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From: Dave Lavinsky, President of Growthink

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Dave Lavinsky

Did you know that Venture Capitalists, Loan Officers, and even Angel Investors have a very specific way they want and expect a business plan to look?

If any part of your plan doesn't match what they want and are used to, that's it. They'll never look again, and they certainly won't invest.

Did you also know that 93.7% of business plans never receive a single dollar of funding?

Need A Business Plan To Raise Money?

And finally... do you know how to avoid the critical flaws that practically guarantee that any potential investor looking at your plan will lose interest within the first few pages and get scared off from your idea, even if they had interest before?

If you're here to create a great business plan for your company and get your company off the ground or to the next level, you've come to the right place.

Why? Because I know exactly what you need to write the business plan that will win you money or help you reach your business goals...

I've Helped 2,000+ Entrepreneurs Get Funding

My company, Growthink, has helped over 2,000 entrepreneurs like you create successful business plans.

BusinessWeek calls me "The Business Plan Expert." You can see BusinessWeek's special interview of me here:


If you're ready, and you're serious about getting the results you want, I can show you a simple step-by-step way to quickly create a rock-solid business plan.

Now, since you're reading this I'm guessing your goal is not to create a beautiful business plan.
Your real goal is to raise money and build a successful company.

Well, I'm here to show YOU exactly how to get that result.

My Clients Have Raised Over $1 Billion

Remember those 2,000 entrepreneurs I helped who I mentioned earlier? Well, I helped them raise over $1 Billion in funding and, more importantly, I've led them to go on and build numerous multi-million dollar empires.

And now, you can too, if you follow my simple step-by-step instructions.

Just Personalize & Print!
Your Own Fund-Winning Business Plan
Is Easier Than You Think

Business plans can be long, tedious and daunting work if you haven't put a real one together before. I've met lots of entrepreneurs who spent literally months on their business plans, and they still don't read well.

I've also met entrepreneurs who have tried to "outsource" part or all of their plan to a cheap "consultant" who they thought would get it done right and save time. Big mistake.

Fortunately... you don't have to go through all this time and expense and still not have the plan you want and need. I'm going to show you the format, the tips and shortcuts, and the secrets you need to create a great plan in no time flat.

That's right...

I've Already Done All The Hard Work For You

For the past ten years, I've worked on and tweaked and tested everything a plan needs, and used all this to help literally thousands of entrepreneurs create plans that have raised over $1 Billion dollars. Out of all that work came the amazing final result


Growthink's Ultimate Business Plan Template.

Now I'm giving you the opportunity to use this amazing tool to fast-track your business plan. All you have to do to take advantage of all the work I've put in and the proven results it's generated is to quickly edit and personalize this winning business plan template.

Then... before you know it, you'll be printing out a business plan that raises money and helps you build a successful business.

What To Do When Wasting Your
Time & Failure Is Not An Option...

Do you know the #1 reason businesses fail?

Do you think it's because the entrepreneurs didn't know what they were doing?

Is it because they didn't have the right vision? Or because they hired the wrong people?

No, No and NO!

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, the #1 reason why companies fail is that they lack money. It's that simple. If you have enough money and a powerful business plan, you simply can't fail. Period.

And even if you don't think you need money, know this...

Your Business Needs Funding to Survive!

Nearly all companies need money to grow in today's competitive market.

Now, I'm not sure if you've already started and grown a successful business before, but you should know that the only way to get real money for your business is with a professional business plan that instills confidence in your potential partners or investors.

Any investor who really has the money to give you for your business is going to ask to see your plan right away, and they're going to use your plan to scrutinize you and ultimately judge whether or not you have a chance at success or not.

The problem is... most entrepreneurs fail to create great business plans that actually excite investors and make them pull out their check-book.

You Can't Afford to Scare Investors Away...

Instead, most inexperienced business plan writers and entrepreneurs accidentally create plans that scare investors off.

Don't make this mistake, when it's now so easy to avoid with the right tools.

Executive Summaries, Customer Analyses, Operations Plans, Financial Projections... Let's face it. If you don't really know what these sections of your business plan are about, you have a problem.

You have to know what investors are really looking for. And you have to know why the hundreds of other business plans that investors have looked at get thrown in the trash -- even though all these plans were trying to do and say the same things.

Here's The Harsh Reality You Need To Know...

