 Thing Even “Experienced” Marketers Tend to Neglect (But Which Can Reliably Deliver a FLOOD of Sales, Almost Overnight)
  • How to Produce Even MORE Online Profits (By Going Offline)

Module 14: Achieving Maximum Potential

And now that you’ve got all of the tactical AND strategic pieces in place, this final session shows you how to KEEP improving your internet marketing performance over the long-term, to truly maximize your return on investment (ROI).

  • The Foolproof Way to Identify Your Very Best Opportunities
  • How to Keep Your Strategy On Track (30, 60, 90, and 365 Days Into the Future)
  • Why You MUST Embrace “Failure” to Achieve Your Highest Income Potential
  • The #1 Productivity Myth That May Be Sabotaging Your Progress
  • How to “Clone” Yourself, Get EVEN More Done, and Generate More ROI

My No Questions Asked
100% Money-Back Guarantee

Once again, I am giving you my "battle-tested" internet marketing system that’s taken me TEN YEARS to develop.

But if getting this proven system isn’t incentive enough for you to take action right now... then I’ll do you one better.

I’m going to make this as simple and as easy as it could be for you to get started. Try Growthink’s Ultimate Internet Marketing System today and use it to improve your online marketing profitability. If you’re not 100% thrilled with the training program, and the results you get... then at any time within the next year (365 days) just email us and we’ll refund 100% of your money. No questions asked.

In this way, you’re actually not risking any money at all. Why? Because you only pay if you get massive value and results for your small investment.

And because I’m offering you a full 100% Money-Back Guarantee for the next 365 days from when you get the System, if you buy our system today, and 364 days from now you decide that it wasn’t right for your business, I’ll refund your money immediately.

All you need to do is send me an email saying “Hey Dave, send me a refund”, and I’ll promptly refund 100% of your money -- no hard feelings whatsoever.

I really want everyone who buys my system to be successful. If you aren’t as successful as you want to be with the system - then you won’t pay a thing.

Isn't that the way it should be? You only pay for what actually works?

How Much Is This Worth To You?

Remember, I’m going to give you my simple-to-follow Internet Marketing System that I developed over the past 10 years, by spending $5 Million of my own money.

Without this training, you will almost certainly make “rookie” mistakes that could cost you thousands upon thousands of dollars.

With this training, you can accelerate your internet marketing progress, developing new sources of website traffic and tapping previously “hidden” profit sources.

By enrolling in this course, you also save countless hours that you might otherwise have spent on internet marketing through “trial and error.”

So how much is the ability to PROFITABLY market your business online worth to you? $10,000? $5,000? $3,000?

I could easily charge $2,000 for this home study course.

But for a very limited time, your cost for the Entire DVD Home Study Course is just...


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It’s an incredible value and you’ll recoup this investment by the time you finish the course if you implement each module.

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Order now, while you're thinking about it. And your adventure in profitable internet marketing can begin right away.

I look forward to helping you grow your business.

To Your Success!

Dave Lavinsky
President, Growthink, Inc.
[email protected]

P.S. Just to remind you, you can try our Ultimate Internet Marketing System right now with my 100% Money Back Guarantee for the next 365 days.

Then, if at any time in the next FULL YEAR you decide it wasn’t for you... you can simply email me and get a 100% refund of your money.

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