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"Is Your Business Plan Missing
This Critical Ingredient?"

Did you know that most business plans never raise any money?

Consider these facts:

  • According to the National Venture Capital Association, venture capitalists fund less than 1% of the business plans they see!
  • According to the Center for Venture Research at the University of New Hampshire, angel investors fund only 11% of the business plans they see!
  • According to the Small Business Administration, the number of SBA loans granted has decreased by 56% over the past 3 years!

Why is it that most business plans fail to get funded?

What's the difference between successful and successful business plans?

Most business plans are missing a critical ingredient: Expert market research!

If you're struggling to raise money for your business, I'll bet your business plan is missing this critical ingredient, too...

Without The Right Market Research, You'll Fail...

Market research is absolutely critical for raising money.

You need solid market research to give lenders and investors confidence in your market opportunity, your competitive advantage, and your financial projections.

And if you don't have the right market research, you'll struggle to raise money from investors and lenders.

For example, if an investor or lender asks you a question about your market that you can't answer (because you didn't conduct your research properly)...not only will they not fund you, but it'll be highly embarrassing for you.

And in addition to raising money, market research is critical for your company's survival... Market research ensures that you're following the right business strategy. Missing or having the wrong market research and intelligence inevitably results in a flawed business strategy. For example, if you didn't know about an important market trend, your business would be doomed for failure.

To sum it up, if you don't have your market research done correctly every other aspect of your business plan is going to be flawed and you won't achieve success...

Need Help with Market Research?

As you may know, my company Growthink has written business plans for over 3,000 entrepreneurs and business owners... and in doing so, we've built an amazing team of market research analysts, financial modelers and business writers.

And the very special opportunity that I'm giving you right now is to have my team of market research analysts conduct your market research for you...

I call this service:

Growthink's Expert Market Research Delivered

The service is a comprehensive 11-Point Market Research Assessment that covers ALL the market research you need in your business plan...

For your Industry Research, we give you:

1. The precise sizing of your industry complete with market research and statistics

2. A breakdown of your industry's product and service segments

3. Details of key market and industry trends

For your Competitive Research, we give you:

4. An overview of your industry’s competitive landscape

5. Profiles of your three top competitors

6. Website performance assessments of your three top competitors including their web traffic and link profiles

7. Social media profiles of your top three competitors

For your Customer Research, we give you:

8. A detailed identification of your key customer segments

9. The demographic profile of your customer segments

And finally, for your Financial Research, we give you your industry’s average financial metrics, including:

10. Costs and profit margins

11. Industry financial ratios

So those are the 11 key market research components that you need and that we'll quickly and expertly conduct for you - and we'll give this to you in a Microsoft Word© document that you can simply copy and paste into your business plan.

And as a result:

  • You'll complete your business plan even faster and easier
  • You'll have expert research to prove the viability of your business to yourself and investors and lenders (so you can raise money)
  • You'll have incredible market and competitive intelligence to allow you to gain more customers and grow faster!

What's Our "Secret" to Market Research Success?

Now, I do want to let you in on a little secret on why my market research analysts are able to give you such high quality market research so quickly...

There are actually three reasons:

  1. The first is that when our market research analysts join Growthink, they need to go through a rigorous market research training program...
  2. The second is that our average market research analyst has conducted research on over 250 entrepreneurial ventures, so they have a ton of experience...
  3. And thirdly, and this is their "secret weapon," Growthink subscribes to market research databases that cost thousands of dollars each year, and are thus out of the reach of most entrepreneurs...

So we're able to use these paid databases to get the research you need for your business... quickly, and for a price every business can afford.

Your Investment

Now, in the past we've had clients pay us $1,000, $2,500 and even $5,000 for this type of market research...

And all of them have felt it was well worth the investment...

But today, I want to give you the opportunity to get our Expert Market Research Delivered service for a much lower price...

While I think $1,000 is a fair price, I'm not going to charge you that...


And I'm not going to ask you to invest $750...


Or even $500...


If you act now, you can get your Expert Market Research Delivered for

Only $397!

That's right, for only $397 we'll expertly conduct all your market research...

You'll get a comprehensive 11-point market research assessment covering your industry research, your competitive research, your customer research, and your financial research...

And you'll get this all within 2 business days so you can:

  • Raise more money faster
  • Build a more successful business

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And to make this a no-brainer investment for you, I want to give you one incredible bonus when you take advantage of our Expert Market Research Delivered service today...

FREE Bonus Service:
"Expert Business Plan Review"
($297 Value, Yours Free)

And that is, I'm going to throw in an expert Business Plan Review absolutely free...

Hundreds of entrepreneurs who have purchased our business plan template have paid Growthink to do an expert review after they finished their plans...

With our expert Business Plan Review service, one of our top business plan consultants:

  • Conducts an in-depth review of your plan
  • Gives you a one-hour phone consultation
  • Gives you a customized report to improve each area of your business plan

Our Business Plan Review significantly improves your business plan and ensures it is 100% perfect before you present it to investors and lenders, so you'll have even more confidence raising money.

We normally charge $297 for our Business Plan Review service, but right now I'll give this to you for free when you take me up on my special offer for our Expert Market Research Delivered service...

Remember, this is a special opportunity to dramatically improve your success, and your investment is only a fraction of the value you receive and what we've repeatedly charged clients in the past...

Here's Everything You're Getting:

Order right now and you'll get:

  • Expert Market Research Delivered ($1,000 Value)
  • Expert Business Plan Review ($297 Value)
Total Value = $1,297

Today's Price:

Only $397!

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To Your Success!

Dave Lavinsky
President, Growthink, Inc.
[email protected]

P.S. Remember, without expert market research, you'll struggle to raise money...

That's why I'm offering to have my team will conduct your market research for you AND review your business plan for only $397.

We'll save you hours of work, plus you'll have more confidence when you present to investors - so you raise money faster. This is a great deal - don't miss it...

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