Business plans do not get funded based on the idea behind the business itself- although your unique business idea and vision are important.

How it really works is that if anything is wrong with your business plan, you won't know it until it's too late. You'll simply be turned down and hear "Sorry, but No" from everyone you pitch and send your plan to.

What's more...

You Won't Get a Second Chance...

Once a bank or investor rejects your business plan, they will rarely, if ever, give you a second chance. That's it.

You don't get a second chance at a first impression. And your business plan is often your real first impression with investors.

Fortunately, Growthink's Ultimate Business Plan Template allows you to quickly, easily, and expertly create the amazing business plan and first impression you need to start hearing "Yes, tell me more" from investors you send it to.

My Trick-or-Treating Will
Bankroll Your Business

Do you know how long investors and bankers spend, on average, looking at a business plan?

Ten minutes? Five minutes? Nope. 42 seconds.

How do I know this? Because over the past decade, I've met and studied hundreds of SBA lenders, loan officers, venture capitalists, angel investors, pension fund managers, grant-givers and other financing sources ...I've dined with them. I've drank with them. I've done deals with them. I've spoken on panels with them. I've presented at conferences with them....I've even gone Trick-or-Treating with them (with our kids of course :) )!!!

And I've even stood there, in their offices, looking over their shoulders while they reviewed business plans.

And what have I found to be true about all types of investors?

42 Seconds. That's All You Get.

If you don't get investors excited in under 42 seconds... or if your plan has some simple mistakes in it... or if your plan is "different" and presented in a way they're not used to... your plan is going in the garbage.

People, and especially bankers and lenders and investors... are a skittish bunch who like looking for any and every flaw they can find. That's what they're trained and paid to do -- identify and manage risk.

Don't let them have an excuse to see you as risky, just because you made a simple mistake that set off their "critical flaw" radar.

Create a Bulletproof Business Plan

That's why Growthink's Ultimate Business Plan Template includes foolproof text on the first page and every page. This guarantees that an investor or lender will keep reading and turning the pages... and that they'll never find an excuse to say "No."

I've figured out exactly how lenders and investors examine your Financial Model, and how to present this so they're interested and "get it."

I've also figured out what they look for in your Management Team section and the tricks they use to judge your Competitive Analysis section.

The truth is... I've actually figured out how to present each and every section you need to have in your plan.

Grab Attention, and Get Funded ...

I know how to make sure your plan rises to the top of the stack and stands out from the tens or hundreds of other plans and companies hoping to get the attention of investors.

So what does this mean to you? It means that by using Growthink's Ultimate Business Plan Template, you have an unfair advantage in raising money and succeeding with your business. You avoid the hundreds of mistakes that most entrepreneurs make. And which cause them to fail. And you avoid the hundreds of hours that these failed entrepreneurs spend developing their plans.

What you gain is access to the easy step-by-step template that has been used by thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners to raise over $1 BILLION in funding and grow multi-million dollar businesses.

"We're Delighted... We Were Able to Raise Money"

"I knew I had to create a business plan, but I didn't know how to go about doing that.

I was delighted that I could pick up your template with all the key components... just drop in my idea... and put it together in a way that hits all the key points and makes an impact with the investment community.

Obviously, the result is in whether or not you're able to raise money... We're delighted because we were able to raise money, and we're off to the races!"

Andrew Kessler, Founder, Turning Earth


How The Right Business Plan
Leads To An Ultra-Successful Business

I want you to check out the chart below for a second.

What's interesting about this chart is that the U.S. Small Business Administration found a strong correlation between developing a formal business plan and the long-term success of your business.

In other words... business plans aren't just valuable for raising money. They actually make for a more successful business in terms of how you execute and the results you get in your business.



Source: U.S. Small Business Administration

The point is, in creating your business plan with our easy step-by-step template, not only will it squeeze money out of investors and lenders. But it will give you...

A Roadmap For Growing A Successful Business!

You see, our business plan template educates you and guides you through the key questions about the customers you serve, your marketing tactics, and the amount you will charge- all the focal points that are a MUST for a successful business in terms of actual revenues and sales.

And once you quickly update this information into the template... VOILA, it's done. You have a proven roadmap to successfully grow your business.

Not only do you succeed in raising money, but you succeed in growing a really successful business. After all, raising money isn't so great if you just spend it all and never get to Break Even and beyond... to Profitability and where the real money is for you and your partners.

"I Finished My Business Plan By the End of the Day"

"I downloaded your template onto my computer, opened it up... and I actually was able to finish my business plan by the end of the day!"

Brett Perrine, President/Co-Founder, International Education Exchange


The Ultimate Business Plan Template
Works In YOUR Industry

I'm not going to beat around the bush here.

Whatever type of business you are in, Growthink's Ultimate Business Plan Template will help you create the plan you need for your specific industry. Each industry has its own unique factors, its areas or risk, its challenges that you need to address and communicate to investors and readers of your plan --or else.

Growthink's Ultimate Business Plan Template has been used by entrepreneurs like you to create successful business plans...

Used In Over 500 Industries!

Art Gallery
Auto Body
Auto Detailing
Auto Repair
Beauty Salon
Bed and Breakfast
Bicycle Shop
Buffet Restaurant
Business Services
Candy Store
Car Audio
Car Dealership
Car Wash
Carpet Cleaning
Check Cashing
Child Care
Chinese Restaurant
Clean Tech
Clothing Store
Coffee Shop
Coin Operated Laundry
Collection Agency
Commercial Cleaning
Computer Consulting
Computer Repair
Computer Store
Concierge Service
Consignment Store
Convenience Store
Courier Service
Dance Studio
Day Care
Dog Kennel
Donut Shop
Dry Cleaning
Financial Adviser
Financial Planning
Financial Services
Fitness Center
Freight Broker
Funeral Home
General Contracting
Golf Driving Range
Hair Salon
Home Health
Home Inspection
House Cleaning
Ice Cream
Import Export
Interior Design
Internet Cafe
Italian Restaurant
Japanese Restaurant
Lawn Care
Limo Service
Media / Entertainment
Medical Billing
Mexican Restaurant
Mobile Phone
Mortgage Broker
Movie Theater
Music Publishing
Music School
Nail Salon
Non Profit
Nursing Agency
Party Planner
Pawn Shop
Personal Chef
Personal Trainer
Pest Control
Pet Grooming
Pet Shop
Private Investigation
Property Management
Public Relations
Real Estate
Record Label
Recording Studio
Recreation / Leisure
Scrap Metal
Seafood Restaurant
Security Company
Self Storage
Staffing Agency
Steakhouse Restaurant
Tanning Salon
Tow Truck
Travel Agency
Video Production
Video Rental
Web Hosting
Wedding Planner
Window Washing


And hundreds of other industries!!!

Yes, You Can Write A Top-Notch Business Plan
Even If You're Not A Good Writer Or You Hate to Write

Let me be clear about one thing. I'm not going to teach you to become an amazing business writer....because you don't have to be a great writer to create a great business plan.

Growthink's Ultimate Business Plan Template has already done the work for you. You simply edit and personalize our proven template. And we even aid you with step-by-step directions.

Just Personalize, Print & You're Done!

Think about it like this...Remember those old "connect the dots" games you used to do as a child? Where you draw a line from number 1 to number 2 to number 3 and so on... and by the end you have an outline of a pretty cool picture; even though you could never draw the picture by yourself.

Well our business plan template is just like that. We've already drawn the beautiful picture. You just need to fill in the details about your business (and we even guide you step-by-step through doing that).

Fill-In-The-Blanks... Step-By-Step...

I'll share something funny with you about how easy our template makes writing your plan....

Entrepreneurs who have used my template and quickly created a business plan, raised money, and grown their businesses always seem to like to get back in touch with me somewhere down the road once things are going well.

Most of them email me with thank you letters and stories of how things are going and what they're doing and learning.

The funny part is... many of these thank you letters are poorly written!

That's right, these entrepreneurs were unable to write a grammatically correct letter. But they were able to quickly and easily produce a full-length, formal business plan that successfully grew their business.

Spend Less Time Writing and More Time
Speaking with Investors & Lenders

Do you remember the classic scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark? Indiana Jones is cornered in an alley by a master swordsman. The swordsman twirls both of his swords in expert fashion.

Indy, it appears, is doomed.

But just when it looks like the swordsman is going to close in on Indy and finish him off, Indy coolly pulls out a gun and shoots the swordsman dead.

The point is this... even though the swordsman may have spent years learning how to swordfight, he was defeated by the simple pull of a trigger which required no training at all.

This same analogy holds true for creating your business plan....

Finish Your Plan in Hours, Not Weeks ...

You can spend days or weeks learning complicated business plan software, using basic templates, or learning how to write a business plan from scratch.

And then you can write multiple drafts of your business plan until it gets better and better.

And then, a month later, you might have a decent plan.


You can use the gun -- Growthink's Ultimate Business Plan Template.

Great Entrepreneurs Seize Opportunity While
Others Continue To Work For "The Man"

Quick true story you should know about...

In the Spring of 2003, two entrepreneurs came to me with ideas for new companies they wanted to launch.

Both had a good education. Both had been working for several years. Both had achieved some success in their positions. And both asked for my help with their business plans.

I gave both entrepreneurs the same price quote to complete the plan. One said yes. The other procrastinated, telling me he needed more time to think about it.

The entrepreneur with whom I worked is now the CEO of a $50 million company.

The other was recently laid off from his job.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

Which entrepreneur are you?

The fact that you're reading this letter, tells me you're the successful one. The one who, with Growthink's help, will soon will be running a really successful business.

In early 2009, Harvard Business School published a report. The report proved that entrepreneurs with a track record of success were much more likely to succeed than first-time entrepreneurs and those who have previously failed.

So, how do you ensure success when you're not yet a successful serial entrepreneur?

Winning Entrepreneurs Partner
With Other Winners

Well, you partner with a company like Growthink. Growthink is comprised of successful serial entrepreneurs like myself and my co-founder Jay Turo. And, we've figured out how to transfer our success to entrepreneurs like you. In fact, we've done it over 2,000 times already.

Growthink clients have raised over $1 Billion. They have launched countless new products, successfully penetrated numerous markets, and yielded massive wealth for their founders.

In fact, entrepreneurs like you have come to Growthink, developed their business plans, raised money, grown their businesses, and then sold their businesses for hundreds of thousands, millions, and even hundreds of millions of dollars.

Follow In Our Clients' Footsteps...

While you and I are still working hard on our businesses today, many of these Growthink clients now have nearly unlimited wealth, have opted for early retirement, and are living the lives of their dreams.

When you are guided by Growthink's Ultimate Business Plan Template, you get the power of Growthink behind you and your business. You get our best products, ideas and advice. You get proven success in your corner.... the exact prescription that Harvard Business School gave to entrepreneurs who want to succeed.

We're Here to Help!

Where have you seen Growthink before?

In addition to our client success stories, you get, in your corner, Growthink's worldwide reputation as the leader in helping entrepreneurs succeed. Growthink's news, articles, insights and features can be found in over 100 magazines, journals and newspapers including the following:

Just Imagine Your Success...

Will your life be different next week?

It could be incredibly different, as you could be ready and poised to skyrocket towards success in your business.. Here's how...

Imagine it's a week from now, and you're at a restaurant. You're dressed nicely and you just ordered an appetizer. Across the table from you is someone who is also dressed nicely. And in front of them, placed squarely on their plate, is a crisp, professional 25-page document.

Your business plan.

The person in front of you flips through the pages one last time as you take a sip of your drink. Then they stop. They put the plan down. They look you squarely in the eye.

And then they ask,

"Who Should I Write
This Check Out To?"

You're sitting there excited. But you don't want to seem too excited, like you weren't expecting this moment.

So, you coolly take another sip of your drink and place it down slowly. Then you say, excited but almost in disbelief about how quickly it happened for you-

"I'm happy to have you onboard. You can make the check out to ..."

And that's it. Your funded... and you're off and running. Your business plan was not only quick and easy, it helped win you the investment you were looking for. Now... how about thinking a little longer term too?

Getting Funding Is Just the First Step...

Getting money to start or grow your business is great, but it's just one step.

But let's say you're sitting at that same restaurant after you have successfully GROWN your business.

The person across from you again flips through the business plan in front of them, and then they say "Yes... I'd like to buy your company". Then they proceed to write you a multi-million dollar check and buy your business.

This is the next level of what the right business plan can and will do for you.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

Now is the time for you to take the right action. Click here to purchase and download Growthink's Ultimate Business Plan Template.


Only $97!

"Your Template Is Worth Every Penny"

Hey Dave,

I wanted to let you know that since I used Growthink's Ultimate Business Plan template, my business has improved dramatically and I am FINALLY starting to really grow.

You were right. I was able to easily create my financials with your Excel file (I was really scared about that going in) and editing the Word document was pretty straightforward.

And, then, a friend of mine introduced me to some angel investors. And when I showed them the business plan, they wrote me a check on the spot!

Scott Sofsian, CEO, Tagzz


WARNING: If You Don't Use Our Proven
Business Plan Template, Your Competitors Will

According to the Kauffman Foundation, nearly 6 million businesses are launched every year in the United States alone. That's in addition to the 24 million existing businesses.

What that means to you is this - chances are you already have competitors, or entrepreneurs are conceiving a similar business to yours right now.

And, if these competitors raise lots of money or execute on a solid business plan before you do, it's going to be really hard for you to compete with them. So you need to complete your business plan now! And it needs to be based on a proven, successful template.

Within The Next Two Minutes
You Could Be On Your Way to Success

Within two minutes of clicking the "Add to Cart" button below, you will have the power of Growthink's Ultimate Business Plan Template behind you including:

  • Detailed, simple-to-follow instructions to quickly and painlessly create your entire business plan
  • "Plug & Play" financials to impress and open the checkbooks of SBA lenders, banks, venture capitalists, angel groups, and other financing sources
  • Fill-in-the-blank Executive Summary with helpful tips and examples
  • Compatible in Microsoft Word® and Excel® for simple customization
  • Free support to answer questions should any arise
  • Instant download so you can get started right now
  • 365 day money-back guarantee
  • Successfully field tested with thousands of entrepreneurs, banks and investors
  • 4 Free Bonuses to help you quickly and easily raise money and grow your business (see below)

"Within a Few Hours My Business Plan Was DONE"

Before Growthink's Ultimate Business Plan Template, I was really frustrated.

I knew I had to write my business plan in order to start my business. But I kept putting it off...because it seemed like it would be SO hard to do. And I wasn't really sure how to write my plan.

But with your template, within a few hours my business plan was done. What a relief! And now the business is really starting to grow.

Ned Tobey, General Manager, Simplifi


"As Easy As Filling in the Blanks, and Pressing Print"

"I always thought writing a business plan was going to be very difficult - and that's why I kept putting it off again (and again and again). Your template made it as easy as filling in the blanks and pressing "print"... and actually, I just printed out my finished business plan! Thanks again."

David Schleider, Founder/President, TrueLemon


How Much Is This Worth To You?

Remember, I'm going to give you my proven, simple-to-follow business plan template. The one that's helped over 2,000 entrepreneurs like you raise over $1 Billion in funding.

And which has allowed them to build numerous multi-million dollar empires. Not to mention the blood, sweat and tears I poured into creating the template over TEN years.

So how much is raising capital and building a successful company worth to you?

Maybe $499? Maybe $999?

So you know, hundreds of entrepreneurs have paid these prices to attend seminars and hear me speak. And they have left empty handed -- without access to Growthink's Ultimate Business Plan Template.

An Incredible Bargain...

I could EASILY charge $299 for the Template and thousands of entrepreneurs would jump on it. The template is that valuable. But I'm not charging $299.

I'm not even charging $199.

For a limited time, you can download your copy of Growthink's Ultimate Business Plan Template for the incredibly low price of just...


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How to Get More Done, Make More Money,
And Take More Time Off"
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If you're like most entrepreneurs, you've got tons of ideas, too much on your plate, and not enough time.

In fact, you may have been procrastinating for months before finally deciding to get my "Ultimate Business Plan Template" and finish your business plan today.

Well... as they say...

Time is Money. So Don't Delay

And time is the one thing you can't get more of right?

But I say they're wrong... You CAN get more time!

And I'll show you how, in my powerful audio training course, "Productivity Secrets for Entrepreneurs."

Here's what's included:

  • 3-Part Audio Training Course
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Bonus Gift 2
"Insider Capital-Raising Secrets, REVEALED!"
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If you're like most entrepreneurs, you're creating a business plan because you want to raise capital. You need to show your business plan to investors or lenders.

Well, if you're looking to raise capital, this is your opportunity to eavesdrop on 15 exclusive coaching calls I recorded with world-renowned venture capitalists, serial "funded" entrepreneurs, angel investors, loan officers, negotiation experts, and advisors...

During these calls, I grilled these experts so you could learn every conceivable insiders tip and technique to help you successfully raise capital!

Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists & Loan Officers

In these seven exclusive interviews, I got angel investors, VCs and loan officers to reveal how to find and contact them, and what you need to say (and what NOT to say) and do to successfully raise capital.

  • Guy Kawasaki, Garage Technology Ventures
  • Brad Feld, Foundry Group
  • David Humphrey, Oklahoma Equity Partners
  • John Morris, GKM Partners
  • John Babcock, Rustic Canyon Partners
  • Victor Hwang, T2 Venture Capital
  • Brad Steele, Square 1 Bank

Entrepreneurs Who Have Raised Capital

In these six interviews I recently conducted, these entrepreneurs revealed the exact steps they took to successfully raise money for their companies (including how a 19-year-old college drop-out raised $5 million for his business idea). Each story is unique and teaches you practical techniques you can use to successfully raise capital.

  • Ron Feldman, CEO, Kwiry
  • Ryan Allis, CEO, iContact
  • Mark DiPaolo, CEO, Vantage Media
  • Eytan Elbaz, Founder, Oingo/AdSense
  • Jim Jonassen, CEO, PeopleMover
  • Bambi Francisco, CEO,

Negotiators & Advisors

In these expert interviews I conducted, you'll learn to avoid the tricks that investors and lenders play, how to raise money on YOUR terms, and protect your business ideas during the capital-raising process.

  • Mike Kendall, Partner, Goodwin Procter LLP
  • Brette Simon, Partner, Jones Day
  • Ken Yancey, CEO, SCORE

More Success Stories...

"No Fluff."

"Growthink gave me the right questions to answer to make the plan content rich with NO fluff. Good stuff. Glad to have found you!"

Ulyssia Williams, CEO, Foot Soothers


"Very Flexible... Can Be Used For Any Type of Business"

"I am in the midst of completing the business plan, using your template. I have found it not only user friendly but thorough (without being overwhelming) and professionally designed. It will present my nonprofit corporation well on paper. Your template is very flexible and seems as if it can be used for about any type of business there is."

Dwight Lysne, M.D., M.Div., Director, Haven Ministries, Inc.


"Helped Me Create a Very Good Plan"

"I have written business plans before, but wanted to get advice from a more broad, experienced prospective. Your template helped me create a very good plan to market our technology, attract investment capital, and provide a baseline to measure progress and success."

Harry Gallagher, President & CEO, ClassOne Orthodontics, Inc.


"Perfect for Putting My Ideas on Paper"

"From an end user point of view, your template was perfect for putting my ideas on paper."

Larry Graise, Co-Owner, Vision Illusion Hair Importers


"A Blueprint of Where to Start and How to Get There"

"A professional business plan is definitely a must-have for any successful venture. And your template provided a blueprint of where to start and how to get there."

Yazid al-Khaafidh, Chairman and President, Pukka Global Group


"Helped Me Create a Better Presentation"

"I had already written several business plans in the past, but your template helped me create a better presentation that I will use to generate additional funding for expansion. "

Dennis Haddix, Owner, Makarios RV LLC


"We Will Make a Better Impression"

"I had tried other business plan templates in the past, but yours is better. We are shopping for money and I believe we will make a better impression with all our ducks in a row."

Edward Whitney, Owner, Metro Audio Video LLC


"Very Good and Thorough Template"

"I didn't feel I knew enough to write a business plan... But this is a very good and thorough template. It'll help ensure that we cover all aspects of the business in the beginning in order to avoid surprises."

Brian Serup, Regional Manager, Dynamicweb Software


"Has Given Me Direction"

"I am 100% certain that your template has given me direction and forced me to think from all angles about the validity of my business. It will be my "business compass" -- thank you for creating this!"

Irwin J Howard, CEO, Howard Holdings LLC


"I Highly Recommend It"

"Your business plan template will greatly assist me attracting investment capital. I highly recommend it."

Jack Speaks, Managing Member, Private Money Portfolio


"Made the Process Easier"

"Your template made the process easier."

Kelley McMahon, President, Green Science Academy


Right now, I'm in a position to do something for you that no other person can... I'm going to give you my proven formula to create a winning business plan - just like I did for myself and thousands of other successful entrepreneurs.

You get everything for a small, one-time investment of only $97. Best of all, you get my entire system instantly (you'll download it directly to your computer). You don't have to wait for shipping.

Just click, buy, and start growing your business - instantly.

My 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If saving you time, money and having the right plan that grows your business isn't incentive enough for you to take action right now... then I'll do you one better.

I'm going to make this as simple and easy as it could be for you to get started. Try Growthink's Ultimate Business Plan Template today and use it, create your plan and get on your way to success.

You Risk Nothing.

If you're not 100% thrilled with the ease in which your plan comes together, and the results you get... then at any time within the next year (365 days) just email me and we'll refund 100% of your money.

In this way, you're actually not risking any money at all. Why? Because you only pay if you get massive value and results for your small investment.

And because I'm offering you a full 100% Money-Back Guarantee for the next 365 days from when you get the Template, if you buy my template today, and 364 days from now you decide that the template wasn't right for your business, I'll refund your money immediately.

Try It First, Then Decide.

All you need to do is send me an email saying "Hey Dave, it didn't work", and I'll promptly refund 100% of your money -- no hard feelings whatsoever.

I really want every entrepreneur to try my business plan template and be successful. If you aren't as successful as you want to be with the business plan I'm going to create for you- then you won't pay a thing.

Isn't that the way it should be?

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I've tried to answer any questions that you might have below. If you have any remaining questions, please don't hesitate to call us at 877-BIZ-PLAN.

Q: Who is Growthink?

A: Growthink is a leading business plan company, established in 1999. We're members of the "Better Business Bureau" with an "A" Rating. Click here to view our BBB profile.

Over the past 10 years, we've developed more than 2,000 business plans for clients, including entrepreneurs, small businesses, and even big, multi-national corporations like Deutsche Bank, NEC, McKesson, Porsche... as well as non-profits like The Salvation Army... and even a few celebrities (most recently, Venus Williams hired us to create the business plan for her new design company).

But our roots are really in developing business plans for entrepreneurs like YOU, and that's why we're in this business - to help YOU succeed. If you have any questions about us or our business plan template, call us at 877-BIZ-PLAN.

Q: I'm new at this.... Can I really do this? I've never written a business plan before, and I'm totally overwhelmed and intimidated by the idea of it. Can someone like me, with little experience, be successful? Is this easy to understand, or is it too advanced for me?

A: Don't worry - yes, you can! Anyone else can easily follow our basic instructions and create a great business plan quickly and easily. Plus, my expert team of business plan consultants is available to help you if you have any questions or need a hand with any sections of your plan.

Q: Will this work for my type of business?

A: YES. Growthink's Ultimate Business Plan Template has been used by entrepreneurs in more than 500 industries to create successful business plans. It has specifically been designed for easy customization to all markets.

Q: What about the financial projections? I understand that customizing the text portion of the business plan in Microsoft Word® seems easy, but I'm not good with numbers. How easy is it to complete the financials?

A: Completing your financials has never been easier... The financial section of Growthink's Ultimate Business Plan Template is done in Microsoft Excel®. All the financial calculations are done for you and you simply need to input your expectations. For example, for your revenue calculations, you simply need to type in the number of sales you expect, and the price per sale, and our template calculates it all for you in seconds.

Q. I have an established business, will Growthink's Ultimate Business Plan Template work for me, too... or is it just for startups?

A. Growthink's Ultimate Business Plan Template is designed for BOTH established businesses and startups. Our template is based on the methodology Growthink business plan consultants have used to develop more than 2,000 successful business plans for entrepreneurs, startups, non-profits like the Salvation Army, and multi-national corporations like Deutsche Bank, NEC, McKesson, and Porsche.

Q. How do I get Growthink's Ultimate Business Plan Template?

A. Simple. Just click the "Add to Cart" button and complete the online order form. Then, you will be presented with a special link. Simply click on that link and the template will be downloaded to your computer. Then, all you have to do is open and edit the Microsoft Word® and Microsoft Excel® files and your professional business plan will be complete. You will be emailed a link to access all of your bonuses, and an email to schedule your free 1-on-1 call at a time convenient to you

If you have any other questions about the template, just call us at 877-BIZ-PLAN.

Only $97!